10 Life Lessons I Learned From Leaving

10 Life Lessons I Learned From Leaving

we all feel lost from time to time.

Society has a way of hitting us with its arbitrary “rules of life” and expectations.

For that very reason, leave a job in which we feel unhappy is sometimes very complicated.

Questions assail us, and you start to question to yourself your own existence.

will this be The professional career or the right business for me?

I will be able rise to success and increase my income?

Is this the best for me?

When I quit my $4,000 a month jobI felt that and more.

Until the last day I got out of that office I felt trapped in my own mental prisonand that was dangerously starting to eat at my very soul.

I wasn’t 100% sure of what he wanted to do, but he knew with absolute certainty that something had to change.

So I did it.

When you back an animal into a corner, it has no choice.

to go out and fight.

I quit my job and that was the time when I felt the most fear in my life. Do you think I sank or that I struggled?

Well, a year later I had my own business and while it definitely wasn’t easy, the lessons i learned along the way They were (and will be) incalculable as I continue to move forward.

I hope that if you are also in a position in the one you want to quit your job to change to another position or to start your own businessyou cánido learn something from the following 10 life lessons that I experienced.

10 lessons What did I learn about life after leaving my job?

1. There is no perfect moment

do you have a crazy business iniciativa that will change people’s lives, but that you are delaying starting because you think that now is not the right time?

You are not the only one or the only one.

I wrestled with my mind for years before have the courage to quit my job. And you know what?

It was a huge waste of time.

Preparation is overrated.

No matter how much you think, plan and organize every detail to get something done: there will always be something you are not prepared for.

2. People will think you’re crazy… and that’s great!

We are fragile individuals. our ego likes protect us of all the bad people that exist in the world.

Although we may not like to admit it, many of our decisions in life are made because we care what others say.

It is human nature.

After I quit my job it wasn’t long before the “haters” started coming out of their holes and they laughed at me for my ideas; I heard everything:

You perro not do that. How are you going to survive?

You should have found another job sooner. You will regret.

You’re crazy!

Soon you will learn to put aside the “haters” and that it is impossible to please everyone.

That’s why in the future you’re better off living your own life on your own terms.

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3. You learn to be responsible for your own actions

Do something as drastic as leave my job without thinking well before it led me to a deep reflection:

Now everything depends on me.

I don’t have co-workers who demoralize me or a narcissistic boss That breaks my soul every day.

There’s no one to blame except myself if this all goes down the toilet.

That’s the beauty of take control of your life; you’re sitting in the controlador’s seat and the burst of motivation you receive as a result of taking life by the balls is incredible.

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4. Every problem you face is the end of all your problems

Is life easier once you you quit your job for a life of uncertainty? Of course not.

You will feel it as if it were a continuous attack on your senses.

Do you know what it’s like to try not to sink to get out? Here you will try not to sink into quicksand.

Just keeping your head above the surface will be a Herculean task on its own.

Forget trying run an elegant and glamorous business.

put food on your table and paying your rent will suddenly become the only goals that matter to you.

But you learn to move on.

And then look at the next challenge that crosses your path.

And you also defeat that obstacle.

In fact, you quickly learn that life is not so hard after all; it’s just like a vídeo game where you have “invincible” mode on.

You are bulletproof.

5. Life is not a linear process – there is no beginning, middle and end.

I admit it: when I started my business, I thought that with a few loyal customers and making a little money, everything would be solved.

How innocent…

When everything seemed to be going well, I suffered a great blow: my clients started to leave, like that all of a sudden.

I was about to run out of my house (which was my parents’) for debts; but a few months later, I was reborn from my ashes and I knew how to wait for the perfect moment to restart that business again.

Even now I have good months and bad months, but I have realized that it is the process that counts, not the destination.

6. You perro equipo your own rules on the go

Who in their right mind I would leave a stable jobhis own apartment and his independence for a life of entrepreneurship with uncertainty?

If you think about it, it’s crazy.

But I have always moved on the edge of conformity: I like to peek into the precipice to see what cánido be possible.

Who leaves a $4,000 a month job to move back in with your parents because you want to start something new? Who dares lose some of their best friends because they won’t buy into their “crazy” iniciativa to start a business?


I do it because I perro.

And because I’ve made my own rules.

7. Nobody cánido order you, but you need discipline

I have worked under totally inept bosses. Psychopaths in the work environmentOthers looked like street thugs, there were even some who were nothing more than buffoons for the boss they had above their posts.

But they all had something in common…

No one could tell me what to do.

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Worst part? That this led me to realize something strange: without the structure and discipline of a full-time job I got lazy.

procrastination and laziness could sometimes with me, and today still in some small tasks perro with me.

But if you follow these consejos, you cánido beat her once and for all.

8. Fear is necessary for personal growth

I’m going to tell you a little secret.

Life scares me so much.

I used to think there was a big difference between super successful people and guys like me.

