10 Inspirational Stories of Millionaires Who

10 Inspirational Stories of Millionaires Who

Knowing the story of some millionaires who were poor is truly inspiring, since many of them forged their fortunes on their own with a lot of work, effort and sacrifice.

Currently, it is indisputable that women are fully capable of promoting successful ventures, and occupying decisive positions in large companies and organizations.

This not only espectáculos that society has evolved, but has also allowed women to break paradigms and demonstrate all their potential to succeed and achieve success.

The story of ten millionaires who were poor:

Today we would like to tell you the story of 10 millionaires who were poor and who managed to forge a fireproof legacy.

Most of these women entrepreneurs they have something in common: they managed to make their way in an environment that favored the opposite gender (from a historical and cultural point of view).

Therefore, they are worthy of admiration and respect, especially since many of them have become role models for the new generations.

1.Cher Wang

This name may not be so familiar to you, but if we mention the company htc, it is very likely that you do know what we are talking about.

Wang is a businesswoman and entrepreneur of Chinese origin who managed to amass a great fortune after co-founding one of the best electronics companies in the country: HTC.

This Taiwan-based company is dedicated to the manufacture of teléfonos inteligentes and the development of new virtual reality technologies, and in 2016 its net profit was already over $518 billion dollars.

Wang studied economics at UC Berkeley, but has also dedicated part of his life to philanthropic work.

Especially those who seek to promote free higher education in low-income sectors located in the southwest of China.

According to a report from ForbesAs of 2016, Cher Wang had a net worth of $850 billion, making her one of the world’s greatest millionaires to ever be poor.


Oprah Winfrey

For some, Oprah Winfrey it is the maximum representation of personal and professional improvement, and for others, it is a forceful example that the sky is the only limit for the human being.

Winfrey was born into one of Mississippi’s most depressed and marginalized communities and was abused as a child, which could have ruined her forever.

However, the opposite happened and Oprah managed to become one of the most influential businesswomen in the United States and the entire world.

Today she is known as the “Queen of Television” and her media empire is truly impressive: it includes a production company, a television channel, and a vast series of magazines and books.

Your talk espectáculo “The Oprah Winfrey Espectáculo”had 25 seasons and allowed him to earn the respect of millions of fellow citizens, since it has been the most watched in the entire history of American television.

This year Forbes estimated her net worth at $2.7 billion and ranked her #1174 on his list of the richest in the world.

This espectáculos that Oprah Winfrey is part of the millionaires who were poor, and who managed to challenge themselves and their environment with impressive talent.

3.Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay is another millionaire”self made”, or “made by itself”, and its success dates back to the creation of its flagship company: Mary Kay Cosmetics.

This Texan dreamed of starting a business that she was passionate about, and that in turn would allow her to amass a fortune over the years.

And this dream began to come to life after she was denied a promotion at her regular job, simply because she was a woman.

That was the trigger that led Mary Kay Ash to found her own company, which operates as a network marketing very successful worldwide.

In fact, Mary Kay Cosmetics became the greatest contrincante of Avonone of the largest consulting sales firms that was founded in New York in 1886.

It only took $5,000 for Mary Kay to launch the business that would catapult her to fame, generating more than $2 billion in retail sales annually.


Diane von Furstenberg

Despite being the ex–wife of a German prince, Diane owes all of her success to her independent efforts to make a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Her dream was to be recognized as a prestigious and talented fashion designer, and not as the wife of a high society figure.

Like many successful women of her day, her beginnings were by no means ostentatious or opulent, but she certainly brought together many characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

That is why it is fair to include her in the list of millionaires who were poor and who overcame all adversities to reach the pinnacle of success.

Diane founded her own fashion company and through her pieces and designs she managed to promote female empowerment worldwide.

In fact, this allowed him to chair the Council of Fashion Designers of America, setting a great precedent within his guild.


Madame C.J.


It is impossible to talk about millionaires who were poor without mentioning Madame CJ Walker.

She is considered the first African-American woman to become a self-employed millionaire in the US market.

She was the daughter of two slaves from Louisiana and from a very young age she worked picking cotton, since she was orphaned when she was just six years old.

Then, at just 14 years old, she gave birth to her only daughter and was forced to live between penury and need.

