10 Plans to end your work week

10 Plans to end your work week

Here are 10 things you need to do to end your work week on a high. Whether it’s been positive, negative, productive, unhelpful (or whatever’s on your mind), here are activities that will give your work week that final “thrust.”

Not everything is work and productivity, you must also enjoy and do different things.

What was the best thing you did this week? What was that contract you closed, that new client, or negotiation that freed your week? Now ask yourself, what did you do to achieve it?

Make a list with your most important achievements, and next to it, list each of the actions you took to make it happen.

Later, when things aren’t working out or you have doubts, refer to this list to consider new possibilities, or simply to remind yourself that you are capable.

What do you have pending for the following week? What is the most important thing you must achieve?

A good working week is defined from the previous week, planning your most important activities, and above all, not allowing the urgent to take precedence over the important.

Many times we are left answering correos electrónicos, writing reports and preparing presentations, and we run out of time to do what is truly important, what adds value.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by making a list of the most important activities for the coming week.

As you read correctly, what do you plan to do this weekend, that has nothing to do with your work, and that will undoubtedly help you to be much more successful?

Furthermore, remember that working Monday through Friday is not enough to be successfuland it does not refer to work, but to the cómputo in your life.

Plan outings to the movies, to see new places in your city, to go to a party, meet new people, events and plans in your city. Do not get stuck in the routine of every day moving between your work and home.

Surely during the week you don’t have much time to organize your workplace, take out the trash from your desk, water the plants you have and take all that “dishes” that you have in your cubicle to the kitchen.

In addition, your inbox should be full of junk e-e correo electrónico, correos electrónicos that you have already read, full of promotions, requests, among others, that all they do is fill up your hard drive, stress you out from all those unread messages, and consequently disminuye your productivity. Clean it too.

A beer with your co-workers, a meal or just talking for a while about things that have nothing to do with work; office anecdotes eg stories, jokes.

This type of encuentro strengthens your friendship and relationship with them. If you haven’t noticed, most of your time is spent at work, so it’s important that the relationships you have there are valuable, fun, and sincere.

if you have thought create your company from scratchin taking a trip, moving home, making an investment, or whatever your personal project is, the weekend is a good time to work on it.

From Friday afternoon, define when you are going to work on your project, how many hours you are going to allocate to it, and what you hope to get out of it.

Not only must you be productive with your work, your personal projects must also receive your best potential.

As we mentioned now, beyond work it is about enjoying your time while you do it. It’s true, the salary is important, your stability and security, but if you don’t enjoy what you do and you don’t get along with your colleagues, you won’t enjoy your life.

Thank whoever has helped you, who has shaken your hand with a project, solved a doubt or was simply kind to you.

An alternative to discharge all that stress and work commitment is to exercise. Get out on your bike, swim in a pool near your house, hit the gym, or do whatever your exercise routine is.

Not only is it good for your health, but you will think about other things and have some mental stability.

It does not matter if it is a small or large lugar de comidas, or even a business on the street. Go out to eat at a place that you like a lot, surely during the week you ate at home so reward yourself by eating something different.

Recognize your achievements by eating something different, turn this plan into a reward mode for a work week, without a doubt you will enjoy it more.

Finally, you perro invite that special person in your life to watch a movie, a series that you enjoy together, or quietly watch it alone. The next day you don’t have to get up early so you cánido see one or two.

You will think of other things, you will get involved in the plot of the largometraje (here you have 7 recommendations for entrepreneurs), and you’ll stop thinking about those reports, presentations and chores at your office.

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 10 Plans to end your work week
  10 Plans to end your work week
  10 Plans to end your work week

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