10 Pages to earn money on the Internet in

10 Pages to earn money on the Internet in

There are many ways to earn money en línea using a Móvil inteligente or a computer.

It’s time to learn about all the available options, how they work and how reliable they are.

In addition, how to collect the rewards.

Earning money en línea is not easy.

Especially when there are so many options and platforms being promoted.

Also, many of them are not what we expect and we end up wasting time and effort.

But do not worry! Today we will talk about the different ways to generate income from a mobile or a computer connected to the internet.

The most common is to take surveys, where you get rewards by investing time and experience answering questions.

Also, there are mobile applications, vídeo games, clicking on advertisements, among others.

But to all these, which are the most reliable? Next, we present some very interesting options where you perro earn money en línea.

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How perro you earn money en línea?

To earn money en línea you only have to have the time available, a computer connected to the network and be registered on a reliable platform.

That is why we present the forms that we like the most:

Earn money by taking surveys

One of the preferred ways for users to earn money en línea.

Doing paid or paid surveys consists of answering a series of questions related to advertising issues, daily life, product opinions, among others.

Regarding remuneration, it is a few cents per completed survey.

Also, you cánido generate points redeemable for money.

In addition, the number of questions to answer perro be very extensive.

Earn money by doing paid offers

Certain tasks or offers that you must perform in exchange for remuneration are shown.

Paid offers are fácil jobs that you cánido do from home.

For example, watching ads, vídeos, making reviews, among others.

In addition, you have to execute the proposed activity in a certain time to be considered completed.

Earn money with Cashback

It is a method where you earn money to buy a product or service directly with the supplier.

With the Cashback System you only have to locate an establishment that offers this modality, purchase the good and you will receive a percentage discount on your next purchases.

Earn money with Aplicaciones

Mobile applications have different modalities or ways to earn money on the internet.

With the aplicaciones to earn money you perro do different tasks.

From completing missions, with vídeo games, leaving opinions or product reviews, shopping at the supermarket, reading correos electrónicos, affiliation systems and more.

10 Pages to earn money en línea in 2021

Earning money en línea is possible if we find the ideal platform to do it.

With so many options on the web, today we summarize for you our best options for this 2021.

Get to know them and choose which one you want to start generating plus income with:



Ysense is a website that offers rewards for those who sign up and complete tasks.

For example, with paid surveys, paid offers, performing micro tasks and referral systems.

In addition, it has daily bonuses for performance and quality.

According to the payments, with Ysense you cánido earn up to $4.54 for a survey; or for trying a product or an aplicación they deposit up to $54.

In short, the variety of activities and rewards to receive is very varied.

To be part of this community, you perro register from its website or download the application available on iOS and Android.

In addition, it is completely free and payments are made through PayPal.

Although it is in English, it is very intuitive, fácil and easy to use.

Entrar Ysense



It is a web platform that was born from the merger of Global Test Market and MySurvey.

Two of the largest paid survey panels on the market.

Currently, LifePoints replicates these activities where users must answer questions related to the world of advertising.

With information gathering and market research.

Through paid surveys, users accumulate points, fully redeemable for real money.

Payments perro be made through PayPal or by gift cards from Amazon, El Cortes Inglés, iTunes, IKEA and Media Market.

Registering in LifePoints to earn money en línea is completely free.

It is currently available in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, México, the United States, Colombia and Portugal.

Entrar LifePoints

3. toluna

It is a website that rewards those who fill out surveys leaving their opinion well marked.

These questions cánido be answered on average between 15 and 20 minutes.

This platform was born in the year 2000, works entirely in Spanish and is available in all countries.

Payments are made from the remunerations are made by PayPal, bank transfers and gift checks.

Also, you perro earn money with Toluna through a referral system.

Surveys are generated by large companies that seek to know your opinion about the brand, product or service they offer.

In exchange for your time, and through Toluna, they pay you for the action.

Another way to earn money en línea with Toluna is by participating in voting for advertising content that will appear on the wall.

In addition, they hold monthly contests where you cánido win up to 5000 euros.

If you want to use it, you cánido do so through its mobile application available on iOS and Android.

Entrar Toluna


With your permission

You earn money from home just by signing up for their offers, making en línea purchases and clicking on advertisements.

The process is fácil, free and customizable.

You only have to create a profile adjusted to your tastes and interests and Consupermiso will send you what is necessary to start generating plus income.

Among the options offered by this platform to earn money en línea is to fill out surveys, affiliate system, cashback and receive offers.

Currently, Consupermiso works with different recognized brands and various products.

For example, AliExpress, Arenal, Groupon, Bershka, El Cortes Inglés, PC Elementos, among others.

The platform has been present on the web since 1999, and since then they have not stopped growing.

Currently you cánido download its aplicación for Android mobile devices.

Entrar With consent



Fiver is an electronic commerce platform, which only allows the purchase and sale of products entirely en línea.

It is a portal with a large number of specific job offers, the results of which are delivered virtually.

