10 Rare Board Games You Need To Buy

10 Rare Board Games You Need To Buy

There’s a whole world of games out there waiting to be added to your collection.

Most of the time, when you choose a new board game you have to consider things like theme, mechanics, gender, and what kind of jugadores your friends are, but right now those rules just don’t apply.

Instead, we’re going to take a look at some of the rarest and most expensive games out there.

Memorize these names, because if you find one of them at a garaje sale, you have to get it.

And fast.


Disney’s Haunted Mansion Game

Released just a couple of years after the attraction opened, this 1970s game pitted 2-4 jugadores against each other and the ever-changing floor plan of the mansion itself.

Why it’s weird: Even though the game was released twice, in 1972 and 1975 respectively, there just aren’t enough complete games to keep up with the demand.

The Haunted Mansion itself is very habitual, and this ride really captured the spooky and fun atmosphere of the attraction.

Price: $250.



The Battle of Trafalgar has been simulated numerous times, but the 1960 self-produced version by Roger CorimerOpens in new tabbed topped the rarity lists (so much so that our photo isn’t even from the game itself).

The game does not come with a box: the “board” is felt, and the “ships” are the most basic markers.

But don’t be fooled by the aesthetics: it’s very easy to play.

Why it’s weird: Only 450 of this 1968 nautical sim are said to have been made.

As if that weren’t enough, Corimer had trouble getting even those few to their owners, so a number of would-be owners missed out.

oportunidad to get your copies even when this game was available.

Price: More than $1,000


Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit

Play as the Trade Federation or Naboo as you recreate the quadruple climax of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Why it’s weird: It’s cool, highly complex, and comes with 155 individual pieces, a 3D Theed Palace, 16 afirma, and 180 cards.

Sure, it came out in the relatively recent year 2000, but ripping one of these lollipops out of the hands of another Star Wars seguidor will still cost you.

Price: between $300 and $1,000


The Dark Tower [Dark Tower]

Released in 1981, this was Milton Bradley’s take on the 1970s and ’80s fantasy craze.

Centered around an electronic tower that jugadores had to unlock with collected keys, it was fun for 1-4 jugadores.

Why It’s Weird: Remember when I said it was Milton Bradley’s take on ’80s fantasy? It turns out that the company stole the iniciativa (tower specs and everything else) from two independent inventors.

They sued, won $700,000, and pulled the ripped off the shelves.

Price: between $270 and $800

5.Fireball Island

Since we’re talking about ’80s games, it’s only fair to mention the cream of the crop.

Played on a 3D board, the fun of Fireball Island is hurling its red marble “fireballs” at your opponents, leaving them with no elementos and near death in one of the island’s many fiery pits.

Why it’s weird: This game was designed for kids ages 7 and up, which often results in zealous fireball throwing.

I, for example, even cut an arm off an opponent’s piece during an overexcited round.

Price: between $175 and $400


The Campaign for North Africa [The Campaign For North Africa]

Of all the war games out there, this is by far the most complex.

It takes 1,500 hours to complete and two teams of five jugadores each.

The rulebook comes in three voluminous volumes.

Why it’s weird: 1,800 pieces is a lot to consider, and hardly anyone wants to sit through it all.

Price: $500.


War of the Ring: Collector’s Edition

The most recent item on our list, this wonderfully complex game came out in 2010.

The Collector’s Edition also includes elementos from the game’s expansion and a leather-bound instruction manual.

Why it’s rare: Two waves of the Collector’s Edition were produced, each limited to 1,000 units.

The hand-painted game pieces alone justify the existence of a large market for these lollipops.

Price: between 1,000 and 2,500 dollars.


Swift Meats Major League Baseball Game

In 1957, the Swift meatpacking company devised a way to encourage children to eat their meatOpens in a new tab.

The game included a game board and 18 cardboard jugadores.

Why It’s Weird: Direct e-e correo electrónico paper goods from the 1950s cover it pretty well, but don’t forget that collectors are also looking for games that jugadores never had die-cut or assembled.

Price: The board alone recently sold for over $900, and the cards cánido go for $400 without it.


As rare games go, this one is quite notorious for being hard to come by.

It never went on sale officially, it was just a “candidate”.

Jati is a fácil tile placement game that is not overly complex and is said to be more or less fun.

Why it’s rare: There are various theories as to how many copies were produced.

Some say 100, while others are closer to 1,000.

In any case, that’s not much of a bargain for such a coveted game.

Price: between 400 and 500 dollars


Agent of Change

Released in 1991, this is the holy grail of crayon railway games.

Designed to be historically and geographically accurate, the game espectáculos jugadores what it was like to be a railroad magnate in West Virginia.

Why it’s weird: This game was a special edition released just for the Huntington Museum of Art in West Virginia during a specific exhibition.

It’s a pretty small window of opportunity.

Price: $400 in 2008

Do you know of any weird games we haven’t mentioned? Leave it in the comments.

Check out this list of other collectibles you might have lying around.

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 10 Rare Board Games You Need To Buy
  10 Rare Board Games You Need To Buy
  10 Rare Board Games You Need To Buy

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