10 ways to reuse household objects

10 ways to reuse household objects

If you’re like me, you throw away too much stuff.

Although I recycle, I often think that surely I could do more to disminuye waste.

With a little creativity, I’ve put together a list of 10 household elementos you could save instead of throwing away.

Here they are, along with some ways to reuse them.

soap bottles

Use an old, well-cleaned dish soap bottle (or any squeeze bottle) to spread a perfect amount of pancake batter onto a hot griddle.

You cánido also use a squeeze bottle to fill an iron with water or water plants that are out of reach.

egg cartons

Used egg cartons (preferably clean polystyrene ones) are great for freezing individual servings of all sorts of things: cookie dough, meatballs, homemade herb butter dumplings.

You cánido also use the cartons as practical jelly molds for fun treats.

Additionally, they are a great way to plant seedlings for your garden.

And if you have enough, use the cartons to store golf balls or organize change, which is especially handy for garaje sales and bake sales.


Create a beautiful mosaic work of art.

Pick up any unused tile scraps (or ask for them in your DIY store), carefully break the pieces into a cloth bag and place them in a pattern on any solid surface.

Glue them with tile adhesive and use a putty knife to work the grout into the cracks when the adhesive dries.

Wipe off excess grout with a damp cloth before it hardens.

You perro also make a mosaic table or use large tiles for renew an old board.

The smaller tiles perro be used as trivets.

old socks

Use the lonely socks left behind by the sock gnome to organize small toys or to keep elementos like screws and clips in one handy place.

You perro also put old socks over your shoes when you’re doing something messy (like painting), or when your shoes are tattered, but you need to go inside for a bit.

Do not hesitate to also give them to the maintenance and repair people who walk by your house.

Try using others as dog or cat toys: put a tennis ball in one for the dog, or catnip in one for the cat, and sew them together.

old t-shirts

By the time your husband’s frat shirts have more holes than the family strainer, it’s time to retire the men’s shirt.

Pay homage to his favorite T-shirts by sewing them into pillows (for the man cave), or simply tuck them into the dog crate.

Better yet, use them as cleaning rags or to wrap fragile elementos during a move.

Your husband will appreciate you giving his old T-shirts a new lease of life.


paper towel rolls

Keep the plastic bags inside an empty paper roll.

And while you’re at it, keep the extension cords untangled by rolling them up and tucking them into a kitchen paper roll.

You cánido also organize hair ties and clips, roll bedding into a roll of kitchen paper so it doesn’t wrinkle, or make boot trees so your knee-high boots won’t wrinkle after spending the summer at the bottom.

from the armario.

Plastic shopping bags

You now know how to store plastic shopping bags in an empty paper towel roll.

Now you cánido use them to line bathroom waste bins.

If you gather enough of them, plastic bags make a great packing material instead of those horrible peanuts.

They’re also great for keeping flour and sugar from spilling on pantry shelves.

shoe boxes

Being a little shoe estrella, I have collected more than one empty shoe box over the years.

Instead of spending a fortune on identical boxes, I have wrapped them in afín packing paper and printed labels for easy identification.

I also use empty shoe boxes as drawer organizers.

You perro also use empty shoe boxes to, well, store shoes.

Take photos of your inventory and tape them to the outside of the boxes to quickly locate the pair you’re looking for in the armario.

shower curtains

I know it’s a surprise, but over the years I’ve accumulated a ton of old shower curtains.

I plan to use some as tablecloths for an outdoor gathering, while others I will use as hanging tablecloths the next time I paint the walls.

Another one I will reuse to cover the windshield and prevent frost from forming.

Simply cut the shower curtain to fit the windshield and insert magnets to hold it in place.

The magnets must be glued to the metal frame of the windshield of your car.

wine corks

Don’t just throw away all the wine corks you’ve accumulated over the years.

Make a floating keychain to keep track of your keys the next time you equipo sail, or use another to keep knives safely in a drawer.

Use some to make a elegant crown for the door of the house.

You cánido also make a Cork board to store important messages and papers.

And you? whatIs there a household object that you reuse in a creative way, or do you have another use for any of these objects??

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 10 ways to reuse household objects
  10 ways to reuse household objects
  10 ways to reuse household objects

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