10 keys to designing a website that converts

10 keys to designing a website that converts

Have you ever thought about making your own website? For sure yes, but if you want to design one, one of your main reasons should be to generate profit and value for your business.

But how perro you convert web visitors into leads? If you already have a website, I’m sure you ask yourself the same question.

Our guest today Esther Castells from Lemon and Kiwi, He will tell you about 10 keys to design your website and get customers.

have you stopped to think if your current website Does it really bring any value to your business?

I classify the websites of two ways:

  1. Business card website: Provide more information about your business such as hours, prices, location, services and little else.
  2. Strategic website: they are designed and oriented with a previous study to lead the usuario where you want them to arrive.

    That they subscribe to your newsletter, that they request a free trial, that they call you to request a quote, and many other things.

Do you identify in what category is yours?

Well, if you have noticed that your web belongs to the first category but you want to take a leap to start taking full advantage of its potential… you are in the right article!

But do not worry, we will go step by step.

10 keys for you to design your website and convert visitors into customers

1. Differential values ​​of your business

are you already thinking in go to WordPress, download your template and start installing plugins?


The first thing you should do is to take several steps back and do a previous study (or sintetiza the one you already have) about your business.

and one of the questions The one you should emphasize is your value proposition.

To answer this you must ask yourself… What do you offer that your competition does not have?

Imagine the case of Sara, an entrepreneur who wants to open a beauty center in Valencia.

don’t have enough money to hire machinery and people as its 3 main competitors in the city (large beauty centers with many resources).

That could do?

One of your chances would be to specialize in some kind of treatment, for example, Japanese beauty treatments.

In this way, it would achieve a very powerful differential value that would give reasons to specific clients to assist to its center instead.

If we extrapolate to the en línea world, a usuario after doing a search on Google plus, perro open about 5 pages…

What would happen if neither contributes anything different? You know what I orinan now?

2. Design for your objetivo audience

Cánido you imagine a cooking class Focused on professionals where they teach you how to make a stir-fry?

Well, it’s just as absurd design a website without knowing who you are doing it for.

To identify who or who are your ideal audience profile, you cánido “personify” them and Make a card where you detalla each one.

notice In Monica’s example:

  • Lives in Valencia and he is 35 years old.
  • Blogger fashion and influencer.
  • Economic level medium/high.
  • Usuario of Teléfonos inteligentes (iPhones).
  • Use popular networks in your work and in your daily life galore.
  • Likes go shopping, have coffee with your friends, take care of yourself, go to the gym, travel, read…
  • It is independent character but very popular.
  • Shop at stores like Zara and Mango.
  • She drives a mini.

Is it easier for you now create something that is destined to like Monica? For sure yes.

3. Work on the structure, content and previous architecture

Well, it’s time to rescue that notebook and pencil that you probably have something forgotten since you spend all day in front of the computer like me.

Pre-generate a tree of pages and sections of your website. This would be an example of a estándar corporate website:

  • home (Cover page, summary about the company, summary of services, summary about us, main call to action).
  • About us (Company benefits, history, team).
  • Services (It would be divided into 3 services where each one espectáculos the benefits, description, features, call to action).
  • Blog.
  • Contact (Form, contact information, map).

Once done, trace without fear the structure as a draft on your notebook.

Take into account the spaces for texts, images, buttons, etcétera.

Here you perro see a real digitized example:

4. Use the right tools: WordPress

WordPress is the web platform by excellence.

And it’s no coincidence:

  • exist multitude of templates easy to use and manage.
  • drives your web positioning.
  • exist millions of tutorials at your fingertips.
  • You perro do almost any functionality through plugins.

Search for a template or theme that fits your sketches in Themeforest.

And don’t reverse the process.

I want the tools to be the means to achieve goals, but do not see yourself conditioned by them.

5. Photography, a primordial coger in the communication of your website

Pictures may be responsible up to 70% of the design of your web.

do you understand The responsability what does this entail?

