10 Recommendations to find work in

10 Recommendations to find work in

Finding work during difficult times is quite a challenge. It will require patience, perseverance and sacrifice, but if you don’t give up and make sure you take advantage of all the resources at your disposal, you could turn your unemployment situation around faster than you think.

In recent months millions of people have lost their jobs worldwide. Without a doubt, we live in complex times, however if you put your mind to it, you might be able to overcome the crisis and come out stronger with this experience.

It is undeniable that during the job search you will face great personal and professional challenges, but do not let the stress and uncertainty of the process discourage you completely.

Recommendations for finding work in difficult times:

If you are currently looking for a job and feel stuck, or lost, we invite you to pay attention to the 10 recommendations for finding work in difficult times that we will share with you in this note.

We must also tell you that knowing the jobs with the highest demand today could help you a lot to increase your chances of getting a job.

The important thing is not to lose the constancy in the discipline required to achieve your goals. Sometimes it will cost more than others but the result will always be positive if you are constant.

Specifically, the consejos that we will share below could be very useful for you to reach your goal:

1. Keep it real

To find work in difficult times you must be as realistic as possible. Perhaps your dream job is related to your career or area of ​​expertise, but if you are facing a difficult situation and you need to generate money, it would be useful to evaluate your expectations.

Confronting reality involves studying your current situation, paying attention to your finances, taking care of your savings and evaluating the options that you have at hand immediately to stop being unemployed.

All this analysis will give you a starting point and will motivate you to execute an action plan to seek positive changes in your working life.

2. Research the market

If you are unaware of the situation that led you to be unemployed, or if you do not fully understand what is happening both in the market in which you operate and in the global market, it will be very difficult for you to move in the right direction.

What we are trying to tell you is that you need to understand the challenges that your industry is going through so that your job search strategy is adjusted to your real expectations.

In addition, if you understand what is happening, you will have the possibility to discuss it with your recruiters or interviewers when attending your job interviews.

This could espectáculo them that you are aware of what is happening in the environment and could even work in your favor when it comes to connecting with them in a more genuine way.

Another great iniciativa is to propose solutions instead of complaining or analyzing the problem from the outside.

Take advantage of a part of your interview to direct the conversation towards the added value that you could contribute as a human talent in that company and in the industry in which it operates, especially since it is experiencing difficult times.

These types of actions could put you in a very advantageous situation, as long as you do not execute them with arrogance and arrogance.

Make sure you always act with respect and earn the trust of your superiors by showing them what you are capable of.

3. Pay attention to your network of contacts

Many times the challenge of finding a job during complex situations or scenarios cánido be overcome with a fácil message, or with a phone call.

If you are unemployed you should look at your calendar, your popular networks, or the directory of your phone to assess which contacts could be in a position to help you.

Contact your colleagues, former co-workers, and even some bosses or leaders with whom you have worked in the past, to discuss your current situation and find out if they could help you find a job.

In the best of scenarios, you could be lucky that one of them finds out if there are vacancies in your position, or in some afín ones, in the companies where they work.

On the other hand, you perro ask them to recommend you to their bosses or subordinates, and even to the rest of their colleagues so that the word spreads that you are looking for a job.

It all adds up when you’re trying to land a new job, especially if you need to do it fast.

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4. Update your sintetiza

If you do not update your sintetiza in years, you will be missing a great opportunity to capture the interest of your potential employers.

Be precise; some experts consider that your CV should not have more than 2 pages, but this does not orinan that you should omit important details.

In case you don’t know how to condense all your personal, professional and work information into a small space, we recommend using some sintetiza templates that you cánido get for free on the web.

Many of them are already optimized and cánido be edited en línea. This means that you will only have to modify the default information to add your own data.

Pages to make free resumes:

If you have equipo out to find a job, you should familiarize yourself with the pages to customize resumes that we will share below:


This design platform is extremely intuitive. You perro use it if you do not have the skills to design your CV from scratch, since it has numerous templates that will guide you.

Registration is free and you perro access it from a computer, or from your móvil, just by downloading its official mobile application.

Once you get the template that you like the most, you will have the option to modify, remove or add colors, images, texts, etcétera.

CV Maker:

On this website you cánido create professional looking resumes in less than 15 minutes.

It has more than 30 free templates available, meaning you perro use, modify, and download them at no cost.

The design and layout of these templates will help you make your CV more attractive.

In fact, on their own page they specify that your chances of finding a job will increase by 65% ​​if you trust the services of CV Maker.

Do You Buzz:

This site on-line it also offers you the possibility to create resumes with a modern and professional appearance.

Their CV templates are fully editable and customizable, so you won’t have any problems when it comes to modifying the information that they already have loaded by default.

