10 ways to earn money from home

10 ways to earn money from home

Today I want to talk about 10 ways to earn money from home that we cánido all use.

Due to the confinement at home that we have in my country due to the Covid-19 pandemic (we have been here for 7 days and we still have left) many people have free time, they do not know what to do and they get bored.

That is why I thought it was a very good iniciativa to make a compendium of the best 10 ways to earn money from home that exist and that I use myself.

Are you attentive? so let’s go there.

A little bit of Plus moneyand surely if the pandemic has caught you unexpectedly and you don’t know how to earn money from home in spain Well, you have definitely come to the right place.

No matter where you are from, no matter how old you are and how much knowledge you have, you are going to learn to how to earn plus money legally sitting on your sofa and only with your computer and mobile phone.

If what you want is to know how to earn money easy and fastI am sorry to tell you that it is not easy, nor is it fast either, but you perro earn a few euros at the end of the month, which may come in handy with the one that is falling.

If you are a committed and persevering person, keep reading.

Here begin the 10 ways to earn money from home that do work:

.1 Create a blog

If you are a person who has something to tell, has a special gift, you cánido create a blog telling it, you perro talk about everything you want.

As you have ever seen browsing the internet, there are weblogs for all tastes and colors.

If you like history, you cánido talk about history.

If you are a cook, what better than to make a recipe blog? The possibilities are endless, and don’t worry about the competition (I’m sure there will be a lot of them) the point is to do it right.

What is technically called create content.

A dueño de un sitio who creates content that gives value to the community will sooner rather than later end up appearing in the top positions on Google plus.

Needless to say, it won’t be overnight.

As I said at the beginning, if what you want to learn here is how to earn plus money fast, here surely you will not find what you are looking for.

You will have to be patient, and if you do it well, if you give value to the community, in a few months you will appear in the top positions of Google plus and there you will be able to start earning money.

The ways that you cánido have to monetize a blog are several.

From affiliation, to advertising, referrals, etcétera…

To create a blog, you should think about knowing which topics are most sought after in the country where you are or where you want to direct traffic.

It is hard work, if it is not the first blog you do and you know something about SEO and positioning, the difficult thing is going to be finding the iniciativa.

Affiliate methods are the ones that usually make us the most money, since there are several platforms that will pay us a lot to drive traffic and registered users to their websites.

Then these users will either have to pay a fee or a subscription.

That’s where those pages make their money and that’s why they want as many users as possible.

.2 Paid Surveys

The paid surveys It is another of the ways to earn money from home that exist, perhaps one of my favorites.

In this case, what we will have to do is register on the different survey pages that exist on the internet.

Of these there are many, some will pay us more and others less.

From all of us we will receive an economic reward for giving our opinion on topics, sometimes very interesting ones.

As I told you, the topics perro be very different, from which car would you choose to how you are going to spend the quarantine.

On these types of pages, we usually register through a friend or acquaintance who is already registered on said page.

In this case, our friend or acquaintance will become our sponsor and we will become their referral.

Being your referral two things perro happen:

  • that a proportional part of what we generate, will be added to your account
  • that the platform pays you some money for having brought us to said platform

Either way, don’t worry Nothing is taken from the referralit is simply done to attract more users to the platform and that said platform cánido continue to grow in people and over time.

Once registered on the surveys page, we will only have to put an correo electrónico in which we want the surveys to be sent to us.

In some survey portals they will ask us how often we want them to be sent to us.

The most logical thing is that we want them to be sent to us daily, so we will have a better oportunidad of being able to earn money.

An important part in this form of the 10 ways to earn money from home is to fill out the profile well.

On some occasion I have talked about how to fill out a profile for surveys well.

The logical thing is to be a middle-aged person, middle class and with a habitual income, that you do not lack, but that you do not have money.

If you put that you are a millionaire, they will simply think that it is uncertain, because you will not need to do surveys or earn money on internet.

I’m sure this also interests youCompanies to request credits en línea

You have to take into account the profile you put in each survey panel.

Be consistent in your answers, because if you put very different things in one survey or another, it is possible that you will be banned for inconsistent answers.

This means that your account will be removed and that you will not be able to continue answering surveys with your correo electrónico and possibly even with your IP.

.3 View advertising

If you do not know how to earn plus money working from home earning money watching advertising will be one of the first ways that we all use, being the simplest.

In this way of making money on the internet, all we have to do is see advertisements on different internet pages.

We must register, either with the backlink of a friend, relative or simply unknown (as is the case with the paid surveys) or freely.

The way to earn money by watching advertising is very fácil.

On the different pages we will have to see ads for a few seconds, solve a small riddle (called captchat) and that’s it! we will have our reward in our account.

When we get the amount indicated on each page, we perro withdraw it to the payment processor we have chosen.

The negative point of this form of earn money on internet is that the amount you cánido earn by yourself is negligible.

You must have a large network of referrals for this third way of 10 ways to earn money from house is profitable.

In the portals to earn money by watching ads, they usually offer you “memberships” through which you get more incentives for the ads seen by your referrals.

This is a very good way to increase your income on the internet, but it will only be profitable when you have a wide network of referrals.

When a person starts working on these types of pages, he will not have any referrals, and sometimes it is difficult to get them.

It will only be with the passage of time, when you get more referrals when you should or cánido buy one of these memberships.

Before it will not be profitable at all.

.4 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing could be defined as the recommendation of products or services, either through a website (you would have to create one) or through popular network profiles.

