10 Consejos to earn money if you are a

10 Consejos to earn money if you are a

College time is the best of all, who perro say otherwise? It is the moment where we grow as a person and professionally, but also the time when financially we cánido be very unstable for earn money.

The lack of time due to studies and little work experience make finding a job a real challenge.

And if you do find work, it will always be part-time, so you’ll have to work miracles to get paid.

However, there are many ways for you to earn money without neglecting your grades, take note!


Find out about scholarships and ask for one

Universities usually have a scholarship program to help their students.

All you need are good grades to be able to apply for one.

However, there are other institutions or websites that offer scholarshipsIt is a matter of investigating the different possibilities that exist.


Become a tutor

Do you excel in any of the subjects? If your answer is yes, then you should start taking advantage of it.

Get in touch with one of your professors to see if there is a possibility that the university will pay you to teach a subject.

Also, you perro put posters around the university where you offer your services as a tutor for a certain subject, be maleable and give the possibility that they are both personalized and group.

There will always be students who need reinforcements!


Take aprecies for someone else

In every university there are students with disabilities who need plus help to study.

Nowadays it is very common to see that the university assigns another student to take aprecies, copy them on the computer, print them or send them by dirección de correo electrónico.

It is a task that is paid by the hour.

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Correct student work

This work is ideal for those who have impeccable writing and spelling.

This not only allows you to earn money, but to continue learning.

In addition to reviewing their written work, you cánido offer to do the presentations.

Articulo ads on your popular networksand distribute small posters in the university, you will see that many will contact you!


Apply to the university jobs program

Universities always have employment programs for their students, the advantage of this is that you perro adapt your schedule to the classes without any problem.

It is common to find positions such as secretary, librarian, cafeteria helper, or receptionist.


Sell your study material

If your books look pristine at the end of each semester, then you cánido sell them to other students or used book stores after each semester.

It is habitual for us to buy books that we will never use again, so why keep them?

recommended books


Sell food

Everyone has cravings, and more in times of study.

It would be good for you to study what they don’t sell in the cafeteria so that you cánido offer it to your classmates.

If they don’t sell cakes or these kinds of desserts, it’s your oportunidad to make money.

In addition, you cánido offer breakfast services on request, you just have to make announcements with good photographs and spread them.


Look for a job as a waiter

Working as a waiter is a good way to earn plus money, since apart from the salary, you earn money through consejos.

In fact, the amount of money you make in consejos is always more than the salary you get.

Not only perro you be a waiter, but you cánido also deliver food at home and bartender.


Work with your car

If you have a car, you cánido get a lot out of it.

There are students who live far away or who need to go to a certain place but do not want to take public transport or pay a lot for a taxi.

Offer your services as transportation for lower rates, remember that students do not have much money.



If you are patient and like children, you cánido sign up with a professional babysitting service.

In addition, you cánido help them reinforce their knowledge in the subjects in which they are failing and charge more for it.

Being a college student and earning money at the same time is hard, but it’s up to your attitude and flexibility to make that change.

Get creative and start earning money while you study.

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Written by Edith Gomez, editor at profit, passionate about digital marketing, specialized in en línea communication.

She refuses to go to bed each night without having learned something new.

She is interested in business ideas and, even more, bringing a creative look at the small world in which we live.

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 10 Consejos to earn money if you are a
  10 Consejos to earn money if you are a
  10 Consejos to earn money if you are a

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