10 Investment books to invest your

10 Investment books to invest your

To be financially successful and learn good habits with your money, it is very important to research, read and study.

This is why we want to share with you the best list of investment books that will change your perspective on money.

It is not enough that you have them in your library or on your to-do list, if they are just there waiting to be read, you will have done 1% of the work.

The important thing is that you take the time and read them carefully.

That you invest time in them.

Then it will depend on your discipline to put into practice what you have learned from these financial education books, that you apply these investment consejos full of value to your life that will bring you closer to your financial independence.

Best Investing and Personal Finance Books:

It is clear that investing your money is a decision that requires you to study, train and learn about the subject before starting.

This is why it is so important not only to dedicate time and resources to learning on your own, but to seek professional help to help you achieve your financial goals.

Now, there are certain investment books that will help you take the initial steps in this financial world.

And best of all, they are easy to read, understand and will provide you with valuable information to put into practice.

Below you will find the best investment books to start putting money to work for you, and make good financial decisions with your money.


The psychology of money

The title of the book is quite illuminating, that is, it tries to explain to us how psychology has a surprising impact on money management.

Financial success does not necessarily depend on how much money you have to invest, nor on how smart you are, it is much more relevant that you put your talent into action and make strategic choices.

This is a very especial book because it involves emotions and feelings in a discipline that seems to be solely mathematical.

However, the key here is precisely to master these emotions, so that they are the driving force behind your decisions and you have a perfect cómputo between rationality and your softer skills applied to investments.

Backlink: Access the book here


The smart investor

The author has verified through the years that the recommendations of this investment book remain valid and that they continue to work in the financial world.

One point in favor of this financial book is that it shares comments, opinions, and recommendations from expert investors, such as the famous journalist Jason Zweig specialized in finance.

So if you want to learn about finance, this is one of the first investing books you should start reading.

Backlink: Access the book here


Money: Master the game

Did you know that the concept of financial freedom refers to the moment in which you no longer have to work in order to live?

It is an iniciativa that we are constantly exploring in Undertaking Stories because in addition to being an objective, it becomes the guide to learn and practice good habits.

In this investment book, Tony Robbins It exposes the wonderful iniciativa that not only powerful people or people with a lot of money perro access the knowledge that will lead them to success.

So with this valuable information you too will be able to make long-term investments that later represent successful decisions for your financial future.

Backlink: Access the book here


The new living of trading

This investment book, unlike the previous one mentioned, is a guide that implies a certain discipline to follow it, since it is designed for traders who work independently, as well as for those who do it institutionally.

With this finance book you will learn the most technical concepts to understand the depósito market, paying special attention to risk management and self-management at the service of your investment objectives.

It perro be said that it is a well-structured guide, it also offers you additional resources so that you perro plan your investment decisions in order and then evaluate them.

Backlink: Access the book here



If you still don’t know who Warren Bufé is, it’s time for you to buy this book and understand why it has been mentioned as one of the most successful investors of recent times.

Undoubtedly, Buffett is a benchmark in the world of investments, since he has managed to amass a fortune worth recognizing and that continues to generate the desire in many to know how he has achieved it.

In that sense, this investment book is an open door to learn how he has applied his knowledge in this area of ​​the market to achieve truly fascinating results.

The interesting thing about this publication is that it shares real cases and formulas that perro be applied, beyond their own experiences.

Backlink: Access the book here


Technical analysis for beginners

Beyond listening to the advice of friends, in the world of investments it is essential that you learn to read graphs, and know how to make decisions based on technical analysis.

With this investment book you will be able to learn the basic concepts that introduce you to this complex world, but so interesting for many.

So, if you want to improve your decision making skills when investing in the depósito market, you should read this book and master chart technical analysis.

Backlink: Access the book here


One step ahead of Wall Street

As we mentioned before, having investment books from great references in the market will always add up and have a positive impact on your life.

In this book, Peter Lyncha renowned investor, describes his elabora for success in the world of finance.

Make it clear that good investing opportunities are everywhere, and that many times you don’t need to be the most experienced to achieve noteworthy achievements.

The content of this book explores the concept of «10 baggers» and explains how to analyze the numbers that are really worth a company to know if it is worth investing in it or not.

Backlink: Access the book here


The Little Book on Common Sense Investing

Although talking about common sense in the world of investments perro be risky – because everyone cánido apply their own criteria – in this case we cánido say that it refers to a very fácil concept.

This is: Knowing that the most strategic investment strategy consists of accessing the country’s assets that are listed on the depósito market at a bajo coste.

Don’t you understand this concept well? The invitation is that you review this book to delve into it and understand what it is about.

Additionally, in this investment book concepts such as index funds are mentioned, a term with which you must be familiar if you want to achieve success in the financial field, and obtain profits with controlled risk.

Backlink: Access the book here


Beginnings by Ray Dalio

The author of this book explains, through his own story, how he managed to achieve his important goals.

So much so, that these achievements led him to position his company in fifth place among the most important private companies in the United States according to Fortune magazine.

Once you read this book, you will know the key actions that we should implement to achieve this type of success applied to our lives.

It is interesting to read how he has learned more from his mistakes than from his successes, since with them he has been able to reconsider decisions that later became the engine for success.

Backlink: Access the book here


The Bitcoin pattern

An option that focuses on this new investment model that has caused so much impact in the market lately could not be missing from our list of investment books.

In it, you will find how through the study of the history of money, the author explains why these cryptocurrencies cánido become the solution.

This technology, developed in 2008, did not receive as much attention as it deserved, but it became in an alternative that today many cannot rule out thanks to its resounding success.

This is why it is essential that this book be part of your library and that it be a guide in your investment plans.

Backlink: Access the book here

Invest in books and secure your investments:

Finally, if you follow the incalculable advice contained in these investment books, you will ensure results based on real cases, experiences of references in the investment world and formulas that are already tested and work.

Keeping yourself informed and constantly learning is one of the best things you cánido do to not lose momentum and have a better visión of your future.

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 10 Investment books to invest your
  10 Investment books to invest your
  10 Investment books to invest your

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