10 homemade liquors to bottle and give away

10 homemade liquors to bottle and give away

Last Christmas, my dear friend “Luciana” mailed me a gift that included a bottle of her homemade Amaretto liqueur.

I have enjoyed it as a dessert or as a drink all year long.

As I drank a bit, I started to think about my own Christmas gift list and thought the liqueurs would be a fun project too.

So, many thanks to my friend for her delicious Amaretto – and her inspiring iniciativa.

Some of the recipes below need to sit for a few months, so don’t start with the cherry schnapps on Black Friday, for example.

To give away your liqueur(s), you’ll also need to gather some nice, washed and sterilized bottles or jars, and some labels and ribbons.

Specialty Bottle has a good selection.

You will also need a gauze, which is usually found in grocery stores or in the canning sections of hardware stores.

This will serve to strain the fruits or nuts from the liqueurs.

Most need a cool, dark place for storage and aging, so you’ll need to find a good, safe spot in your kitchen or pantry.

To keep the price of making these spirits low, keep an eye out for sales on vodka and brandy, which are prominently used.



Let’s start with the Amaretto.

If you like the taste of almonds, you’ll probably like this one.

recipe of Amaretto.

I like the fact that it’s not overly sweet.

It cánido be served as a dessert, along with a cup of coffee.

It’s also good over ice cream.

I asked my friend to give me the recipe and she gave it to me.

The photo below espectáculos how well she bottled and labeled it.

It was a very fun gift.


My Uncle Bill made wonderful Kahlua, and he gave me his recipe, which I treasure.

It’s great on its own, or in coffee, or with a little added cream.

Vanilla beans are expensive, but well worth the expense.

  • 3 ¼ cups of sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean, diced
  • 2 oz.

    instant coffee

  • 1 fifth of brandy
  • 3 cups of boiling water

Put the vanilla bean in a sterilized bottle.

Boil the water, add the coffee and sugar.

Let cool and add the brandy.

Pour into the bottle and cover well.

Let rest for thirty days.

Strain and rebottle in a sterile bottle.


Cherry liqueur

If you like cherry flavored things, this cherry liqueur recipe you will not be disappointed.

I could hardly wait for cherries to come out so I could start this recipe.

A little goes a long way! I think in my mom’s day she would have made a cocktail with this liqueur and Coke or 7-Up and ice.


Peach schnapps

Peaches are on sale now, and this recipe needs to get old, so it’s a great time to try this one.

peach schnapps.

My dad will love it, and it will remind him of the time he used to pick peaches as a teenager outside of Sacramento.

the scent is wonderful.



This one is for Luciana de gigonway, who actually told me that he already has the ingredients for this.

If you cánido get your hands on green walnuts, try the Nocino, a spicy and sweet nut liqueur.

I also think this would make a wonderful Thanksgiving hostess gift.



My friend Ana went to Italy and brought us a bottle of Limoncello.

It’s so refreshing, especially after a heavy meal.

I don’t think I’m going to travel to Italy anytime soon, but that doesn’t orinan she deprives me.

Estefano Barbato, has a great lemoncello recipe.

To disminuye the cost, look for lemons at the farmer’s market.


Apple liqueur

My husband spent time in Germany and suggested we try making Apfelkorn, which he loved while there.

Apfelkorn is technically a brandy, but he said that this liqueur Apple was a great substitute.

We tried two different ways to make this liqueur: one with sugar (two teaspoons) and one without.

Both are good, but we prefer the version with sugar, as the apple flavor seems more pronounced.

I plan to try some of this in a very dry champagne, which I think would make a great cocktail.



I love the taste of licorice so I had to try this recipe from Anisette.

Star anise takes center stage in the licorice flavor, ably supported by vodka and fácil syrup.


Chocolate liqueur

If you’ve ever tried Godiva chocolate liqueur, you’ll be delighted with this copycat recipe.

You perro use it in dessert recipes or just eat it on its own, which is exactly what I like to do.

It takes a month to age, and the casting process takes a while.

But the wait is well worth it, and if you have any friends who love chocolate, they will be delighted.


Irish Cream

If you’ve put off making one of these liqueurs before the holidays, don’t despair! You cánido still prepare something.

What I love about this copycat recipe Irish cream «Bailey’s» is that it does not need to be aged.

What it does need is to be refrigerated, so keep that in mind.

My first test batch was a huge hit with the neighbors, who happily agreed to try it out.

There you have it: 10 gift ideas to get you ahead of the Christmas fever!

whatWhat is your favorite homemade infusion liqueur?

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 10 homemade liquors to bottle and give away
  10 homemade liquors to bottle and give away
  10 homemade liquors to bottle and give away

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