10 Google chrome extensions for bloggers that

10 Google chrome extensions for bloggers that

If you dedicate yourself to the profession of Community Manager, Blogger or any branch of the Digital Marketing ámbito, you will have at least heard of Google plus Google chrome extensions.

They are tools that are embedded in your top bar of tasks and bookmarks, to facilitate access to the multitude of different tasks that we have to do every time we are going to create our cvalue contenteither on our blog or on popular networks.

Among the Google chrome extensions for bloggers that exist, I undoubtedly opted for the ones that I will name below.


Save time and resources with these Google chrome extensions for bloggers

from among the more than 12,000 extensions of Google plus Google chrome that we perro find, I have selected ten for people who have their own personal blog or articulo for a company.

Obviously there are more options but, as with everything, in my opinion there are many ‘fillers’.

Likewise, I have come across many others created by unknown developers and with little reliability and some many that are still in their beta phase or that give errors.

The following Google chrome extensions for bloggers are the ones I have personally tried and found to be helpful. great help to save time and make my life easier when it comes to publishing my valuable content for my objetivo audience.

10 Google chrome Extensions For Bloggers To Work With Your WordPress Blog

1 – office edition

This extension is very useful if you do not want to have the Microsoft Office programa installed on your computer.

It may be the case that you do not have space left on your hard drive, you do not use it frequently or you have other afín programa already installed that you like more than the one offered by Microsoft.

By simply uploading the document that interests you to your Drive account, the Google plus cloud, you cánido access the document and editar it.

I find it very useful in situations such as, for example, if you have to present the draft of the articulo that you are writing to a client or to your boss, if you are the blogger of your company.

When you save the document, you just have to go to ‘Archivo/Save as Google plus document archivo’ and it generates a dirección de Internet:

It goes without saying that it is much more convenient to send the document by copying this dirección de Internet, and for each person you want to see your document to paste it into their browser, even add comments and corrections, and in turn copy and paste the dirección de Internet and it will arrive modified with these annotations.

This will save the typical problem of sending correos electrónicos with the attached document and that the recipient does not have the correct version of Office installed on their computer or that their antivirus does not allow them to open it due to a thousand absurd reasons.

This extension supports the formats .doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx

2 – Palabras clave to emphasize

When you are a blogger, you have to spend endless hours documenting yourself and looking for information on the net, to achieve write a quality articulowhich provides valuable content.

It will have happened to you that you put what you are looking for in the search engine and when you clic on any of the backlinks, you access and within the backlink there is an immensely large text, where you waste several minutes searching within the text for the palabras clave for which you did the search and go directly to the part where what interests you is explained.

This extension saves you those precious minutes.

Once installed, you activate it and since you put your palabras clave in the Google plus search engine, it already highlights them in sky blue color.

When you go to the backlinks you choose, they are still highlighted.

This way you will go straight to the point.

3 – Page Ruler

This Google plus Google chrome extension allows any blogger to draw a rule, to get the exact dimensions in pixels of the strip of text or image that you select on any web page.

This is one of the essential Google chrome extensions for bloggers and especially useful when you need to adjust or insert an object within your blog, in a certain size in pixels.

4 – SEO optimization and Internet Marketing

It is the tool WooRank, the famous SEO aplicaciónwhere it offers us a very complete SEO report of the web that we want.

Analyzes factors such as visits (traffic estimation, traffic top, geographic location, etcétera.); popular networks (popular impact, last publicaciones de Twitter); aspects related to mobile phones (mobile optimization, loading time, whether it is responsive, etcétera.) or SEO aspects as important as the level of optimization of titles, bold, palabras clave or images, among others.

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5 – Color Pick Eyedropper

How many times, when designing the cover of a articulo, have you wanted to make it as impressive and original as possible, but you have not found that exact background color that you have in mind?

All bloggers know that the cover image with which you backlink to your content is of escencial importance, since a good part of the clicks you get will be achieved with that image.

