10 Reasons that will convince you to travel around

10 Reasons that will convince you to travel around

There are many reasons why you should travel the world. Getting to know new places, cultures and people enriches your life; it makes you feel that success is a process that you enjoy every day.

How would San Agustin: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

So here are 10 reasons that will convince you to travel at least once a year:

We all have a routine. We get up, make the same coffee, take the same route to work, go through the same processes, and end the day in the same way, with the same televisión espectáculo.

This routine makes you believe that the world is nothing more than what revolves around you.

When you travel you get out of this routine. You break your comfort zone. You clear your mind as you will stop living on autopilot and you will expose yourself to new images.

In short, one of the reasons that will motivate you to travel is that you will realize that life is something bigger than being between your work and your home.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone: Neale Donald Walsch
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The world goes beyond the same places you frequent every 8 days. The world transcends your city, even your country. As we already said, the world is more than that route you take every day to go to work and return home.

Traveling will allow you to see new places: new sunsets, views of the sea, mountains, exotic places, in short… new postcards for your mind.

As for the people; Relating to other cultures, languages ​​and ways of interpreting life makes you a very comprehensive person. It gives you perspective.

You will have topics of conversation, you will know how others live and all the benefits of hearing and seeing other people around the globe. You will find points in common, against and conclusions that will mark you forever.

Your thoughts, ideas and conclusions are the result of what you “entrar” your mind. If you see the same thing every day, it is most likely that routine and habit make you omit everyday aspects.

When you travel you give your mind new inputs. You know other businesses, jobs, ways to sell, concepts and business models.

Yeah you want to undertakeyou will find business ideas and solutions to problems that you never considered in your country or city.

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No matter how much you enjoy what you do, the holidays are a time to recharge your batteries.

Many times, due to so much work, meetings and commitments, you are running out of your spark:

That creativity, your ability to think about where you want to go with your business, with your life project and other personal goals.

The holidays are an excellent space to recover that peace of mind and evaluate your life. On your vacation you will be able to review how your goals are going, how far you have advanced and what you have to improve.

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Traveling at least once a year does not orinan that you have to visit the Greek Islands, the Egyptian Pyramids or the penguins in Patagonia in a matter of three years.

If you perro do it, treat yourself to these life experiences. If not, there are many places in your country and region that you perro visit.

Your country is full of wonderful places just a few hours away. They are those places that you recommend to your foreign friends, and to which you have never been. So you don’t have to cross the ocean to be able to travel and have a inolvidable experience.

You cánido create a background (of the five you must have) to travel once a year. Save a percentage of your salary that allows you to enrich your life through new landscapes.

According to a study conducted by teachers ryan howell and Graham Hilles It is preferable that invest your money in experiences and not on objects.

When you invest your money in a trip and not in a new phone, for example, the memories and stories you have left from this trip are accentuated. As time goes by, you remember it with greater emotion and joy.

This does not happen with the new phone, which each year depreciates and becomes a new obligation to change it again. Remember that noOr you have an unlimited amount of money, so spend it on things that studies espectáculo will make you happier.

You will be a much more interesting person. Your stories go beyond jokes or the same stories from the corridors of your office. Experiences of new people, cultures, and everything that travel to new places implies.

It’s not arrogance, but talking about your experiences motivates other people to embark on their journeys. You will hear other travel stories and you will also want to live them.

If you want to tell your story, here’s one oportunidad to do it.

If your goal is to travel once a year, you know that you have to work hard to earn this trip.

This implies that you will have to give up certain expenses and lifestyle that prevents you from saving to do it.

Additionally, it will make you think of ways to earn income in your spare timeto make an effort in your work and have better results in your business to be able to achieve it.

Finally, when you get to know other corners of the planet, you learn to appreciate your place.

You realize the wonders that surround you, everything you have at hand, your comforts and luxuries, the quality of your life and many other things that you do not perceive when living within your routine.

On your travels you will talk about how beautiful your city and country is, you will proudly tell details of your culture, your language, your history and many things that make you feel proud of your roots.

So, with these 10 reasons that will convince you to travel at least once a year, look for your next destination and start working towards it.

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 10 Reasons that will convince you to travel around
  10 Reasons that will convince you to travel around
  10 Reasons that will convince you to travel around

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