For example, newsrooms, translations, marketing, customer service, virtual events, vídeo production and animation, design, programming, among others.

It is a space for the autonomous community or trabajo independiente of the world.

To be part of the platform, you just have to register for free, create a profile or “gig” and espectáculo others what you do.

With descriptions, destrezas, abilities, skills, former occupations and everything that helps to make yourself known.

At the beginning you have to create a total of five gigs.

However, as you grow in the community, this limit will increase.

To earn money en línea with Fiverr, you just have to wait for someone to contact and hire you.

The payment is received by the platform that later remunerates you through PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfers or a system of the company itself called Fiver Revenue Card.

Login to Fiverr



YouGov rewards you just by completing fácil surveys to provide answers to a series of market studies and data analysis.

Also, you cánido earn money with a referral system, which pays you for getting others to sign up.

The surveys are usually short and cánido take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete, and they pay between 20 and 40 euro cents.

Payment is made through bank transfers and electronic vouchers redeemable on Amazon.

To withdraw the money you must accumulate a minimum of 3,000 points, equivalent to 25 euros.

In the case of the referral system, for each guest that you bring and becomes part of the community, you receive 1.66 euros (200 points).

However, this referral must complete five surveys to be considered valid.

Entrar YouGov



It is a way to earn money en línea with multiple options.

Enters the Get to Paid (GTP) category that offers survey panels, watching vídeos, games, web searches, cashback, among others.

It was created in 2007, and those who are part of the community manage to raise up to $25 per week.

Registration is free, and it has its own reward store.

Where you perro exchange the accumulated points for money or a gift card.

In addition, it has its own currency called SB where the relationship with the dollar is 100 to 1.

You perro earn money with the referral system, receiving up to 10% of the profit generated by your guest.

With surveys you pay between 50 and 200 SB and they take between 5 and 30 minutes to answer.

On the other hand, it has an offer method where you earn SB for testing applications and registrations on web pages.

Also, work with cashback when buying or subscribing to a product.

If you want to earn money watching vídeos it is also an option in Swagbucks.

In just 30 or 40 seconds of viewing you cánido go see another.

Thus you manage to accumulate up to an SB.

Entrar Swagbucks


Google plus Opinion Rewards

Google plus Opinion Rewards is a system of paid surveys which are related to your location.

That is, the availability of surveys will depend on your location.

These questions to complete are created by local shops, companies, brands and service providers.

What Google plus does is lend its platform to send you the surveys and that you answer them in exchange for money.

If by answering the first questions the system identifies your profile as eligible, you will receive more questions.

Otherwise, it ends and you get paid.

To increase the level of surveys you receive, I recommend activating your GPS.

In such a way that Google plus identifies your frequent areas and perro throw you available surveys more easily.

To withdraw the money, you entrar Google plus Pay and select the payment method.


Opinion Bureau

It is a paid survey website active since 2012.

One of its main features is that it rewards new registrants with 5 euros.

Also, you perro earn money en línea with Opinion Bureau through the referral system, where they pay you one euro for each validated guest.

When it comes to charging, it has different payment platforms such as PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Paytm, Flipkart and VISA or MasterCard credit cards.

The platform perro be accessed vía the web or by downloading the aplicación on both iOS and Android.

Entrar Opinion Bureau



It is a community of paid surveys available in different languages.

You perro earn money by commenting on topics tailored to your tastes and interests.

To do this, you must register for free in Myiyo and pay attention to notifications.

For each completed survey you cánido receive between 1,000 (€1) and 3,000 (€3) points.

When completing the 25 euros you cánido request the withdrawal through PayPal.

On average it cánido take between 10 and 15 minutes with each survey.

Also, you cánido earn money with the referral system, which rewards you with one euro for each validated guest.

Myiyo has been active since 2004 with a good reputation in the market.

You cánido entrar their website or download the aplicación for iOS and Android.

Entrar Myiyo

Opinion about earning money en línea

There are many other ways to earn money.

A very fácil and completely free one is with the affiliate system, where you do not invest or risk anything, you just have to promote a brand, product or service.

For each person who buys thanks to your invitation, you earn a percentage.

Another way to earn money en línea is by offering your services on specialized pages.

These are usually free and you just have to create an attractive profile showing off your skills.

Also, you cánido work as a writer, virtual assistant or translator.

Finally, and as a great option is to become a creator of digital content.

Through platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.

These popular networks pay users with a large number of followers, thus encouraging them to continue developing material that attracts more people to their platform.

As you perro see there are numerous ways to earn money en línea.

You only have to identify the one that generates the greatest confidence, profitability and quality-payment ratio.

In addition, to have a payment method that benefits you.

Also, you cánido look for something that you are passionate about digitally and offer it to companies.

On the web there is space for everyone and it is an excellent source of plus or fixed income.

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 10 Pages to earn money on the Internet in
  10 Pages to earn money on the Internet in
  10 Pages to earn money on the Internet in

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