10 daily habits to transform your life

10 daily habits to transform your life

It is the daily habits and decisions you make that define how successful you will be in your life. Although motivation and even luck perro play a role, at the end of the day it is what you do from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep that defines whether you will be a successful person, or one of the bunch.

Starting from this, it is clear that if we want to be different and stand out, we must be willing to do different things. To get different results, you will have to do different things.

So here are 8 daily habits that you should practice at least once a day. Which, although they are known by the majority, these are practiced by very few frequently.

Daily habits to attract success one day at a time:

Many people believe that success is hidden in some magic elabora, or recipe tested by few, and that once it is known, they will be able to achieve the most important goals in their lives.

This is why we see many in a daily search for recipes that shorten the path to success. Unfortunately this process only leads to the loss of valuable time.

The answer is, and always has been, the daily habits that you practice. If you really want to transform your life, change something that you practice every day.

This is why, if you are looking for good habits to achieve success, make sure that, before your day is over, you have dedicated time to the following activities.

1. Read at least 30 minutes

Reading is one of the daily habits that is most difficult to implement in our day (since we have a lot to do), but it has enormous results.

According to Cerlac, in Latin America we do not manage to read 6 books a year. Something worrying since it espectáculos that we are not interested in continuing to learn after university or school, and that we prefer to watch novels, series and movies on television.

It is habitual to see huge televisions occupying the space of libraries.

How to turn reading into a daily habit?

Start by reading a single page a day, and work your way up by one page. The important thing is not the amount of information you receive, it is about establishing the habit and that it becomes part of your routine.

You cánido implement the Kaizen method, which will help you improve in different aspects of your life progressively, focusing only on 1%.

2. Do what is important, not what is urgent

This is perhaps one of the least practiced daily habits by most people. We live solving, and not proposing. We live to keep our business profitable, not to grow it.

In our work we send correos electrónicos, we run to prepare reports, to solve problems; and at the end of the day, we run out of time to think and to define what we want to do with our professional life.

So, although you have to fulfill your day to day; Equipo aside an hour of the day, in the morning if possible, to do what will bring you the greatest results in your life and work. Every day define what is most important and make sure you do it.

If you want to learn more about productivity, here are 15 tricks to be more productive according to science.

3. Exercise one hour a day

Exercise helps you maintain your physical health and cómputo your mental and emotional health.

The stress you handle at work, meetings and commitments, sitting in an office all day has harmful effects on your health.

So commit to getting an hour of daily exercise; you perro walk, ride a bike, go footing or practice your favorite sport.

It doesn’t matter what you do but make sure you sweat, increase your heart rate and work on your physical health. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important healthy habits that you should practice every day.

How to implement this type of daily habits? If you don’t have an hour, or you arrive very tired at night, take out even 10 minutes to go for a walk on your lunch hour.

Take active breaks at your workplace, cycle home. It’s not about becoming a high-performance athlete, it’s about leading a healthy lifestyle.

4. Talk to someone you admire:

Even if it’s 10 minutes, talk to someone you admire in your life.

It may be a co-worker who made the decision to undertake and you want to know how he did it. It may be someone who has achieved something in their life and that you are working for it.

Surrounding yourself with people who have the same goals as you, or who have achieved things you want, increases your chances of achieving it. It all comes down to the time you have, the way you spend it and who you do it with.

How to implement this habit?

Approach that successful person you admire and ask specific questions; ask him how he did it, what is his history and teachings. Surely he will tell you about all the pleasure in the world.

5. Plan what you will do the next day

Taking a moment out of your day, it perro be at the end of your afternoon, to think about what you will do tomorrow allows you to have the peace of mind to define which activities will have the greatest effect on your results.

Unlike this, when you are resolving as you go and you do not have a plan, you are following a methodology of what is urgent and not what is important.

Make a daily habit of ordering your priorities for the next day. In this way you will manage your time better and you will know what is really important.

To start, andWrite on a piece of paper, on your cell phone or in your computer aprecies a list of the most important activities.

