10 Latin American millionaires who arrived

10 Latin American millionaires who arrived

This year the list of Latin American millionaires is adorned with representatives from México, Brazil, Chile and Colombia, which espectáculos that there is plenty of export-quality talent on this continent.

These are entrepreneurs who have amassed great fortunes after promoting businesses linked to telecommunications, mining and the entertainment industry.

Without a doubt, these entrepreneurs exalt the Latin American region thanks to their great business skills, and the legacy they are leaving to the new generations.

These are the 10 richest Latin Americans in the world:

You will learn a little about their history and we will also tell you how they managed to earn the title of billionaires.

Unquestionably, all these Latinos managed to reach their Financial Independence and to build great empires.

Below we will introduce you to the 10 richest Latin Americans in the world, according to the most recent top prepared by the prestigious magazine Forbes.

1.Carlos Slim

The Mexican Carlos Slim heads the list of Latin American millionaires and continues to be the biggest magnate in the telecommunications industry.

He is currently the owner of Mobile America (the largest and most powerful mobile telecommunications company on the continent).

His current fortune exceeds $62 billion dollars.

And this espectáculos that 2021 has been a good year for this businessman (especially since his net worth during 2020 was $52 billion dollars).

His rise to success began in the 1980s when his native country was going through an unprecedented crisis that fueled capital flight.

It was right there when Carlos Slim began to invest heavily in the Mexican Republic, through the purchase of numerous companies.

Years later, he acquired shares of Apple Inc., and after the iconic market launch of the iMac, this successful businessman multiplied his fortune overnight.

Today, he continues to drive highly successful and profitable companies such as Mobile America, Telesites, Carso Real Estate, Carso Group or the Inbursa Financial Group.


German Larrea Mancha Velasco

Once again, México is present under the figure of businessman Germán Larrea Mancha Velasco.

This is one of the millionaire minds most prominent in Latin America and currently his fortune is valued at $25.900 million dollars.

He has managed to inflate his bank accounts through México Group; the largest copper company in the country.

At the moment he owns most of the company, which has operations in several countries such as Peru and the United States, and this has allowed him to become another of the great Latin American millionaires.

Last year he was ranked 118th on the list of the largest billionaires on the planet, but this time he was ranked 61st.

Throughout his business career, he has managed to encabeza over companies such as México Group (the fifth largest copper producer in the world), Mexican Railway Group and Industrial Entrepreneurs of México.


Iris Fontbona

This Chilean is the only one enterprising woman who appears in this list of billionaires that he draws up Forbes.

She inherited a large fortune after the death of her husband, businessman Andrónico Luksic, who was active in the mining industry during his lifetime.

Before he died, he left all his money to Fontbona and his three sons, who now control Antofagasta Plc, a company that owns several copper mines in Chile.

The company’s success allowed it to be listed on the Depósito Exchange of London, and increased the wealth of the Fontbona family significantly.

As of today, the fortune of Chilean Iris Fontbona is estimated at $23.3 billion dollars.


Ricardo Salinas Pliego

Ricardo Salinas Pliego is another of the most successful Latin American millionaires on the continent.

This is due to his position as directivo of the second most influential television network in México: Aztec televisión.

Furthermore, he is the founder of Salinas Groupwhich covers numerous transport, commerce, communication, entertainment and telecommunications companies.

The beginnings of this Mexican businessman go back to his time in a small furniture factory that his great-grandfather founded during the last century.

Subsequently, it acquired a media package privatized by the federal government that led to the birth of televisión Aztec, and that was how he experienced a rebound in his heritage.

His current fortune is $12.9 billion dollars, and that is why he ranks 166 in the most up-to-date top of Forbes.


Marcel Herrmann Telles

This Brazilian is considered one of the most promising Latin American millionaires in the hemisphere, especially within the brewing industry.

Thanks to its shareholding in Anheuser-Busch InBevwhich is the largest brewer on the planet, has managed to amass a fortune of $11.5 billion.

In addition, in the company of his two partners, he controls almost 25% of the firm. 3G Capital, whose headquarters are in New York City.

Until now, this Brazilian-American investment company has completed million-dollar deals, such as the purchase of Burger King in 2010, or the merger of two giants of the food industry: kraft and Heinz.


Jorge Moll Filho

Jorge Moll Filho was born in Brazil and at the time he specialized in Cardiology, which became the greatest precedent of his successes.

Additionally, he managed to found the network of private hospitals rede d’or and thus began to generate millions of dollars over time.

His current fortune is $11.3 billion dollars and a few months ago his company debuted on the Sao Paulo Depósito Exchange as one of the ten most valuable companies in the country.

According to an agency report Bloomberg, This Brazilian is the owner of the largest health care network in Brazil, whose beginnings date back to 1977, when he founded his first health laboratory.

Nowadays, rede d’or it has more than 30 operating hospitals throughout the country, which has had a very positive impact on the Brazilian health ámbito.


Luis Carlos Sarmiento

The fortune of this successful Colombian banker is $11,000 million dollars and he has achieved it from his strategic holdings in companies such as the Conjunto Aval Actions and Securities.

Luis Carlos Sarmiento is also known for founding the Cancer Treatment and Research Center (the most important in all of Latin America).

owning the newspaper Time since 2012 he managed to make a name for himself in the Colombian media industry, even holding the title of “tycoon”.

This entrepreneur occupies the 200th place in the top of Forbeswhich includes the largest Latin American millionaires of this 2021.


Alberto Bailleres González

Gonzáles has $9.2 billion to his credit, and therefore ranks 255th on the list.

This is because he has managed to successfully encabeza over the second largest mining company in México: Penoles Industries.

Although he has also reaped great triumphs as president of the Bal Group; one of the largest conglomerates in the country.

In fact, it houses businesses related to finance, commerce, mining and metallurgy, which together generate millionaire income.

9.Joseph Safra

Both Joseph Safra and his brothers, Edmond and Moise, have been considered great Latin American millionaires.

They ran a renowned financial group and investments that still operates in several countries around the world, and that was initially called Safra Bank.

This bank, founded in 1955, has become one of the 10 largest in the country, after closing alliances with a large conglomerate that operates in Europe, Asia and numerous locations in Latin America.

Unfortunately, Moses lost his life in 2014 and Joseph in December of last year.

But if these Latin American millionaires were still alive they could be enjoying an estimated fortune of $7.1 billion.


Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal

We close this list of the 10 most powerful Latin American millionaires in the world with Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal.

This Mexican presides over the Jose Cuervo Groupwhich is dedicated to the mass production of tequila.

Forbes He has estimated his fortune at $7,000 million dollars, and this feat has been achieved after acquiring 70% of this tequila company.

Jose Cuervo It has been owned by his family for 11 generations, and today this same brand of tequila is the best-selling in the world.

Millionaire and Latino Entrepreneurs:

We have just introduced you to the 10 most powerful and influential Latin American millionaires in the world.

They are all on the latest list of billionaires compiled by the magazine Forbes, thanks to the fact that they have amassed great fortunes, since vast empires have been built in recent decades.

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 10 Latin American millionaires who arrived
  10 Latin American millionaires who arrived
  10 Latin American millionaires who arrived

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