10 Hispanics who became millionaires

10 Hispanics who became millionaires

The list of Hispanic millionAryans who amassed a great fortune in the United States, against all odds, is more interesting than you might imagine.

Although many do not believe it, the American dream is more alive than ever; especially for Hispanics and Latinos.

If you are thinking of emigrating to this country to start a new business, or live what you are passionate about, you should keep in mind that there are many possibilities to achieve success on American soil.

Cánido you build wealth in the United States?

Building wealth and learning how to be a millionaire is entirely possible in the United States. Honestly, it is not a utopia.

Today you will learn the story of ten Hispanic millionaires who succeeded in the United States against all odds.

All the Hispanics that make up this list overcame difficult moments and did not rest until they conquered their Financial Independence. These are his stories.

1. Jorge Perez

He is one of the most successful businessmen in the United States; specifically in the real estate ámbito.

Although Jorge Pérez’s parents were Cuban, he lived for several years between Colombia and Argentina. But today his influence in the North American market is indisputable.

In fact, he is the founder of The Related Group, one of the largest real estate companies in the USA.

Over the past few decades, he has built and sold more than 80,000 homes on the US soil, significantly increasing his net worth.

According to Forbeshis net worth is $1.7 billion, and although he enjoys a very privileged position right now, this successful businessman worked for years to transform his finances and his life.

2. Arturo Moreno

This business genius He was born in México, but he did not hesitate to cross the border in search of the American dream.

Initially, he was in charge of a billboard company called “Outdoor Systems”, but he was convinced that this was not his passion.

Everything changed when he had the opportunity to sell that company for more than eight billion dollars.

Thanks to your drive, hard work and perseverance, Arturo Moreno was able to entrar the Hispanic list millonarians who have succeeded in the United States.

Today, he is known as the first Mexican-American to own a sports team in this country.

Likewise, in 2003 he became the owner of Los Angeles Angels; one of the biggest franchises in the Major League Baseball.

In 2020, Arturo Moreno was ranked 238 in the list of the 400 wealthiest people in the world made by the magazine Forbes.

And according to that same medium, his net worth is over four billion dollars right now.

3. Anthony Jimenez

He is better known as “Tony Jimenez”, and a few years ago he came to be classified as “the most influential Hispanic in the United States”according to a review of PR Newswire.

Despite being born into a very modest family, he worked hard to excel in life and achieve success.

In 2004 he founded MicroTech; a technology company that has billed more than 200 million dollars thanks to his excellent management as founder and director ejecutivo.

Jimenez is also widely known and respected in the United States for actively promoting the development of the Hispanic community.

4. Alberto “Beto” Perez

Alberto “Beto” Pérez is the founder of the habitual exercise program “Zumba”. This Colombian moved to Miami and at the end of the 90’s his life took a definitive turn.

Once installed in this vibrant and cosmopolitan American city, he dedicated himself to teaching aerobics classes in a gym, and in reality, he lived a rather “boring” life.

However, one day he forgot the music in his classes and had to get moving with a cassette of Latin music that he had in his car.

To his surprise, all the class participants were fascinated with that especial rhythm.

That day the life of “Beto” took an unexpected and positive turn. After that instant hit, he was officially born “Zumba”.

The entire routine had been recorded on a DVD and within days it was selling like hot cakes.

Years later, Alberto and two other partners founded Zumba Fitness LLCwith the purpose of marketing content and products related to the main brand.

According to Celebrity Net Worththe net worth of this Colombian, Fitness expert, is $30 million dollars.

5. Jordi Munoz

Muñoz is another of the Hispanics millonarians who have left their mark in the United States, despite setbacks and difficult times.

After stepping on American soil, he had to accept a wide variety of jobs to get ahead. And although he had many factors against him, he never gave up.

He was only 20 years old when he arrived in the United States, but his desire to succeed was greater than any difficulty.

Since he had a natural passion for the computer industry, he did not hesitate to follow that path.

Do you wonder how his life changed? One fenezca day he came up with the iniciativa of ​​hacking a remote control helicopter and as a result he was contacted by a Swiss company that offered to pay for his university studies in that country.

Jordi did not think twice and settled in Switzerland for several years to get a professional degree.

