10 Consejos to get that promotion in your

10 Consejos to get that promotion in your

Everyone should be paid fairly according to their skills, experience, and contribution. However, most people have no iniciativa how to negotiate to get that promotion or raise in salary.

Here you will find a fácil guide with 10 practical consejos to obtain it.

1. Make it a win win

Most people don’t relate their request for a promotion, or increase in salary, to the value they bring to the business. They raise the situation without assertive arguments such as, “I deserve this raise just because”…

Framing it that way puts you at odds with the company. The best thing is to connect what you are doing with the most important metrics for the company.

2. Talk to your boss at the right time and place

Synchronization (or “timing”) is critical. If you reach out to your boss when he’s stressed or in the wrong space, a “yes” or “maybe” could easily turn into a “no.”

3. Use statistics or data in your trading

Present facts and figures that are in your favor. Be able to have a well-structured conversation with your boss where you perro demonstrate the comparative margins year after year, regarding earnings and variations that are in your favor and how you perro potentiate them in your new position.

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4. Be honest

apply uA fácil rule of thumb: If you were to leave your company tomorrow, would there be any significant business interruption? If the answer is no, you have no fair argument for a raise.

If the answer is yes, you are in a position where you do deserve it. Take a fair and objective introspect of your value to the business.

Often, the people who are most escencial and critical to the organization don’t realize it, while less important team members equipo the bar high.

5. Don’t get caught up in your ideas

When you’re going to negotiate a salary increase, don’t think about the highest value you perro think of. Keep your expectations low to begin with, and let the company be the first to make an offer.

They may be in a position where they are going to value you even more than yourself. See where they start from, and calibrate from there.

6. Think from your boss’s point of view

For example, you may receive poor compensation compared to the market, but the company may not be in a financial position to be consistent with the market.

Instead of trying to negotiate a raise right away, tell your employer:

“I know I’m not in a position to get a raise right now because the company has no money, but if the company were to raise $X, perro we agree to raise my salary to X?”

You may not be able to get what you want in the short term, but by being empathetic to the needs of the company, you cánido achieve it in the long term.

7. Don’t focus your raise only on monetary compensation

There are going to be times when a company perro’t or won’t give you more “cash,” but that doesn’t orinan you cánido’t get other benefits.

Consider asking for a stake in the company, more vacation time, new responsibilities, a better title, more flex hours.

8. Do not surprise your boss with the question

Employers typically conduct annual, biannual, or quarterly performance reviews. As an employee, equipo the expectation that you want to discuss compensation in those meetings.

In the weeks and months leading up to that talk, do retroalimentación with your boss to make sure you’re encuentro expectations. Remind them that you are going to have a discussion about your compensation at the specified date and time so that it is not a surprise.

Give your boss time to think and prepare how he would like to handle the request for a raise.

9. Trade a plus

Bosses know that salaries and their increases are going to be known among the other employees, no matter how hard they try to keep them secret.

That’s why they are sometimes reluctant to raise a team member’s salary as they don’t want to create inequality in the workplace.

When it comes to performance-based bonuses, however, employers tend to have more flexibility.

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10. Focus on the long term

One of the biggest mistakes people make is looking for the option that will give them a temporary gain instead of a long-term one.

When you’re 24, if you get paid $1,500 or $2,000 it won’t make a significant difference over your lifetime. Bottom line: don’t focus on a short-term gain if it nullifies opportunities that perro lead to long-term success.

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 10 Consejos to get that promotion in your
  10 Consejos to get that promotion in your
  10 Consejos to get that promotion in your

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