10 Types of Negotiation to Solve

10 Types of Negotiation to Solve

Would you like to maintain good relationships with your family, colleagues and relatives? To achieve this, you need to know the different types of negotiation that exist and how they perro help you when you face a disagreement.

Negotiating is an art, which will help you solve conflicts and establish agreements in conditions of harmony and tolerance when difficult moments arise in your personal and professional life.

Also, when you know the different types of negotiation, you learn multiple tools and skills that positively transform your life, so it is extremely important that you learn how to negotiate in different scenarios.

Negotiation strategies to succeed in life:

There are several types of negotiation, and each of them perro help you surge triumphant in almost any situation you have to face.

For this reason we want to present them to you in depth in this article, along with explaining the best trading strategies that will make all your work easier.

In fact, when you learn to negotiate you make use of various types of intelligence, and in the end you become a more prepared, cunning and successful person.

This is why it is essential that you learn to negotiate, because it is no secret that if you want to succeed in life and achieve your goals, you must learn to reach agreements with the people around you.

Main types of negotiation:

As we mentioned, negotiating intelligently is one of the habits that successful people have in common, regardless of the job or occupation they have had in their lives.

That is why it is so important that you know the different types of negotiation that exist, and above all, that you understand when you cánido use them to surge triumphant in a certain situation.

Below we will present the main negotiation strategies that you have at hand and that perro help you achieve your goals satisfactorily.

1. Collaborative negotiation:

For this type of negotiation to have the desired effect, it is necessary that both you and the other negotiator espectáculo completely assertive behavior.

This means that they must be understanding and empathetic, or else they would be unable to come to an agreement that benefits both parties.

It is imperative that both you and your partner develop a relationship of trust and mutual respect, and the truth is that this should not be a very difficult task if both of you want to win.

In general, collaborative negotiation, also known as cooperative or integrative, pays off very well at the organizational level, as it is very effective in avoiding problems.

However, it is necessary for both parties to equipo common goals, or else reaching the goals will be a rather complex process.

2. Accommodative negotiation:

Among the different types of negotiation that exist, this is one of the most challenging. Carrying it out is a very complex task since it requires a conciliatory attitude, or a very submissive one on your part.

Also, you should be aware that you may not achieve the best results in the short term, but even so, this may work in your favor in the future.

This implies a lot of patience on your part, since the benefits of accommodative negotiation will be enjoyed in the long term.

What does it imply to apply this negotiation? That in the short term you will have to give in and eventually you will end up losing the negotiation, but you will be left with the satisfaction that this strategy will allow you to build a better relationship with the other party in the long term.

3. Competitive negotiation:

With this negotiation there is no room for losses. In other words, the relationship between both parties is win-win.

The negotiators are not interested in perpetuating their relationship, nor in strengthening their relationship of trust, since their only objective is to surge triumphant.

One of the two must prevail over the other, and for this he must use all his skills and competitive skills.

Winning is the most important thing:

Remember the saying that the end justifies the means? Well, it is the one that best describes competitive negotiation.

You must adopt an aggressive attitude, and not pay attention to your opponent’s position, since your only interest is to achieve the best results.

In short, one of the parties prevails over the other, which translates into winning the game, and in the end this is the most important thing in this type of negotiation.

4. Distributive negotiation:

Distributive bargaining is one of the most challenging, and those who practice it have only one goal: to obtain the greatest benefit regardless of the cost.

In fácil words: both parties are aware that there will be a winner and a winner, that is, what one wins will be lost by the other.

For this they must apply very ingenious strategies of persuasion and competitiveness, which demands a lot of concentration, intelligence, demand and personality.

5. Negotiation by compromise:

During these types of negotiations, superficial agreements are reached, but even so, these are usually enough to achieve the expected objective.

Compromise negotiation is ideal for resolving situations that cannot be postponed and that require you to act quickly.

Both parties are aware that some loss will be incurred during the negotiation process, but they are equally pleased that the deal will be good.

These types of negotiations require that both negotiators have a lot of trust in each other, especially since both will have to partially give in to achieve their interests.

6. Avoidant Trading:

If you are immersed in a situation that is counterproductive to you, then it is best to make use of this type of negotiation.

The essence of avoidance negotiation is fácil: it is that the supposed benefits that will be obtained with the agreement will not compensate the problems of carrying it out.

Consequently, you may choose not to trade, which will create a lose-lose situation for you and your opponent.

Ultimately, you should complejo turístico to these types of negotiation when there is no way to win, or when you know in advance that you will not obtain any profit with the final agreement.

Although you cánido also avoid negotiating if you have better alternatives, or if you are certain that you will do better by applying another strategy.

