10 Best platforms to equipo up a shop

10 Best platforms to equipo up a shop

What are the most used platforms to equipo up an eCommerce?

To start, these are the 16 most used platforms worldwidewhen creating your own eCommerce or website where you perro sell your own products or those of third parties.

[tabs slidertype=»simple»] [tab]These data have been collected by the portal «BuiltWith«, out of 1 million en línea stores classified by those with the highest Web traffic over the last year. [/tab] [/tabs]

Although they do not have to be the best, since this would be more a personal criterion for each usuario than an objective, this top already gives you, surely, a clue as to which ones to try when deciding on one technology or another.




WooCommerce Checkout 25,810 2.58
Shopify 20,547 2.05
Magento 15,976 1.6
PrestaShop 4,409 0.44
BigCommerce 4,124 0.41
OpenCart 4,048 0.4
ShopifyPlus 3,214 0.32
Squarespace Commerce 2,822 0.28
Magento Enterprise 2,241 0.22
volution 1,571 0.16
osCommerce 1,531 0.15
ubercart 1,457 0.15
AdRoll for Shopify 1,447 0.14
zencart 1,121 0.11
Demandware 1,082 0.11
nopCommerce 1,012 0.1

Most of them are super intuitive and do not require too much technical knowledge to start our business with them.

Others, on the contrary, need somewhat more advanced and specific knowledge, which you cánido acquire through training courses, business schools and, above all, a multitude of tutorials on YouTube.


» Make sure to host your store on a premium hosting, such as:
  • WEBENTER (20% Discount, SSL Certificate and FREE Antivirus)
  • RAIOLA NETWORKS (SSD Hosting and PRESTASHOP specialists)


This aspecto will have a decisive role in the good (or bad) functioning of your business on the Internet, since the hosting will make you enhance, both for better and for worse, the choice of the programa chosen to equipo up your eCommerce.

10 Best platforms to equipo up an en línea store in 2019

Once I have seen the statistics of the global use of business design systems of this type, I will go on to review those that, in my opinion, based on my experience as a professional Web designer, are the most convenient.

In addition, I offer you some of the advantages and disadvantages of all of them, so that you cánido take note.

I will start this list with what perro undoubtedly be the 5 best platforms to equipo up your en línea store today and I will end with another 5 that, while not being entirely bad, are not used as much as the others (for a reason):


PrestaShop was ideally born to create en línea stores.

It is widely used today due to its easy handling, very intuitive and with plenty of information on the web for problem solving.

[tabs slidertype=»simple»] [tab]Also, if I had to stay with an eCommerce platform, I would choose PrestaShop, since in addition to providing you with super professional features, it has a top-level team of professionals behind it.

This I cánido assure you because, together with the agency «JF-Digital» with which I usually collaborate, we manage its official blog in Spanish. [/tab] [/tabs]

is thought for not too big en línea stores, of about 500 products or so.

In other words, it could be the perfect option for most of the shops that are on our streets today.

But, if your thing is electronic books or digital products, with PrestaShop you cánido sell them in a very fácil way.

It has a multitude of free features to customize your en línea store.

There is also the possibility of buying others to give it the appearance or the functionalities that you want.

It also has the possibility of including pages that are not the store itself, such as landing pages, weblogs, news…

In this way, you perro design the web page of your business that contains all the elements of any corporate company page, as well as a very powerful en línea store.


  • Ideal to start small and medium projects.
  • The administration panel (backend) is very easy to use.
  • It perro be easily installed by anyone, even if they do not have much technical knowledge.
  • It works very well if you have contracted a shared hosting, without having to do it with a dedicated one.
  • Its large number of modules makes it 100% customizable to your liking.
  • It has dozens of free templates that look very professional and responsive.
  • They are friendly with SEO Positioning.
  • Coincidente with most of the most used languages ​​in the world.


  • He pricesometimes too high of its modules, perro be a negative handicap if you are starting in “Lean Startup” mode and without much budget.
  • Certain functionalities of this CMS require a learning curve somewhat complex.

