10 Free en línea English courses for

10 Free en línea English courses for

If you thought that studying English was impossible due to cost, time or availability, these free en línea english courses they will be your solution.

It doesn’t matter if you are at a basic, intermediate or advanced level, nor if you learn better with vídeos than with written lessons; since within this offer of courses to learn English you have different modalities, levels and themes.

Free en línea English courses to study from the comfort of your home

1. Basic English course for those who are starting:

this is one of these en línea english courses free that is designed for those who are just starting out. Upon completion you will have an understanding of the basics of English and will be able to form fácil constructions and sentences.

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2. Learn basic English to travel in a fun way

With this 100% practical course you will learn to speak English fluently. Even solving everyday situations.

It is organized so that you perro defend yourself in different scenarios such as the airport, on the beach, by autobús, taxi or subway, renting a car, in the hotel and even in the cinema.

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3. Learn English in 5 minutes a day with Duolingo

A practical, free and effective alternative to en línea English courses is the Duolingo Aplicación. Among the benefits you will find that learning is personalized and you cánido review your answer immediately.

A study even found that 34 hours using Duolingo is equivalent to 1 university semester of language learning.

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4. Intermediate English course for those who master the basics of the language

This course is for those who have mastered the basics of the language, you will learn to form more complex sentences and communicate in English with greater confidence.

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5. Free en línea English course for those who want to improve the language

With this course you will be able to communicate effectively in English. In total there are 14 units where you will learn conditionals, pronunciation, adjectives, verbs, among others.

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6. Learn English phonetics and pronunciation

This free en línea English course consists of 16 practical vídeos, aimed at students with an intermediate level, who seek to learn the keys to the language, improve phonetics and pronunciation through exercises such as vocabulary practice.

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7. Learn English to work abroad

This en línea vídeo English course will teach you how to get by abroad and learn expressions when working in another country while communicating in English.

This is a practical course where you will learn the vocabulary, phrases and consejos to find a job that fits your profile.

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En línea business English courses

Here are 3 free en línea English courses focused on the business world. Depending on your area of ​​work, you perro choose one of these courses focused on your specialty.

8. En línea English course focused on management and leadership

If you are a business executive or manager and use English for your work, this course is designed for you. You will learn that good business communication in English requires specific language structures, vocabulary and approaches.

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9. En línea English course focused on finance and economics

If in your work you must interact with finance professionals, or this is your field of action, you perro follow the authentic characters of this en línea English course, as they work through common business situations in finance and economics.

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10. En línea English course focused on marketing and sales

If you work in marketing, sales, or advertising, you know that effective communication is a requirement for success in your job. This becomes even more difficult when it comes to expressing your ideas persuasively in English.

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These free en línea english courses They will help you master the language, regardless of whether you have a basic or advanced level. If you are constant, recursive and practice every day, in a few months you will be speaking fluently.

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 10 Free en línea English courses for
  10 Free en línea English courses for
  10 Free en línea English courses for

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