10 Motivational Techniques to Achieve

10 Motivational Techniques to Achieve

Learning how to motivate yourself is essential in the pursuit of the goals that each person has in life. So if you are looking for motivational techniques that facilitate the achievement of your goals, this article will be of great help.

Motivation is of escencial importance when wanting to be successful, since many times the possibilities are limited to your ability to stay motivated, being constant, coherent and focused.

By losing motivation, you not only lose the ability to achieve your proposed goals, you also lose confidence in yourself, since you will be failing in aspects that are important to your life.

Motivation techniques that will guide you towards your goals:

In case you find yourself unmotivated, if you feel lazy or do not find that incentive that inspires you to work for your goals, in this article we will share 10 motivation techniques that will help you get out of that paralysis and finally learn how to be successful in a way easy.

The objective with this article is that, through these motivational techniques, you manage to maintain a powerful state of mind, which allows you to move in new directions, give up bad habits that prevent you from prospering and head towards your life project.

The iniciativa is that you take several of these techniques and apply them in your routines. Once you find the ones that work best for you, integrate them into your life.

1. Stop procrastinating:

Knowing how to motivate yourself requires your ability to limit distractions. If you’re serious about encuentro your goals, you’ll need to be consistent with how you use your time.

Dedicate a space of the day to deactivate everything, turn off the cell phone, the computer, the television and others, to dedicate yourself to the fulfillment of your goal without anything interrupting you.

Managing time effectively is one of the most effective motivational techniques to easily achieve your goals. For this, determine the degree of relevance of the actions to which you dedicate a large part of your day.

Evaluate if they are critical, urgent or important activities, review which ones require more time than the others, always trying to locate your goals as urgent and important.

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2. Make a deal with yourself:

Every time you feel discouraged from doing something, think very carefully about the distribution of activities and the additional gratification you cánido get from them for having achieved it.

Use motivators like: “When I finish the report, I’ll go for a walk in the park,” or “When I get to chapter 20 of the book, I’ll go eat a dessert from the store.”

Those small successes will not let you lose the impulse to do, so when you start with something, focus on reaching your proposed goal, so you will be challenging yourself to achieve it.

For this you perro apply the Kaizen method, which consists of defining small daily goals that are easy to achieve, which in the long term represent great advances and improvements in your life. In the next point we will talk about this.

3. Start with small activities:

another of the motivation techniques What will get you started, even when you have a lot to do and don’t know where to start, is doing something small that activates the flow of motivation.

Start with what you consider easiest, for example: clean your desk, then do the dishes, and each time integrate one of those more complex pending tasks.

You’ll see that you just needed the momentum to get started and now that you’ve finished the easy stuff you’ll feel more alert to do the next thing.

4. Think positive:

Learn to think positively, just being grateful every morning, meditating or doing yoga will facilitate the flow of positive thoughts in your mind.

Ask yourself what makes you happy? List the answers and be thankful for all of it. Happiness is a state of mind, thoughts about it will make the mind focus on positive things. Something primordial in personal motivation.

Doing yoga and learning to meditate are other options that will allow you to align your physical with the spiritual. Yoga as a physical activity will help you release endorphins, moving your body and fighting stress.

For its part, meditation is one of the most effective motivation techniques, since it will give you concentration by eliminating your disorder and mental agitation, aspects that are normally the source of negative thoughts.

5. Review the past and clarify your motives:

Do a brief research on what you are going to do, so it will be easier for you to understand where you are going and what some difficulties may be, this will allow you to manage your starting expectations while discovering why you are doing things.

Once you know the reasons why you are going to do something and also what has happened to others in afín situations, you perro adapt your own way and test possible solutions by expanding your expectations.

Thus the challenges and worries will be easier to handle since you know the reality, the reasons for doing it and what may or may not happen, with all this information you will not be afraid to start.

6. Stay inspired:

Knowing how to motivate yourself perro be as fácil as watching a YouTube vídeo, listening to music, or downloading an audiobook in Spanish.

Even reading stories of successful people who have had a complex life and have had to face failures and difficult moments, such JK Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen King either henry fordIt will help you focus and find motivation.

The best part is that you perro stay inspired anywhere, on the way home, in a free time, after lunch or while you wait.

To do this, previously have a list of motivational music or vídeos and a selection of stories or audiobooks that catch your attention and are inspiring.

7. Make a list of daily or weekly actions:

Making a list of the actions of the week or from day to day is one of the most practical motivational techniques to comply with what is proposed.

It does not matter if they are very small actions, the essential thing is that they come closer to the fulfillment of larger objectives and goals, in this way you will be able to evaluate if you are being productive or not.

The real state of those lists will allow you to see your own progress and review how much you do to fulfill or not what you propose. Surely when evaluating your follow-up you will be surprised with the number of things you accomplished and you will stay motivated.

When we have very big goals, but we don’t know how to mezcle them on a day-to-day basis, we easily lose focus, forget and even do the opposite.

A weekly or daily list as a reminder will help us simplify actions to reach the goal while not letting us lose sight of what we are looking for.

8. Compare your results:

Within the motivation techniques it is important to review what you have to do and your results.

At this point it is important that you understand that it is useless to compare yourself with others, so rather focus on your process, review how much you have improved and how you cánido continue working on your personal development.

Remember what you did, what were your successes in those moments and at the same time try to understand when you were wrong in the past and what were the most repetitive mistakes.

Once you do the review, think about how to avoid those mistakes and how to improve what you already do to obtain new successes that are also inolvidable. Remembering your successes will keep you motivated to achieve new and better ones.

9. Write the goals and their reasons:

Write down on a very large sheet your proposed goals and the reasons you have to work for them, even write what the purpose of your life is.

Then put that sheet in a place that is very aparente to you, such as a bedroom wall or bathroom mirror, so you perro constantly remind them why you are acting and thus not lose focus.

The reasons to work for your goals are a powerful motivator, so they should not be superficial reasons. Ideally they should be deep reasons that do not allow you to doubt what you want to achieve.

An example of very deep and powerful reasons are freedom, family and security.

A deep reason will always move us more than one that does not We are very sure, so carefully review the reasons that motivate your goals, because when they lose validity and stop being important, they will lose meaning and stop motivating you.

10. Create a visión board:

Finally, another of the effective motivation techniques is to create a visión board. For this you will need a cork or sheet of paper that you perro place in a highly aparente place in your home.

It will also require you to think about your future, not now but in the long term. Ask yourself: What is the biggest and most specific goal to reach that future?

Once you determine it, select images that are related and print or cut them out to place them in the center of the board or cork. Also paste motivational phrases that are consistent with that great goal.

With this visual reminder of what you want to become, it will be difficult not to stay motivated, since seeing it every day will remind you what you must do today to take a few steps towards that future, that is, what small goals you must carry out to complement that bigger goal.

Remember that knowing and applying these motivation techniques is one of the secrets to achieving success. And although it is not the entire elabora, it is one of the essential cambiantes to start creating and above all to take steps in order to reach what you want to be.

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 10 Motivational Techniques to Achieve
  10 Motivational Techniques to Achieve
  10 Motivational Techniques to Achieve

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