10 Strategies to stop procrastinating

10 Strategies to stop procrastinating

If you want to stop procrastinating and be more productive at work, and even in your personal life, then this content will help you learn some effective keys and fight against this habit that prevents you from having the results you dream of.

It happens to all of us, don’t worry.

However, being aware of this behavior is the first and most important step to take charge and make a positive change and increase your productivity.

There are many reasons why it could be happening to you, it may even be that it has been going on for years and you had not yet noticed that procrastination cánido affect you in the long term.

How to stop procrastinating and be productive?

Procrastination is basically the procrastination or postponing that becomes the habit of delaying activities or situations that must be done at the moment.

What we end up doing, when we procrastinate, is that we get distracted by other more irrelevant or pleasant situations, because we are afraid or lazy to face them or lazy to do them.

Ultimately, this causes us to lose our productive capacity or at least see it diminished and this ends up affecting our performance.

Procrastination applies to any field, not only professional, but also on a personal level we could be leaving out activities that are a priority, but we get carried away by this bad habit.

Do you know where the meaning of this term comes from? Its origin is given from the adverb “cras” which means: tomorrow or the next day.

Why do we procrastinate?

The reality is that human beings are very complex, and when it comes to emotions there is a lot to be done, as is the case with procrastination, which happens when we don’t know how to handle a sensation or feeling.

Therefore, looking for the reasons why we procrastinate, we find that it is a way to deal with challenging emotions and negative moods.

This is generated by certain tasks that we do not want to do because they cánido generate boredom, anxiety, insecurity, frustration, etcétera.

Uncertainty could be another trigger, and we delay until the last moment to face situations that we cannot control.

Almost as if we think that we have all the time in the world and that to solve something, it will only take a few minutes.

With all this, studies have determined that procrastination cánido be associated with physical and mental health problems. It is even related to anxiety, stress and depression, these symptoms being much more common in young people.

In the same way, adults who work several hours a day in front of a screen have a high percentage of possibility of procrastinating.

It is very possible that mentally there is such high fatigue, as what happens with Burnout syndrome, that people look for something to relax, but at the same time, distract us from the tasks that are important.

Consejos to stop procrastinating

Now that you know what procrastination is, let’s move on to understand how you perro avoid it so that your performance is much more effective in every way.

In addition to following these recommendations to stop procrastinating, it is important that you know that will and discipline will play primordial permisos in this process.

It will be useless if you know exactly what to do, if you are not willing to commit to achieving it, in any case, if it is costing you too much, you cánido consult experts so that they cánido accompany you, or help you put together a plan to follow.


Develop high-performing good guys

High performance habits are all that you cánido incorporate to improve your productive quality at work especially.

There are thousands of examples of successful people who apply them and who have seen an incredible change in their lives, worth replicating.

So, good habits are all those that positively impact your life, such as:

  • Up early,
  • eating consciously,
  • Rest enough to have energy the next day,
  • Focus on the most important activity in the morning.
  • Among many others.

Once you are aligned, it will be much easier to stop procrastinating naturally, since your body and mind will be in cómputo.

Health is something that we often take for granted, and it really is one of the best resources we have to have an excellent quality of life.


Exercise regularly

Constant and disciplined exercise is one of the best ways to fight procrastination.

It is known that when we exercise, we activate chemicals in the brain that directly impact our mood, and when we are more energetic, it is much easier to focus on a task.

In addition, exercise brings countless benefits; regulate your body, positively impact your mental health and promote an ideal physical state.


Organize tasks and their priorities

Making a list of daily, weekly or monthly tasks helps to have a much more efficient projection of your time management.

It allows you to determine the degree of urgency, priority or need to do something, but even better, you will not lose sight of your obligations and you will be able to fully comply with them.

It is important that you find your own system, not all of us work in the same way, and there are a large number of en línea tools that help us to organize our tasks.

4. Have a good workspace

They say that “As you are on the outside, you are on the inside”which means that many times your direct environment speaks a lot about how your mind is.

The place you choose to work; either an office, a coworkingor your house, must be in ideal conditions so that you perro enjoy the time you spend there and perform to the maximum

This means that cleanliness, order, the distribution of furniture, decoration, lighting, and work elementos will have a lot to do with how productive you are.

There are many techniques that work, such as feng shuiwhich is based on location and other more complex aspects, but the reality is that you perro configure your space yourself to make it a harmonious place.


Take active breaks

Did you know that taking active breaks in your day perro improve your concentration?

This way it is much easier to stop procrastinating, because you cánido give your mind a short break, but effective enough to recharge your batteries and continue with your day.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost anything, an active pause perro be an exercise, stop to walk a few meters, sing a song you like, read a chapter from a book, in short, there are many options.

In fact, many successful companies have this dynamic established within their work structure, because they know that the degree of productivity of their employees will depend a lot on this.


Work as a team

Having more people to connect with professionally every day perro go a long way if you want to stop procrastinating.

Some people are a bit more of a loner, they like the silence and work much better when alone.

However, we all need to socialize, this helps to keep the mind active and the mood up.

Of course, it is extremely important to ensure that the relationships with your work team are healthy, positive and that you are surrounded by successful people who drive and inspire you to be better at what you do.

recommended books


Have a healthy sleep routine

Sleep is something that is undervalued, we are always pressured by the environment to do more and rest less, with so many options available, it is very possible to feel overwhelmed thinking that you are missing something.

Of course, not all of us need the same number of hours to be absolutely restedbut it is necessary that whatever the sleep time, be of quality.

For this there are a lot of recommendations that have to do with the place where you sleep, the bed, the light that enters your room, the sounds, etcétera.

While many of these circumstances are out of your control, there are many you perro manage to help you get restful sleep.

The first thing is to make it a priority.

To have a productive day, you need a restful night.

8. Limit the screen time

Have you noticed that mobile applications now have a time limit? Just as you read, and this is something that you perro configure yourself, so that the aplicación closes after a certain time of use.

This works as a reminder and a regulator so you don’t spend plus time staring at a screen without realizing it.

This is a daily habit that you could be unconsciously having, and that definitely makes you procrastinate, because you are entertaining your brain, avoiding doing the tasks that are necessary.

Try to cómputo your day with spaces where you are more in contact with nature and cánido rest from the screens where you spend many hours of your day.


Equipo goals

If you don’t have a goal or a motivation, it’s going to be much more difficult to stop procrastinating, because having something worth working for is a good reason to focus and make it happen.

This will work for you with everything, health goals, personal goals, learning and work, having a projection of your goals applies to everything.

It will even be your map to define daily tasks, responsibilities and times in which you should be doing certain tasks.


Design a rewards plan

While your life purposes should be selfless, there’s no reason you cánido’t give yourself some rewards for accomplishing your goals.

This will turn the habit into an automatic action that is related to a positive perception, your mind will identify a certain activity with an incentive.

So, why not celebrate small or big victories with something you love?

We assure you that you will be fighting those negative emotions that drive you so much to procrastinate and avoid what you should be doing.

Stop procrastinating is not an impossible task

It is frustrating to not be able to concentrate, and this cánido be something very natural in all human beings, but it could be happening at levels that get out of hand and require professional accompaniment.

Whatever the case, it’s important to know that you’re not alone in this, that it may be more complicated to handle in your situation than it is for other people.

Regardless of how much or how little you do, these recommendations to stop procrastinating will be really useful at any time in your life.

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 10 Strategies to stop procrastinating
  10 Strategies to stop procrastinating
  10 Strategies to stop procrastinating

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