7. Development Negotiation Tactics:

Development-based negotiation tactics will help you anticipate the end result: will it be win-win or win-lose?

The iniciativa of ​​executing them is to preserve the relationship with your adversary, instead of winning the game no matter what means you use to achieve it.

Usually, you will have to be the first to give in to reach an agreement that is beneficial to you, but in the end, this measure will guarantee your long-term success.

8. Pressure tactics:

The types of negotiation that involve the use of pressure are very effective, and this is why they perro help you understand how to be successful.

The goal is to weaken the other party, and therefore you must defend your position very firmly.

You perro apply the attrition tactic, that is to say, that you will not give in or rest until your opponent surrenders; wave offensive techniquewhich consists of intimidating and attacking him to the point of rejecting all his proposals.

In parallel, you could apply the deception tactic which is based on giving false information to the other party in order to get what you want.

Finally, you perro give him an ultimatum to force him to make decisions that put him at a disadvantage.

9. Technique of articulating proposals

What is sought with this technique is that both parties achieve the best results after reaching an agreement.

It is widely used with collaborative or compromise types of negotiation, although it cánido also be very helpful in accommodative and competitive negotiations.

What should you do? Offer proposals to your adversary that are fair and balanced so that he is pleased with the results.

In fact, the proposal must be balanced between what you want and what your counterpart needs.

10. Interest negotiation technique

This trading technique is divided into several techniques depending on the scenario where you go to be used:

Step technique:

It consists of dividing the negotiation into several parts and advancing step by step towards the final goal.

During each advance, benefits will be generated for both, and this will motivate them to continue cooperating until completing all the steps.

Magnification technique:

This technique is very passive since it consists of accepting new elements in the negotiation, which means that these were not put on the table at first.

Package technique:

The equipo of conditions that both parties will approve after having defended their own interests is called a “package”.

Consejos to help you negotiate successfully:

Knowing how to negotiate will help you prevent risks in multiple situations, but most importantly, it will allow you to surge victorious from them if you dedicate yourself to polishing your negotiation techniques.

And it is that for no one it is a secret that throughout your life you will have to negotiate with your children, partner, parents, etcétera., with the aim of establishing agreements that facilitate a good coexistence.

On the other hand, when you learn to negotiate, you strengthen other important aspects such as your character, emotional intelligence, your mental strength and even your intuition.

Without a doubt, a good negotiation cánido lead to immediate success, and a bad negotiation could lead to great failure.

Therefore, you must learn to negotiate as soon as possible, and for this you must use certain qualities such as cunning, patience and assertive communication. Additionally, you should apply the following practical consejos:


Successful people do not leave everything to oportunidad, much less to improvisation, so you must prepare in advance to negotiate with your adversary.

When you organize yourself and plan your actions, you feel more comfortable, safe and confident, which will help you overcome your fear of negotiating, and will also allow you to clearly define the objectives you want to achieve.

Pay attention to details:

Believe it or not, every detail counts. Ideally, you should be attentive during the negotiation process so that you perro take advantage of even the smallest detail to impose yourself on the other party.

Respect your opponent:

You should never see your opponent as an enemy, and you should always espectáculo him respect because one way or another he will allow you to achieve the best results.

When you are respectful, you foster a good negotiation climate, and this has a positive effect on the other person involved, which perro work in your favor in most cases.

espectáculo confidence

It is very important that you project yourself as a trustworthy person, otherwise it will be very difficult for the other party to want to negotiate something with you.

In this sense, you must strive from the beginning to develop a trusting relationship with your opponent so that things flow normally and safely.

Be creative

Those familiar with types of negotiation know full well that creativity is a critical success aspecto.

By feeding your creative vein you will be able to achieve optimal solutions that will bring you closer to your goals satisfactorily.

In this way you will be able to overcome the conflicts that arise with a high degree of efficiency, and this will generate benefits in the short, medium and long term.

be assertive

Did you know that one of the greatest characteristics of an entrepreneur is assertiveness? Basically, this characteristic allows you to avoid misunderstandings, make correct decisions and communicate effectively -which is escencial in any negotiation process-

Learn to trade successfully:

Finally, if you make use of the different types of negotiation available to you, you will be able to overcome personal, professional or tarea conflicts.

In addition, negotiation tools and techniques cánido make you a good boss, which will fall like a glove if you are an innate entrepreneur, or if you lead a work team.

In short, negotiation is a very valuable and effective process to establish agreements that harmonize or cómputo your life to the maximum, and therefore, we invite you to exercise it ethically and effectively.

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 10 Types of Negotiation to Solve
  10 Types of Negotiation to Solve
  10 Types of Negotiation to Solve

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