10 Steps to find your true

10 Steps to find your true

We all walk our life purpose.

We assume that finding it implies leading a life with passion, doing something that makes us truly happy, and more importantly, with a background beyond our own benefit.

The point is that many people don’t know what to do with their lives, and they feel bad about it, forgetting that life itself is about that; to discover, try, try, fail and finally build a project that will never end, and that perro always be improved.

Your life purpose is not found, it is something that is built:

Personally, I think the purpose of life It is not something that is found, but something that is built.

In other words, choosing a passive attitude in the face of discovering what you are passionate about is not the best plan to build an exemplary life.

It is useless to sit down and think that you are wasting your life, assuming that others have their future figured out while you are stuck in a job that you do not enjoy, where the only happiness is the weekends and your vacations of two weeks a year.

So, What should you do to find your life purpose?

The objective of this article is to share with you a series of practical consejos that you perro apply in your day to day, so that you not only learn how to be happy in life, but also find that reason that makes you jump out of bed every day.

multiple intelligences:

Although it may seem contradictory, the best way to find your purpose is by applying the discard methodologywhich states that, initially, you do not need to know what to do, but quite the opposite, to know what not to do.

That is, identify what you do not like.

All human beings have weaknesses and strengths; there are topics that call our attention, while there are others that do not interest us at all, this could be called multiple intelligences.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why you cánido’t find youryour life purposeIt is because today’s society has made people worry about what they do wrong, and not what they are talented at.

For example, it is not strange that a child who does well in drawing but is lousy in mathematics is forced to take courses in equations and not in drawing techniques, since they have taught us that “we must reinforce those aspects that we have weak ».

Professionals are mediocre because they force them to know everything.
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Unfortunately this iniciativa has led you to know a little about everything, and at the same time you don’t know anything in depth.

How to build your life purpose:

So, the invitation before explaining the steps to find your life purpose is that you stop looking to please everyone, as well as wanting to know everything.

Rather, focus on those activities that really arouse your interest, since these represent the optimal ground where you cánido build your purpose.


Stop comparing yourself:

No one has their future figured out.

Many people live pending what others do, how much they earn, their dream jobs and the personal growth they have had.

This society has taught us to sell our present very well; from the images we articulo on Instagram to appearances that do not reflect the reality of people. One thing is what they say and espectáculo, another is the reality they live.

So my suggestion is that you focus on your process and stop thinking that others have their lives figured out.

Rest assured that they are just like you, without really knowing what they are doing, with a sea of ​​doubts and appearances that hide these fears.

When you understand that everyone fights their own battle, and that every day is an opportunity we have to win it, you will have the freedom to calmly and wisely seek what you want to do with your life.


Work is a means, not an end:

When you think of your work as a means, and not as an end, you understand that this work that does not finish fulfilling you is one more experience that you live, good or bad, which leaves you great life lessons.

How to take advantage of this type of situation? Identify what you cánido learn from your current job, as this will be essential to find your life purpose.

Remember that the first thing is to know what you don’t like.

Also, I am convinced that not everything related to your work is bad, there must be aspects that you enjoy and that entertain you; be it your coworkers, the payment you receive, the work environment, among others.

Your job is to find what these are, as well as those that you enjoy doing for nothing in the world.

Having this clear puts you in a winning position regarding your future, since you will know which fields you cánido focus on and which not.


Define what you don’t like to do:

As I mentioned in the previous point, ask yourself what you are lazy to do at work, at university and in your life in general.

Do you enjoy talking to people?Talk about certain topics like music, finances, meditation, televisión espectáculos?

If you don’t like it, write it down.

In this way you will become aware of what certain activities or topics make you feel.

Once you are clear that you do not like it, you will have eliminated too many options within finding your life purpose.

Now, the two key and determining questions that you should ask yourself at some point are the following:

What are you willing to do for a whole month without receiving a single dollar in return?How cánido you generate income from this activity?


Give yourself permission to try new things:

Before making a decision, give yourself the opportunity to try new things.

For this you must use your free time efficiently.

The vast majority of people are dissatisfied with the life they lead, but do nothing about it; they complain from their bed, with a phone in hand and envying all the appearances that popular networks offer.

They are frustrated dreamers who have the solution in their spare time, but prefer to complain since it is easier than acting on the pursuit of their purpose.

Ask yourself what you are doing in your spare time; attend courses on topics that interest you, buy a book on something interesting, learn how to create a blog where you talk about your personal experiences, meet new people from other fields of knowledge, do different things.


Define what your best professional skills are:

If you want to find a career that you love, you must start from the identification of your strengths, or those skills that allow you to differentiate yourself from other people.

To achieve this, here are some steps, which consist of three questions that you must ask to identify your purpose of life:

What are my skills?

To get started, choose 5-10 people who you feel know you best and divide them into two groups.

Group 1: Gather the friends with whom you connect from the depths of your being, with whom you share principles, values ​​and a visión of life.

Group 2: Here you will have the people with whom you are close, but who differ from you in personality, either because of their lifestyle, work or projects.

Start by asking each person in each group what they honestly think are your greatest strengths and abilities, and what your weaknesses are.