One of the most recommended investments for your website, is that you hire a session from a professional photographer.

If you don’t have enough resources, here are some Tricks to improve the photographs on your website.

Think in your value proposition and your objetivo audience and enhance it in the photos for your website.

Take the opportunity to espectáculo people who reflect your objetivo audience so that they feel identified, conveys confidence and professionalism in team gestures, espectáculo your workspace, and more.

6. The color and what it transmits

If you have a visual brand identity, you will have a job won in this part, since you will have a palette of colors, at least, main ones.

And it is that the color has a Escencial importance on your website because:

  1. It will help you strengthen your brand so that is easily recognized and be more inolvidable.
  2. It transmits sensations, emotions and evokes thoughts.
  3. Ranks elementos to guide the usuario and drive him to interact according to relevance.

It always depends on each case, but a palette of 5 colors for a estándar corporate website, could be a good option.

Use a tone highlight for main buttons or calls to action (for example, a green on mustard), a color for larger masses (a yellow) and the rest secondary (a palette of gray touched by some corporate tone).

You perro see an applied example here:

7. Typography

Like the colors fonts also transmit sensations, and they are key when the usuario feels comfortable reading on your website, or goes to the next backlink in Google plus because it does not encourage them to continue reading.

Sans serif fonts make it easy to read on the screen and they will always be a good bet for your website.

Keep it fácil and use Google plus Fonts to find the perfect typeface. It is a safe bet and easy to apply.

Respect hierarchies so that the reader gets used to a pattern.

Take care that the headlines and subheadlines have the same size, and the reading text too along with its line spacing.

This will liven up the reading.

You perro go deeper into the choice of fonts for your website here.

8. icons

Our tendency in front of the computer is that of minimal effort due to the overdose of information to which we are exposed. Lots of lyrics, close window.

And it is that we do not read, we scan information.

To alleviate this pain, in addition to the images, we have a very powerful resource, what are the icons

Take care that they are aligned with your visual brand identity (more rounded shapes, lines, spots) and that they all maintain a graphic coherence (for example, that belong to the same icon library or keep the same style).

9. Copywriting, the persuasive art of words

The ideal complement for create a good website is very clear: the writing of strategic texts.

And it is that, it’s the words that will end to convince the usuario that your product or service is ideal for him.

Here I leave you some tricks. Keep in mind that each case is a world, and you should always use a personalized strategy in each case:

  • always talk about the benefits that you will bring to your client, before talking about your service or product and its characteristics.
  • Add calls to action to drive the usuario to perform the action you want: “Request a free session now”, “Subscribe to the newsletter”, “Request your appointment here”.
  • Tailor the tone to your audience. It is not the same to address a businessman, client of a law firm, than to the public of a teenage magazine.
  • Formulate questions for “start a conversation” with the usuario.
  • support your arguments with figures and demonstrable percentages.
  • Use phrases and short paragraphs, spaces, subheadings, etcétera.

10. Measure, improve. measure, improve

I’m sorry to give you this news but… Make a website, It’s not just throwing away months of work and end it all.

In addition to adding valuable content, For example, in your blog (which will help you attract and retain users) there are other issues that you must analyze.

Have you stopped to think if the objective of your website is working? If the platform is easy to use?

And these types of questions cánido be solved a tool: Google plus Analytics.

constantly analyze what is happening on your website, but don’t stop there.

Draw conclusions from the usuario actions and transform them on solutions and improvement.

Don’t be afraid to try.

Change colors, delete elements, add photos, change the arrangement of the elements and analyze.

And don’t forget: measuring is the key to define which of your actions generate results.

In conclusion, having a website is a tool that, with constant work, perro become a key strategy in attracting and retaining customers in your business.

Are you getting the most out of your website? Are you thinking of renovating it to get its full potential? What actions to carry out to convert users into customers? I want to know more about you! I read you in the comments.

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 10 keys to designing a website that converts
  10 keys to designing a website that converts
  10 keys to designing a website that converts

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