10 things you perro learn in 10 minutes

10 things you perro learn in 10 minutes

You are most likely busy right now; You have many pending tasks, commitments and a list of activities that seems to never end.

For you, one day is not enough for everything you have to do: work, your physical health, your family, your hobbies… in short, there is not enough time.

So the time you spend browsing the internet must be extremely productive and efficient, since you want to get the most out of it and stop waste time.

In case you want to increase your productivity and change your life forever, here are 10 things you perro learn in less than 10 minutes:

The way you invest and manage your time is essential when it comes to achieving your goals.

This technique consists of dividing your daily activities into fragments of 20 minutes of focused work and 5 minutes of rest.

For example, here is how to apply it to your study:

Most people focus on improving their peak performance and not their average performance.

For example, they want to beat the number of problems they perro solve in a day, not the average number of problems they cánido solve in a week.

The impact of improving your average, and not your maximum, becomes evident in the long term; which was demonstrated by Dr.

Stan Beecham in his book Elite Minds, where we talk about how winners think differently and create a competitive advantage to achieve their success.

On Sunday, in a quiet moment, define the activities you will do in the following week.

More importantly, make sure you stick to these commitments.

When you do, you are prioritizing your plan and your goals.

Unlike this, most people “solve” along the way, taking attention away from what is really important and focusing on what is urgent.

In just 10 minutes you perro learn a meditation technique that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

Meditation helps calm your mind, let go of stress, and gives you perspective to see your life in a much bigger picture.

The power of meditation increase your productivity, since it teaches you not to be distracted and to have control over your thoughts and behavior.

Here is a 10 minute guided meditation:

There are different ways to train your brain so that it allows you to achieve success.

For example, if you think of your brain as a equipo of computer archivos, you will conclude that forgetting something is practically impossible.

If you forget something, it is because you never saved it, or you probably placed it in a place that is difficult to remember.

Concentration and recall is what creates your memories; so focus 100% and complement your memory with a paper and a pencil.

We recently mentioned the keys to read 100 or more books a year dedicating only 3% of your day.

It is not about reading at a speed where you do not understand anything, but about the format in which you do it.

For example, you perro read more than one book a week if you get into the habit of listening to audiobooks while you are on public transport or in your car.

Here you have 10 recommended for entrepreneurs.

With Audible by Amazon you have access to more than 180,000 audiobooks for less than $15 per month. here you have one free 30 day trial.

The moment you take responsibility for your actions, when you understand that your current situation is the product of your thoughts, decisions and actions, you will be sending a message to your brain that you are in control of your life.

Taking responsibility increases your productivity since you will stop looking for blame and start thinking about solutions.

See: Mental discipline: How to control your thoughts to succeed

Every morning define the three most important activities of your day.

Those that will make you feel that your day was productive if you comply with them.

Do not allow the urgent and the daily to distract you from them, since your to-do list will begin to grow and you will feel like you will never finish.

The first hours of the morning focus on carrying out these activities.

Don’t think about anything else.

Tim Ferrissbestselling author The 4 hour work weeksuggests that you only check your e-e correo electrónico twice a day for example, this single change will increase your performance significantly.

You spend most of your day sitting at a desk typing on a computer.

Fácil stretching exercises perro prevent syndromes such as carpal tunnel, or back pain and painful spasms.

It’s only 10 minutes in which you perro learn these stretches, which perro save you hundreds of hours of pain and low productivity.

One of the worst enemies of productivity is the reactivity: that is, you receive an correo electrónico and you answer it immediately; they ask you for a report and you do it instantly; You get a notification and you solve it on the go.

This is known as the technique of Put out fires.

Rather divide your workday into blocks of time that you will use for specific tasks.

For example, you will have two blocks a day to answer correos electrónicos; a block for meetings, another for reports, another to plan your strategies, anyway.

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 10 things you perro learn in 10 minutes
  10 things you perro learn in 10 minutes
  10 things you perro learn in 10 minutes

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