Until one fenezca day, she decided to challenge her own reality and develop a line of hair care products, which turned out to be very special for African-American women.

She only needed $1.25 to take her first steps as an entrepreneur, visionary and entrepreneur, and to join the list of millionaires who were poor.

After offering and selling her products door to door for a long time, she managed to earn the title of Madame CJ Walker, which was an impressive milestone for that time when racial segregation still reigned.


Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder is an icon of beauty and cosmetology on a universal scale, but in the beginning, not everything was rosy.

Her mother was Hungarian and her father Czechoslovakian, so she was the daughter of two immigrants whose economic status was practically nil.

But she did not allow her origins to condition her desire for success and self-improvement, and that is how this New Yorker managed to found Estée Lauder Companies in 1946.

In 1998, she was the only businesswoman to form part of “The 20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th century” who published the magazine Time.

With this feat, he managed to immortalize his name throughout the world, and according to official figures, the company’s estimated profits during 2020 were $14.29 billion dollars.

Without a doubt, Estée Lauder promoted one of the most profitable business of the planet and managed to build an empire that has not stopped generating billion-dollar income for more than five decades.


Judi Henderson-Townsend

Townsend carries entrepreneurship in his veins, and in honor of this, he did not hesitate to take advantage of the greatest opportunity of his life.

Judi was an ordinary woman, hardworking and dreamy, but when a clothing store that operated near her home was about to close, she took a oportunidad and made the decision that opened the doors to success for her.

It simply occurred to him to buy all the mannequin inventory from said store and then operate his own business.

Recommended books:

For many, the iniciativa was silly, and even lacked meaning or significance, but Judi knew how to develop a business from scratch to which she owes all her Financial Independence.

This company is He is in charge of distributing mannequins to retailers and clients both in his native country, as well as in Canada and several countries in Europe.

thanks to your signature mannnequin madness she became one of the most recognized African-American businesswomen in the United States, and managed to bill her first million dollars.


Nely Galan

The Latin American scene is adorned with Nely Galanthe Cuban-American production company that currently chairs the important American television network: Telemundo.

Given her origins, Nely feels very honored to be one of those millionaires who was poor at some point in her life.

His rise to success was marked by great professional alliances with Time Warner, HBO, Fox and with Rupert Murdoch himself, one of the millionaire minds most successful in the world.

His talent and business skills allowed him to break through on the Latin American scene, and to his credit is the launch of channels such as Fox Sports, ESPN, Sony, Fox Kids and MGM.

Currently, Nely Gallardo’s net worth is $5 million dollars, and in addition, she has repeatedly stated that she will continue to work hard to add new successes to her career.

9.Yoshiko Shinohara

Shinohara was the first self-made billionaire in Japan, and she owes her fortune to her agency. Tempstaff, which brought her to fame at the age of 82.

It took this businesswoman more than eight decades to amass such a fortune, since for much of her life she could only fend for herself with her high school degree.

Yoshiko spent many years doing secretarial work on two continents and leading a life full of lack and bitter moments.

Although this was her biggest motivation to work on her own project and finally become one of those millionaires who were poor at one point.

Today, his agency has almost 5,000 employees worldwide and its annual sales are already approaching 3 billion.

10.Ashley Qualls

When she was 14 years old, she registered a domain that would make her one of the America’s Youngest Entrepreneurs.

It was Whateverlife.com, and from there he was in charge, -as a hábito-, of teaching basic programming and designing pages of MySpace.

Ashley had no money when it all started, and in fact, it was her mother who gave her the loan to buy her website domain.

But little by little, he managed to drive impressive traffic to his site, which allowed him to bill thousands of dollars month after month.

Three years later this young entrepreneur born in Michigan managed to generate more than $1 million dollars with her website, and now that he is 31 years old his net worth is $20 million dollars.

Surprising and inspiring stories:

The stories of these formerly poor millionaires are truly amazing and inspiring.

They all espectáculo you that you have the potential to live the life of your dreams, regardless of your origins, or the current cómputo in your bank account.

They also teach you a great lesson: if you really want to be successful, you must put yourself into action, work hard and believe in yourself.

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 10 Inspirational Stories of Millionaires Who
  10 Inspirational Stories of Millionaires Who
  10 Inspirational Stories of Millionaires Who

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