10 richest millionaires in Spain and how

10 richest millionaires in Spain and how

The most up-to-date list of Forbes on the main millionaires in Spain groups large businessmen from the transport, textile, tourism, commercial, real estate, hotel and mass consumption sectors.

These entrepreneurs have amassed great fortunes in recent decades and have launched highly successful and profitable businesses in the Spanish market.

Therefore, they are very powerful, respected and influential personalities in this European country, especially within the business sphere.

Spanish millionaires and successful:

Today we will share the story of the 10 millionaires in Spain who lead the most up-to-date list of Forbes.

You will know how much their fortunes are currently estimated at and how they have managed to build great empires over time.

Without a doubt, these millionaire minds They have managed to develop highly successful and scalable business ideas.

This is something that is directly reflected in their assets.


Amancio Ortega

Once again, the owner of the Group Inditex heads the list of millionaires in Spain.

This businessman has spent years investing in the textile industry, and in fact, he is the founder of the successful clothing chain: Zara.

His beginnings go back to his adolescence, specifically when he was 14 years old and worked for two large clothing stores in La Coruña.

Years later, he created his first clothing company and later opened his first store. zara.

The success of this trade was imminent and allowed it to expand to other cities in the country, until it finally decided to create the famous Inditex Group: the first textile group in the world.

Currently, some of its associated brands have an international presence.

Also, this successful entrepreneur It has also decided to invest in the real estate and financial campo, significantly increasing its assets.

As of today, his fortune is estimated at $82.3 billion according to an updated report from Forbes, which makes him one of the largest millionaires in Spain and the entire world.


Sandra Ortega Pura

Sandra is the daughter of Amancio Ortega and is in charge of managing investments through the second shareholder of Inditex: Rosp Corunna.

She inherited her immense fortune from her mother, Rosalía Pura, after her death in June 2013.

Currently, she is the second richest person in Spain and one of the richest women in the world, since she owns 4.5% of the shares of Inditex, despite not being directly involved with this textile group.

Sandra dedicates herself, mainly, to working for the Paideia Galiza Foundationwhich was founded by her mother to help people with disabilities.

Currently, he has a 5% stake in the company PharmaMar, which is testing the efficacy of a drug against Covid-19.

His fortune is estimated at $7.7 billion dollars and he currently runs all of his operations as entrepreneur from La Coruña, Spain.


Rafael del Pino Calvo-Sotelo

Rafael del Pino is another of the main millionaires in Spain, thanks to the success that the company founded by his father in 1952 continues to experience: railway.

This multinational has been successfully operating in the transport and infrastructure campo for almost seven decades, specifically in construction projects, services, highways and airports.

At the moment he works as president of said company, and in fact, he is its largest shareholder.

His wealth is $4.7 trillion dollars. railway It is present in 15 countries, including the United States, Poland, Canada, Chile, Australia and the United Kingdom.


Juan Roig Alfonso

Juan Roig Alfonso is another of the most recognized and influential Spanish millionaires of recent times.

Forbes has estimated his fortune at $4.3 billion dollars and this has been possible thanks to the fact that he is the largest shareholder of Mercadona.

Indeed, this company leads the supermarket ámbito in this European country, and as if that were not enough, it has plans to expand to other destinations, including Portugal.

Currently, it owns 50.6% of Mercadona and his wife, Hortensia Herrero, owns 27.7% of said company.


Miguel Fluxà Roselló

The owner of iberostar He could not be missing from the list of the main millionaires in Spain, taking into consideration that his fortune is $3 billion dollars.

Despite the fact that the financial crisis that the country has experienced in recent years has diminished his fortune somewhat, he continues to be one of the richest men in the country.

He Iberostar Group encompasses one of the largest hotel companies in Europe and in 2017 alone it generated more than $2.9 billion in profits.

It currently has hotels in 30 countries and at least 16 resorts around the world.


Juan Abello

Juan Abelló has a net worth of $2.9 billion dollars.

It should be noted that this successful businessman he began amassing his fortune in the 1980s, after selling his family’s pharmaceutical company and making numerous investments.

Throughout his business career, he has invested heavily in the Spanish Credit Bank, Vodafone, Talgo, Aston Martin, Prospitalia, Linneo Healthamong other.

This Spanish entrepreneur is the current president of Torreal; a global investment company that focuses on creating long-term value.

Additionally, its venture capital subsidiary, Torreal SCR, it also generates huge dividends and allows you to continue to increase your wealth over time.


Alice Koplowitz

This is one of the biggest millionaires of Spain right now and his net worth is valued at $2.8 billion dollars.

She is the maximum owner of Omega Capital, a company founded in 1998 (many years after selling a part of the company Promotion of Constructions and Contracts, for more than $700 million dollars).

Through omegacapital Alicia makes sure to diversify investments in the hotel, financial, industrial and real estate sectors with irrefutable success.


Maria del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo

This successful businesswoman is also the daughter of Rafael del Pino y Moreno and her fortune is $2.7 billion dollars.

Inherited nearly 9% stake from railway after the death of his father.

And once again it should be mentioned that this company is dedicated to the profitable infrastructure ámbito in Spain and in other countries around the world.

María del Pino is one of the main members of the Board of railwayand therefore, it has witnessed the success it has had since it began trading on the La capital española depósito exchange.


Florentino Perez

The net worth of Florentino Pérez, who is the current president of FC Real La capital española, is $2 billion dollars.

In addition, during his business career he has managed to direct the largest construction company in the country: the ACS Group.

This successful Spanish engineer and businessman has witnessed the rapid growth that he has experienced DHW, to the point of listing on the depósito Exchange Spanish (specifically in the IBEX 35).

Florentino Pérez is one of the most recognized and powerful millionaires in Spain in recent times, and his legacy within the sports field is still being written.


Tomás Olivo López

In Spain, he is widely known as “the king of shopping centers”, and in fact, he is the owner of General of Commercial Galleries.

Your investments in the real estate campo they have allowed them to amass a fortune of $1.8 trillion dollars.

Through his company, he has built six shopping centers in various cities in the country, including Andalusia and Catalonia.

At the same time, it owns shares in the credit institution Unicaja, achieving a participation of 5%

He is one of Spain’s self-made millionaires (self-made), and at this moment its portfolio of assets includes the La Cañada Shopping Center, the Nevada Shopping Park, the Enorme Plaza Shopping Center, among others.

Great businessmen and millionaires of Spain:

This is the story of the 10 most influential and renowned Spanish millionaires of recent times, whose fortunes are valued at billions of dollars.

These entrepreneurs and visionaries have laid the foundations for the country’s largest ventures, and have managed to keep their empires afloat for many decades with hard work and constant innovation.

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 10 richest millionaires in Spain and how
  10 richest millionaires in Spain and how
  10 richest millionaires in Spain and how

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