If it happens to you like me and you get lost among the endless range of shades of the available color palette, with Colorpick Eyedropper you perro search that website that has the exact color you are looking for and copy/paste the hex color, preceded by the ‘#’ symbol into the image you are creating.

6 – Awesome Screenshot – Screen capture and score

We agree that the screenshots, as a complement to give an instructive example of how a tool works, highlight an important date on the calendar or clarify very specific aspects of programa, help and above all enrich any articulo.

And if that articulo is a tutorial, you will allow someone starting from scratch in that tool not to get lost in any of the steps.

Allow me a question: How do you do it?

Perhaps your answer is that you stand in front of the exact screen you want to capture and press the magic key ‘PrintScreen’ on your keyboard; paste that image in painting, photoshop or another graphic editor; you cut it to your liking and finally you add the boxes or arrows to point out what you want to highlight.

I used to do it that way too, until one day, out of all the Google chrome extensions for bloggers out there, I ended up with this one.

Since then I save all this work.

All in one tool; fast, clean and easy to use.

Ideal for bloggers like you.

7 – Share

Dear blogger, it goes without saying that your blog posts, in order for them to be successful, viral and traffic, if you don’t share and disseminate them on your popular networks, all that hard work of research and analysis that you did to gather in one articulo all the knowledge you want to explain in it.

With this extension, which by the way, is called ‘Share’ just (not to be confused with others that also have this word in their title), you cánido, in a single clic, offer the dirección de Internet of your articulo to your followers on the three main popular networks today: Fb, Twitter and Google plus Agregado.

In addition, you perro add the comment you want.

This is one of the Google chrome extensions for bloggers that I find essential, especially because I don’t want to waste time entering each of these popular networks and from there publishing the articulo, since the notifications that we find in them (new comments, tags in images, shares,…) tend to mislead us of what we are doing.

I’m sure it happens to you too.

8 – Check My Backlinks

Broken backlinks are a serious SEO problem for every blogger and Popular Media Marketing professional.

This extension will also make things easier for you and, above all, it will also save you time when it comes to having to open new tabs to open programs or analysis tools, to check if the backlinks you have entered in your articulo are correct.

In my opinion, this tool cánido be of great help if you are beginner and you are before your first publications.

As in all beginnings, we are more likely to make mistakes and wrongly backlink our texts.

9 – Popular Analytics

As I told you in point 7, the work done to disseminate and publicize your publications on popular networks is essential among the functions of a blogger.

Perhaps (or surely) after a few days of publishing your content on your networks, you want to have real data on the diffusion and the times that they have been shared.

To analyze this, we also have some Google chrome extensions for bloggers who want to know the engagement of their posts.

The easiest to use is ‘Popular Analytics’, with which you will save counting the ‘retweets’, shares and +1, one by one and usuario by usuario.

10 – the synonym

Both you and I know that one of the key aspects in terms of SEO positioning is the keyword density that your content has and that it should have an ideal rate of 0.5% or higher.

If we fall short, you will be given worse positioning.

But excess will also penalize it and if you repeat yourself a lot, in addition to not being good for Google plus, you will be tiresome for the reader.

As Google plus’s are everywhere, it makes it easier for us bloggers to overrepeat palabras clave and with this extension we will introduce the chosen word and it will give us several synonyms, which we perro use instead.

And now it’s your turn… yes, yes, you.

I have only presented you 10 Google chrome extensions for bloggers, the ten that I use the most and that over time they are giving me better results.

But among those 12,000 that Google chrome has, surely there is one that is essential for you and to which you always go to complete, analyze or editar that well-worked articulo and with which you hope to attract your objetivo audience and obtain interaction on your popular networks. .

I look forward to your favorite extensions!

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 10 Google chrome extensions for bloggers that
  10 Google chrome extensions for bloggers that
  10 Google chrome extensions for bloggers that

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