Nor is it about having 50 activities, since there is no point in planning things that you are not going to do. It’s counterproductive. Rather define 5 key activities and focus on them.

6. Remind yourself of your most important goal (purpose)

Like the most important activities, every day you must be clear about what is your most important goal in your life.

That goal for which you are working, for which you save, get up early and stay up late.

Do you know what these kinds of daily habits are for? So you don’t lose your focus and understand that what you do every day contributes to your life purpose.

This prevents you from being like those people who just work to deliver and get carried away by life; without a course, without aspirations, without a north that motivates them every day.

A good way to implement this daily habit would be to create a reminder on your cell phone that every morning notify you of your goal. It perro be an alarm that goes off when you entrar your job and reminds you why you are there and what you plan to achieve.

Remember that It’s not just about reading it, it’s about visualizing it. The positive ideas and thoughts that you harbor in your mind strongly influence the reality that you live.

7. Expand your comfort zone by doing something that scares you.

When was the last time you did something that made you afraid, sad and even fearful? The comfort zone it is a very comfortable and quiet place, but nothing grows there.

Your growth is outside of it. And the person you want to become requires you to get out of your comfort zone and do different things.

Although what you are going to read sounds easy, and its implementation not so much, I challenge you to the following:

  • Are you afraid to talk to the person of your dreams? do it today.
  • Want that raise at your job? order today.
  • Do you want to start your scary time business? start today.

Do whatever it takes to break those mental limits that you have created and that prevent you from transcending. In the end, practicing these types of daily habits mainly benefit you.

8. Be clear about your financial accounts

There is a very powerful money lesson that states that “you must take care of the pennies, because the millions take care of themselves.”

Many times our finances get into trouble because we feel that those small decisions that we make on a daily basis do not have an effect on our pocket, when the reality is that they represent a big financial hole.

As we mentioned in the ebook Cero Deudas, we must learn to control the expenses and debts that we have; we must differentiate between good and bad debts, and control our daily expenses.

So, if you want to improve your personal finances in the long term, I invite you to make it a daily habit to review those small ant expenses that you have every day, I assure you that if you review this, in less than you think, your finances will have a positive turnaround .

9. Dedicate 10 minutes of your day to meditate

Meditation is powerful, and more so when you understand that its definition is “knowing yourself.”

Unfortunately, many people say that they do not have time to spend time learning to meditate.

And it is understandable, since we assume that meditating is staying still for two hours a day trying to control our thoughts that never stay still.

However, you don’t need to spend all this time meditating. With just 10 minutes (and we all have this time a day), you cánido reap the benefits of meditation; such as:

  • Greater concentration at work
  • Improve your health (disminuye pressure)
  • Increase your productivity
  • Allows you to be more present
  • Increase your peace of mind
  • think more clearly
  • Among many other benefits.

Today there are applications, methods and vídeos that teach you how to meditate. Personally, I like to think of meditation as that space of a few minutes to be still, feel my breath and be aware of the present moment.

Currently people are looking for a state of flow that allows them to be productive but in a fluid way and without much pressure, this is completely possible if you put each of these consejos into practice.

10. The magic of thinking big and acting immediately

Finally, you must have a powerful reason for being. They say that if you want to have millions you must impact millions.

So if your goal in life is beyond paying bills, getting up early to work, and retiring, you must have a purpose in your life that is powerful.

Ask yourself, what mark do you want to leave on the people you meet? in your job? with your business?

Make it a daily habit to think big. Dream big. However, it starts small. Here are some ideas:

  • Do you want to inspire people to do what they are passionate about? Launch your niche blog.
  • Do you want to help the less favored communities in your city? Donate your work to a foundation.
  • Do you want to motivate the people around you? Start by setting an example of how they should act.

Don’t just live your days thinking that tomorrow you have a new opportunity. Live today as if it were your last attempt, I assure you that the quality of your life will be positively influenced by the daily habits you practice and the decisions you make.

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 10 daily habits to transform your life
  10 daily habits to transform your life
  10 daily habits to transform your life

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