In 2009 he returned to the USA and founded “3D Robotics”along with Chris Anderson, another successful entrepreneur.

That company grew into a non-military drone factory with global reach, and its finances have never stopped smiling at him ever since.

Forbes México It has been reported that the net worth of this Hispanic entrepreneur is $2.8 billion dollars.

6. Andres Moreno

This Venezuelan also fulfilled his American dream after founding a language school that has achieved incredible milestones.

Is about “Open English”; one of the English learning companies on-line most recognized in the United States.

After moving to this country, and living on a friend’s couch for months, andres moreno he was able to turn his life around and savor the sweetness of success in this North American country.

His beginnings were certainly not rosy, but he made sure to fight hard for his dreams and didn’t rest until he achieved them.

At the moment, “Open English” It works in more than 40 countries and is positioned as one of the great references for virtual learning, both in Latin America and in many other locations around the world.

In 2020, the fortune of this entrepreneur of Venezuelan origin was estimated at $69 million dollars, which has exceeded all expectations.

7. Louis von Ahn

That name is probably unfamiliar to you, but what if we refer to Duolingo?

In that case, it is very likely that you know what we are talking about. In fact, it is likely that you have used that application at least once in your life.

Louis von Ahn It’s one of the digital entrepreneurs most famous in Latin America and the United States, and not only for Duolingo, but because of many other discoveries that he has achieved at a professional level.

He was born in Guatemala, is a computer scientist by profession and is also a true genius of technology.

Throughout his professional growth he has founded companies such as Captcha and recaptchaand of course, the language aplicación that everyone is talking about nowadays.

Luis von Ahn’s fortune is estimated at $31 billion dollars; while Duolingo It has been valued at $700 million.

8.Freddy Vega

The list of millionaire Hispanics in the United States would be incomplete without Freddy Vega.

This Colombian is one of the founders of plazi; a great learning platform on-line which has already attracted thousands of students around the world.

Next to Christian Van Der Henst, Freddy he did everything in his power to propel this digital venture to the pinnacle of success.

After several dismal failures and a lot of lost money, they both came across a problem that changed their lives.

They realized that y también-learning would revolutionize the world, and that’s how they began to shape plazi.

The rest is history. Literally! This company generates revenues equivalent to $11 million dollars annually, according to figures from zippiaand the fortunes of its founders are also impressive.

9. Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro is another of the most successful Hispanic millionaires in the United States. There’s no doubt.

However, for years he lived a very sacrificed and difficult life. Since he was born in El Salvador, he was subjected to a lot of poverty and deprivation from an early age.

For years he worked in a factory in precarious situations, until in 1980 he decided to emigrate to the United States.

In reality, he fled from the civil war that was plaguing his country at the time, without even imagining what he would achieve in a first world country.

Ten years later, he opened his first supermarket in Woodbridge, Virginia, and from there his life began to prosper rapidly.

Over time he became one of the founders of the Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Action and the owner of “All Supermarkets”.

Thanks to his effort and determination he was able take control of your finances and amassing a significant fortune (despite being an immigrant to the United States).

10. Emilio and Gloria Estefan

Both were born in Cuba, but curiously they met in the United States. Honestly, these Hispanic millionaires need no introduction.

The two have made history in the music industry and have earned the respect, admiration and love of millions of people around the world.

Right now, it’s not just two incredible artists. They are also very successful and well-known businessmen.

They are the founders of Miami Sound Machine and they also work as owners of a Cuban cuisine lugar de comidas in Miami and a hotel complex in the state of Florida.

Celebrity Net Worth has estimated the net worth of Emilio and Gloria Estefan at $500 million dollars.

Therefore, they are one of the most emblematic businessmen and musicians of all time, and it is no secret to anyone that they are true “Money Makers”, despite having faced one of the most competitive markets in the country.

Hispanics who have succeeded in the United States

The number of Hispanic millionaires who have achieved success (against all odds) in the United States is truly incredible.

Do you think it is possible to conquer the American dream if you were not born in that country? Absolutely! That is not a utopia or an impossible mission.

You just have to work hard, be constant and pursue your dreams with dedication and courage. Are you willing to bet on yourself?

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 10 Hispanics who became millionaires
  10 Hispanics who became millionaires
  10 Hispanics who became millionaires

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