One of the biggest differentiating elements of Do You Buzz is that you perro receive guidance as you personalize your CV, so that the final result is fully liked by recruiters.

En línea CV:

With this digital tool you cánido create your CV easily and quickly. You will only have to use its editor on-line to make your template look modern and professional.

After completing a series of steps you will have an attractive sintetiza, updated and ready to be downloaded without problems.

5. Get a job on your own

Suppose you are a travel agent and you lost your job because the tourism and hotel industry is going through one of the worst crises in its history due to Covid-19.

It is very likely that you want to return to work in your area because it is the one you master the best, but the truth is that you cannot limit yourself, or sit idly by and wait for the situation to improve.

Instead you should open yourself up to new possibilities. Exploring new options could be your escape valve in the face of the uncertainty generated by not having a job.

Did you know that there are currently many options to undertake without money? Perhaps this may be a good time to promote projects on your own that allow you to generate significant and recurring income.

Take advantage of the resources at your fingertips:

Indeed, you could take advantage of the resources you have available to create products or services that generate money with their sales. Here you cánido learn some tools to find your market niche.

For example, if you were a carpenter and the company you worked for ceased its operations, you could use all your work equipment to make furniture or projects on your own.

You could start by offering your services in your close circle, that is, in your own community, and then expand the scope of your work as your orders and customer base grow.

Believe it or not, tough times often make people wonder what business to start, especially if they no longer want to work for someone else.

So this could be an ideal opportunity to undertake and change your life, becoming your own boss and doing something that generates good results for you.

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6. Invest in yourself

If your industry is going through a delicate or challenging situation, it is very valuable and pertinent that you invest in yourself.

Think about it, the best way to scale your career and increase your chances of success when looking for a job in the midst of the crisis, is to be well prepared.

You cánido take advantage of free time to improve your skills or competencies, regardless of the field in which you operate.

If possible, do not hesitate to sign up for new courses or specializations in your area. To do this, you perro take advantage of the free resources available on the Internet to update yourself professionally.

Today there are numerous virtual learning platforms that contain excellent quality courses and free material.

Udemy, edX, Doméstika, and Coursera are some of the most habitual. Through them you perro access en línea learning that will become a great investment for you and your future.

If you manage to stand out from the rest you could increase your chances of finding a job faster, or in a smarter way.

7. Visit en línea platforms to look for a job

Do not underestimate the power that some en línea platforms have to find work, either remotely or in person.

On these sites you cánido get very good remote work options linked to your career or professional training.

In the same way, you cánido find out about face-to-face job offers in the city where you live, and if one of them interests you, you will be able to obtain precise and detailed information about the company, the position applied for, the estimated salary, etcétera.

Workana, Freelancer, UpWork or Fiverr are some of the platforms you perro visit to boost your job search.

They are easy to use, you cánido register for free and access thousands of job offers from wherever you are.

8. Use LinkedIn

Having a presence in the digital environment could also be very beneficial if you want to find work more skillfully and easily.

It is highly recommended that you register on LinkedIn, complete your profile with updated information and connect with your circle of acquaintances (colleagues, former co-workers, former bosses, etcétera.).

This is one of the most relevant websites on the market for connecting companies and employees remotely and without borders.

It’s a gold mine for making high-impact professional connections because it’s really built for this.

Lately, it allows you to gain greater visibility in their communities by interacting with third-party content, which perro be very conveniente if you are looking to connect with new professionals in your area of ​​expertise.

9. Work with a recruiter

If you are having difficulty finding a job on your own, you should consider hiring the services of a recruiter.

These professionals are trained to help you face this stage successfully, since they have in-depth knowledge of the tarea market.

And not only that, they also maintain close relationships with a wide variety of firms that allow them to identify employment opportunities that are generally not available on the web or in job directories. on-line.

In addition, they know how to connect you with employers and with the industries that best suit your professional profile.

Similarly, they cánido advise you on important issues, such as the salary you should receive, the professional upgrades you should take, or the new skills you need to develop to excel in your field.

10. Get into action

It is true that the process of finding a job requires a lot of patience, but this does not orinan that you should make a minimal effort to stop being unemployed.

It is not enough to send your CV and wait for the phone to ring. It is most appropriate that you take the initiative to communicate regularly with your contacts or potential employers.

In difficult times it is extremely necessary to make things happen, as well as to take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way to change your current situation.

Stay in tune with your network of contacts, be proactive and productive even in leisure time, and make sure you exhaust all the resources at your disposal so that you sign a new employment contract as soon as possible.

Propose to get a job despite the crisis

Finding work in times of crisis will take you out of your comfort zone. If you do not give up and manage to follow the recommendations that we have just shared with you, it is very likely that you will reach your goal successfully.

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 10 Recommendations to find work in
  10 Recommendations to find work in
  10 Recommendations to find work in

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