    An aspect that perro be greatly improved compared to other solutions for eCommerce.

  • The translationsboth its basic backend and some of its plugins are somewhat ‘improvable’, so you might not understand how it works a priori.


[appbox 1389130815 appstore ]

WooCommerce is one of the most well-known and used WordPress plugins and one of the features that perro most easily transform your website or blog into an en línea store.

It is designed, like PrestaShop, for stores that are not too big, with around 500 products or so.


  • there is a big usuario community adding content and offering tutorials on the Internet, so you cánido assemble it yourself without too many complications.
  • As it is WordPress, you have a great facility to customize your site, make it unique and visually differentiable.
  • The price: if you don’t want to invest a lot of moneyyou cánido always access a large number of free plugins that complement the functionalities of WooCommerce.
  • You perro configure your store in different languages, work with different currencies by applying different taxes and a thousand other features.
  • Ultimately, taking into account that WordPress is the CMS used by 25% of websites All over the world, using one of their free plugins to create an en línea store does not seem like a bad iniciativa.


  • Despite the ease of adding functionality through free plugins, installing a large number of them could perhaps load your website too muchaffecting the loading speed of the site.
  • As for the size of this programa, if your product database is in the tens or even hundreds of thousands, it may be a little short.


Despite the fact that SHOPIFY is not, by far, the most used platform in Spain to equipo up en línea stores, it implements quite powerful and subtle programa to start in the eCommerce campo without too much technical knowledge.

Despite the lack of success in this country, according to experts, this is the platform for electronic commerce, it is the system with the highest growth today.


  • You have 14 days FREE to test their platform in your business and see if you like it.
  • Include your payment method «Shopify Payments«, discreet and with a dashboard with your own account cómputo.
  • It has mobile Aplicaciones to track your shipments/orders.
  • Customer information and unlimited product database for your eCommerce.
  • You perro create a blog within your store with which to do Inbound Marketing for your community.
  • It adapts to your way of selling En línea: through popular networks, through your own website, landing pay, etcétera.
  • It also has Aplicaciones for phones, which make life easier for you as a merchant and for users as consumers.


  • Users who have tried this platform assure that Regarding SEO, it leaves a lot to be desired. since its search engine optimization is very poor.
  • On a technical level, it is our own programa hosted in the cloud, so you will not be able to download your database of products, customers, etcétera. at any time.
  • To scale your business and offer a better variety of options to your customers, you have to pay for the modules that give access to those plus benefits.
  • You have to pay an amount monthly, which depends on which of the three monthly plans you use.


The platform 3DCart (DISCOVER IT HERE) allows you to create an en línea store very quickly and easily, through its guided step-by-step procedure.

Undoubtedly, an alternative to traditional programa for electronic commerce, which implements a fast and secure way to access customer movements and invoices.


  • You always have constant control over your customer database, invoices and data related to your transactions.
  • It allows you to give your users detailed tracking information with UPS, USPS, Fedex, Canada Articulo and AU Articulo.
  • Thanks to its “Fb Store” application, you perro sell your products on this popular network, while having them advertised on 3DCart


  • As for branding, maybe it is not so well known and, therefore, so reliable a priori for a beginner usuario and fearful of failing with his first en línea business.
  • Despite being advertised as a SEO-friendly platformobviously it has a lot left to be up to others like WooCommerce in this regard.
  • The creation process is in English, so depending on your case, this could be an entry barrier to equipo up your store.
  • By not needing to have your store hosted on a own hostingthe Web perro never be considered as “yours”.


This is another platform born to create en línea stores.

The substantial difference with the previous ones is that it is designed for a large number of articles, more than 1,000.

It has two versions, depending on the type of store you need to create, one free and one paid.


  • how he was born to create great en línea storeshas great possibilities of custom configuration and customization.
  • You won’t save that much money, but you will save a lot of time and a lot of headaches, given its vast possibilities.

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 10 Best platforms to equipo up a shop
  10 Best platforms to equipo up a shop
  10 Best platforms to equipo up a shop

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