10 consejos to sell your personal brand in

10 consejos to sell your personal brand in

Every time we have a job interview, the first thing we think about is “I have to impress to get the job”, but we almost never know how to differentiate ourselves. This happens because you don’t know how important a personal brand is today at the time of your interviews.

Therefore, our guest today, Irene Benlloch from Curriculum Model, He will give you some consejos so that you perro sell your personal brand during the interview and thus obtain the position you aspire to.

Who has not heard about the importance of build a good personal brand?

Companies, entrepreneurs, great managers… Each and every one of them must have a brand image bombproof. But, did you know that this need also applies to job seekers?

And, most importantly, are you aware that there are certain tricks to sell your personal brand in a job interview?

whathow perro i project my personal brand in a job interview?

No matter how much work and academic experience you accumulate in your Curriculum Vitae, if the recruiter who interviews you does not perceive a certain hallmark and a certain differential value as a professional, You will hardly be able to stand out among the hundreds of candidates who apply for your same job position.

It is relatively easy to capture the professional skills on a piece of paper, but ultimately it will be your talent and your attitude that will make you remembered in an interview.

For make a difference in a job interview, It is not enough to list the endless number of professional skills that you master: you have to demonstrate them from minute one.

Whether we want it or not the personal brand is always built.

Recruiters, like any other individual, they make an image of us themselves based on what they perceive from us.

For this reason, there are people who escoge to anticipate the evaluations of others and manage your personal brand based on what they want to convey as professionals.

Do you want to know what these people do to build and sell their personal brand when the competition is fiercer? Here I leave you 10 consejos to do it. Pay special attention.

10 consejos for sell your personal brand in a job interview

1. Know who you are and what you want to achieve

The first step to building a good personal brand is knowing Who are you, what are you passionate about and what sets you apart? as a professional.

It may seem basic, but we already anticipate that It is the most complicated step of all, since it is the starting point of all your strategy.

If this point fails or limps… bad business. Because? Because if you doubt your abilities and goals, you won’t be able to communicate your differential value as a professional (and, therefore, you will not be able to prove that you are the best option).

Therefore, before going to any job interview, you will have to do a good exercise of introspection.

Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses as a professional, think about What sets you apart from the rest of the candidates? and define the goals you would like to achieve in the short, medium and long term. Being realistic, of course; It is useless to equipo unattainable goals.

To project your personal brand in the interview, both your actions and the words you choose should reflect your abilities and the unique talents that make you special.

so that the recruiter be aware of your value, you must first believe it.

2. Research the company that is going to interview you

Even if you think that this point is not related to the construction of your personal brand in the job interview, you will be surprised to know the large number of people who come to an interview without having much iniciativa about what the company does.

Many of these candidates remain only with the description of the position offered, and they enroll in the selection process almost automatically.

The surprise comes later, when the recruiter asks the candidate for the project that he liked the most, for what he thinks about the regular customers of the company or for what would improve business dynamics.

The candidate who has not carried out this previous study will provide general answers or, in the worst case, it will go blank.

So if you want to start differentiate yourself from your competition From minute one of the interview, you should know each and every one of the details of the company.

The key is to record what the company cánido bring you professionally but also of the contributions that you cánido make if you are hired.

3. Be sincere, but always in its fair measure

prudence and sincerity are indisputable steps in building your personal brand.

Under no circumstances cánido you lie on your sintetiza or in the job interview. However, it is also not necessary to tell the negative details of your professional past: a dismissal, disagreements in old Job positions, job gaps in your sintetiza, among others.

Unless they ask you directly for any of those details (in which case you will have to answer honestly and without speaking negatively of other people) You must take the recruiter to your field and try to give the best version of yourself.

4. Provide objective data about your professional achievements

But be careful: it is not a question of listing each and every one of the achievements achieved throughout your professional career, but of select those trumps that perro earn you points in the interview; that is, those that are intrinsically related to the position offered.

These achievements must be demonstrable, either through objective figures or with personal references from former bosses or co-workers.

Whenever you mention any of these trumps, you should make sure you count with the necessary evidence. Don’t sell smoke!

5. Practice the art of Storytelling

There is nothing more effective than a good story, and your elevator pitch must have the necessary hook to catch the recruiter and capture their full attention.

To do this, and continuing with the previous point, you must select the achievements and experiences that best speak of you as a professional, and explain them accordingly. in such a way that you transmit your passion for the job

Remember: it is much easier to espectáculo enthusiasm by telling a story than to I have marked you, than making a decaffeinated enumeration of all your achievements.

Don’t worry if your strong it is not the oratory: in this life everything perro be practiced and reinforced.

My advice? Put shyness aside and rehearse with some trusted person. You will feel much more secure and you will be able to receive constructive criticism that will make you improve.

6. Prepare a folder with everything you may need

In a job interview nothing cánido be taken for granted.

That the recruiter has read your sintetiza does not orinan that I will remember all the details important of it.

Thus, it never hurts to prepare a folder with everything you consider relevant to highlight your differentiating qualities.

As I have already mentioned, both your words and your actions will have to reflect the personal brand that you have built, and for that you must provide documents and examples in which to support you.

A portfolio with your best work, articles that have been published in some important media, personal references from former bosses or colleagues, letters of recommendation… The possibilities are immense!

7. Espectáculo yourself close and take care of your non-verbal language

We have all heard about uncomfortable questions in job interviews, many of us have even experienced them in our own flesh, But one thing you have to be clear about: the recruiter is not your enemy, you are in the same boat (you want to get the job; he wants to find the best candidate).

Therefore, you must espectáculo that you are a close person, sure of yourself and without fear. After all, no one knows your strengths better than you. Use them in your favor!

And don’t forget to use positive body language: make eye contact, smile, straighten your back, and pay attention to everything the recruiter tells you.

8. Think about the questions you would like to ask the recruiter

There are not few recruiters who offer the possibility of answering the possible doubts of the candidates.

However, many of them blank out, shrug their shoulders, and say they don’t have any questions. And all for not preparing them in advance!

Not having any doubts related to contractual conditions, salary or the possibility of working from home, to put it Some of the most common examples it causes the candidate to be seen as conformist or unambitious.

However, whoever has a reinforced personal brand You will not miss the opportunity to ask everything you want.

9. Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed

Come what may, and though the final choice does not depend 100% on you, It is recommended that you send a thank you dirección de correo electrónico to the person in charge of your interview.

Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed and record your availability when it comes to solving any possible doubts.

10. Follow up on your application

As a general rule, recruiters equipo an approximate date for reporting the results of the selection process. However, If the weeks go by and you don’t get any answers by the company, do not hesitate to contact them to find out if you have been selected or discarded.

Hopefully these consejos have helped you. to project your personal brand at your next job interview.

Remember that for this it is essential to know who you are and what you want in the professional field, as well as to choose the right words to Highlight your strengths and virtues.

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 10 consejos to sell your personal brand in
  10 consejos to sell your personal brand in
  10 consejos to sell your personal brand in

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