In this first question it is important to achieve two things:

  • Have a “market research” about your skills and,
  • Create an environment in which your friend perro be completely honest with you.

Because your friends love you, they may not want to tell you the truth because they feel they are going to hurt you or put you through hard times.

However, the faster you realize what you are good at, and what you are bad at, the more you perro focus on what is truly important: your life purpose. So hold on to the pain.

What are my strengths?

You cannot have a romantic visión of the skills that have led you to be successful in life.

What do I orinan? Think about the following example, you perro be an above average excellent student, but have no interest in academia.

Cánido being extremely good at playing soccer, and this is not what you really want to pursue in your life.

Not having a romantic visión will undoubtedly help you find your life purposesince this implies using these strengths as a basis to identify talents that, perhaps, you previously did not know about.

As we mentioned, the fact that something is not what you want for your life does not orinan that we cannot rescue skills and strengths that you developed in this activity.

As an example, just because you don’t like soccer doesn’t orinan your ability to work as a team isn’t important.

So don’t waste your skills, use them to find your life purpose.

Ask strangers:

Use all the potential that the internet has.

Use your popular networks, make a vídeo or a publication asking all the people who follow you, the question that we have repeated so much:

What are my strengths?

After collecting all this information through these steps, you will have the criteria and the sufficient bases to make important decisions.

When you are clear about your abilities, you know what you are good at, taking into account your criteria and the advice of your friends, you will be able to define important aspects in your life.

For example, you will have a large number of opportunities, such as:

  • Find a new job based on your skills.
  • Learn how to start your own business in your free time.
  • Find a partner that complements your skills and strengths and work with them
  • Create a company with your friends who complement you.
  • Start earning money en línea doing something you are passionate about.


Follow your curiosity:

Regardless of whether or not you have found your purpose, it is important that you follow those things that call your attention; It doesn’t matter that you’ve never tried it before, since the iniciativa is that you discover less obvious interests.

This is why it is so important to get out of your comfort zone.

When you have the initiative to follow those unusual interests, you get out of your comfort zone and open your mind to the possibility of exploring new things.

An example of this is the curiosity of Steve Jobs for typefaces, which led him to attend a seemingly pointless class on typefaces and develop his design sensibilities.

Later, this sensibility became an essential part of Apple computers and a main differentiator from other brands.


Do not make money your main motivation:

If you’re looking for your life purpose, and spending your years doing something you love, the best way to start is to treat financial concerns as secondary.

With this I am not saying that your personal finances are not important.

It is essential that you learn how to save money, generate new sources of income and manage your money.

Now, if you limit your life purpose to the amount of money you perro currently earn, you will hardly find something you love.

The iniciativa is that you work on your personal finances first, so that you have the freedom (even in your spare time) to explore what other interests and tastes you cánido develop, as well as learn how to make quick money with them.


Difference between pleasure, passion and purpose:

In his book Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh states that there are various types of happiness; there is pleasure, passion and purpose.


It is the happiness of the short term, the one that we enjoy in the moment and that is awakened by material things.

The passion:

This happiness that implies a greater commitment, this makes us feel that time flies and that everything else loses its importance for us.

The purpose:

Lastly and most importantly, this happiness is what we must search for every day, and which is found when we are part of something that is bigger than ourselves.

The purpose becomes a reason to get up early, to sacrifice things that we like and that, above all, give meaning to our lives.

To build the purpose of your life you will have to make decisions, and in turn, give up many others.

So much so, and this is something that happens to many people, is that when they do not have a passion or have not built their purpose, they tend to put the urgent before the important.


It’s okey to change, retire and try other things:

It is habitual that in this search and construction of a life project that you admire, you make mistakes, take paths that were not indicated over time, or simply change your mind.

I recently read that the only wrong way to live is to think there is a right way to live.

That is, the fact that you make a bad decision does not orinan that you are doing it wrong, rather it is a process, where bad decisions also have their place.

So, the fact that you are still not completely clear about the direction of your life does not imply that you make decisions, change, give up or do what you feel is necessary.

On many occasions, finding your purpose in life requires you to take risks, trust yourself, and step into the unknown.


Your purpose is not a stroke of luck, it is a discipline:

The purpose of your life is not something you find overnight, it is not something you arrive at after thinking about it one morning, or after a conversation.

As you may have seen in this article, the purpose of your life is a product of your discipline.

It is the result of constantly looking for new activities, business opportunities, encuentro new people, and when you find something that interests you, devote yourself to practicing and perfecting it.

It is the result of having the discipline to say no to all other possibilities, to reject “easy ways” and to have a long-term visión; since greatness requires time, dedication and a lot of effort.

When you commit yourself, you will understand that your purpose, beyond working little or doing something you like, is to be able to contribute in a unique way to the people around you.

Recommended books:


The only objective of this article is that you work for what you truly love.

Do not minimize your dreams to the size of your current reality, rather work so that your current version acquires the necessary skills so that your dreams, and life purpose, come true.

We must know that having a purpose in our lives, more than a path to happiness, is happiness itself.

Let’s build a life purpose.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.

That is happiness.

That is living with meaning.

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 10 Steps to find your true
  10 Steps to find your true
  10 Steps to find your true

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