That somehow those individuals were born with superpowers that allowed them to go through the life with confidence and cockiness.

I could not have been more wrong! Fear does not discriminate.

It swallows us all.

In fact, successful people experience more fear than any other because every day they dare to do things that the rest of us do not try.

If you feel afraid, it is a good sign. It means that you are pushing yourself to achieve something, getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing new and different things.

9. There will never be enough hours in the day

We always want more.

If it’s not more money, we want more time.

If it’s not time, then it is more success.

If it’s not successful, it’s more respect.

If it’s not respect, then it’s more money. It is a vicious circle, an addiction. We ask for more, more, and more.

Life is an endless journey in which we seek more than we already have.

But what if you just make better use of what we already have?

what’s the point want more time If you don’t use the one you already have well?

what’s the point want more money if you cánido’t manage your economy well now?

Time, money and respect must first be earned and then use them effectively.

Do you only have $50 in the bank? Stop buying fast food away from home and start using it wisely.

successful people take advantage of what you have while continually looking for ways to improve it.

10. Excellence is 100%… the rest is a failure

For years, I did only the bare minimum: I studied just enough to passI spoke just enough with other people… All my life I lived with that mentality, that of doing as little as possible.

I needed to change and fast.

To do it I had to look at myself in a mirror and accept that the only way he could achieve anything was with full transparency.

I discovered that success is a forged habit with a combination of time and effort.

There are no short cuts.

Since I have implemented this mindset, my results have drastically improved. My businesses today have more customers than ever. The tasks to maintain them every day are easier for me.

And it is not a coincidence.

When I finally quit my job I have learned how to live my life.

Test it.

Look what happens. And leave me a comment below telling me about your experience.

Update January 2018: Questions from my followers

How to leave my job due to stress?

Stress is detrimental to your health and even more so at work, where we spend long hours.

To leave your job due to stress, make sure that is what you really want, then plan what you will do once you are unemployed and need income to live.

The best way is do it legally (read the next question).

How to leave a job legally?


Do it at the right time: it is better to leave your job when your company has a period of low productivity, and perro devote more resources to find a replacement.


Write a resignation letter: In addition to telling your boss you’re leaving, it’s a good iniciativa to write a letter outlining all the details of your departure in case your company tries to pull a dirty trick or sue you in the future.


Your boss should be the first to know: do not tell your colleagues that you want to leave.

The first one you should tell is your boss so as not to damage your reputation.


Tell him in time: do not leave your job overnight because that way your boss will not have time to look for another employee.

Notify us at least 15 days in advance.


But not too early either: If you tell your boss that you are leaving in a month, he may distrust you, and make life miserable in those days, or try not to pay you all that corresponds to you.


Do not sign anything if you do not agree: Take a good look at the agreement that your company has made to leave, and check that all the money they owe you is in that document.

If you are missing any payment, or if you do not agree with all the conditions, do not sign it.


Collect the contract completion documents: It is very important that before you leave, your boss gives you the company certificate indicating that you are leaving.

This is mandatory, and if you do not pick it up or they do not give it to you, then you will not be able to claim if you lack money to collect.

How to leave my job without having another?


Create a plan: You cánido’t just quit and that’s it.

You must know how you will do it, who you will tell and when you will do it.


Look for references: don’t leave empty handed.

Get a referral from someone from your current job to find a new job.


Write your resignation letter: even if you want to do it personally, a letter will not hurt.


Put your plan into action: once you’ve completed the steps above, you’re ready to say goodbye and start from scratch.

How do I quit my job if it scares me?

The fear of not having money, to what they will say or to fail, they will always be present.

However, if you have already made the decision, you will have to face the fear and look for solutions.

Look for a new job where you feel happy and sure that you have made the right decision.

Believe in yourself and in your abilities.

How to leave my job voluntarily?

The first thing you should do is a notice of 15 days, where you tell your company your decision.

Then you must present the voluntary withdrawal in writing, although it is accepted verbally or by dirección de correo electrónico.

It is vitally important that you deliver one to your company and you keep a copy.

How to leave my job to undertake?


Make the decision: You must feel sure that it is better for you to have your own business than to live on a salary.

If so, then the decision is made.


Have your ideas clear: you must find a venture that solves a real problem and that, in turn, adapts to your strengths and what you know how to do.

Equipo short-term and long-term goals to help you stay focused.


Make sure you have the money: Make a budget and based on it, check if you have the money or if you should ask for financing.

Consider your knowledge and skills, as well as the people who could help you.


Save first: Do not leave your current job without first having a venture that covers what you received with the previous salary.

Make sure that your savings cánido cover your needs for at least 3 months.


Take advantage of technology: When you don’t have to start a physical business, expenses are greatly reduced.

Focus your new business on popular networks and the Internet.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 10 Life Lessons I Learned From Leaving
  10 Life Lessons I Learned From Leaving
  10 Life Lessons I Learned From Leaving

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