First, an agreement must be reached with that company or website, although it does not have to be in person.

Nowadays and thanks to the internet, it is possible to make money en líneaerneyou thanks to affiliate marketing with three or four clicks.

A good example is the great giants of en línea sales, such as Amazon, on their page we cánido register and recommend their products to our friends and family.

Amazon will pay us a proportional part of the purchase that has been made through our backlink and when a minimum is reached, we will be able to collect it.

This is just one example, there are many other marketplaces that we cánido do the same, such as Aliexpreess, Gearbest and Banggood.

You cánido work on affiliate marketing by making a blog talking about a certain product and suggesting the products of the big marketplaces that I have talked about before, such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Gearbest and Banggood.

Many weblogs work this way, earning money with the various affiliate niches.

.5 Sell photos en línea

If you like photography and think you’re good at it, you might want to consider selling photos en línea.

There are specialized platforms to publicize your work and sell your photographs.

At first you will only be able to take them with your camera or your móvil inteligente, since later you will be able to retouch them, put filters on them, etcétera.

The important thing is that the photographs look spectacular.

On the internet there are many platforms where photographers, both principantes and professionals, articulo their photographs to publicize their work and attract clients to whom they cánido later sell their work.

But you cánido not only earn money by taking photos with the platforms or being an principiante or professional photographer.

There are various applications like friendz that they will pay us to upload photos to our popular networks.

In this application, for example, we will have to take photographs that are proposed to us.

For these photographs they will reward us with points that in the end we cánido exchange for Amazon gift vouchers or other gifts.

.6 Earn money with popular networks

In the times we live in, everyone is connected, everyone has one or more profiles on popular networks.

If you are younger you will choose instagram, Tik Tok either Snapchatif you are a little more mature Fb and if you have a professional profile Linkedin.

But what is certain in all of them is that we all want to have many followers.

That all it does for some is increase their ego, but many other people have a more commercial nose and cánido get money from their relevance in the network.

I’m sure this also interests youOCU promotion

The so-called influencers are just ordinary people who, for one thing or another, have had thousands of followers on popular networks and that is of interest to brands.

If you have thousands of followers on popular networks, a brand (of almost anything) cánido contact you and offer to promote their products or services in exchange for remuneration, whether financial or by giving you a product.

Obviously, this is not going to be available to everyone, but what is certain is that many people have earned a lot of money with popular networks.

If you have many followers in any of these networks, you are not ashamed, and you have wondered how to earn fast and safe money in the networks you cánido find your answer.

.7 Create en línea courses

This way of earn money on internet is to create and publish en línea courses.

Normally this is one of the 10 ways to earn money from home which is more aimed at the public that is dedicated to SEO or web positioning.

If you have learned any of these concepts, either in formal training or in courses, you perro spread your knowledge over the Internet.

You cánido start by taking a small course and sell it through your popular networks or on specialized sites.

If people like your work, they will buy it and you will be able to have a “clientele”.

This number of “students” may increase as your fame and knowledge in the campo increases.

Do not think that what I am talking about is a chimera.

Many (if not all) current SEO gurus have started like this, first acquiring their knowledge and later teaching other administradores de páginas web based on their own experience.

.8 Earn money with your purchases

Although it sounds strange and hard to believe, it is totally true.

You perro earn money with your purchases thanks to the cashback system.

This concept says that certain pages will pay us a percentage of our purchase when it is made on a certain site, usually a website.

It is closely related to affiliate marketing.

But in this case, it will be the web pages themselves that will give us a percentage of the amount of the purchase.

He cash back system It is prevailing above all in en línea purchases, although there are some platforms that also allow it for sin conexión purchases in our supermarket.

.9 Earn money with investment

Investing cánido be a good way to earn money on internet.

Obviously, not everyone has huge amounts of money to invest.

But with the advent of the internet, investment was “democratized”.

I’m talking about the investment in cryptocurrencies.

As you know, cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies, not controlled by any government and based on mathematical algorithms.

On different platforms like coinbase you cánido buy cryptocurrencies at a low price and wait for them to rise to earn money this is an example of how to earn money en línea for real.

The positive point of making money investing in cryptocurrencies is that we perro start investing with very little money.

If you want you cánido start investing with only 100 euros.

In addition, with your investment of 100 euros, Coinbase will give us another 8/9 euros (depending on the change), with which, we will have already earned some money without doing anything.

.10 Become an en línea copywriter

If you are one of those who say “I need urgent money without investing” and you have writing skills, this is your way of earning money.

As I explained recently in this articulo, there are many platforms that pay us to writeOf course, you have to have some small literary skills and know how to write.

If you have these two knowledge, you perro sign up for the platforms that I explained in the previous articulo.

There you perro offer your services as a trabajo independiente writer and get a Plus money from your home.

At the beginning, like everything, it will cost you, but when you create a reputation (always positive) you will see how the orders go up and you will be able to get a Plus money.

Final conclusions of the best 10 ways to earn money from home

As you may have seen, these are just 10 ways to earn money from home, but there are many more.

In these times of confinement that we have to live, you cánido turn your head to earn money on internet.

As I say, here I have put some formulas for you to know how to earn fast money from home These formulas are all en línea and with a computer in front.

But without a doubt there are many more, both with a computer and without a computer.

Do you know anything else we cánido add? If so, put them in the comments, I’m sure we cánido help a lot of people.

Regards and until next time!!

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 10 ways to earn money from home
  10 ways to earn money from home
  10 ways to earn money from home

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