10 Benefits of Walking Steve Found

10 Benefits of Walking Steve Found

Why did people like Beethoven, Goethe, Dickens, Darwin and Steve Jobs take long walks, and why should you too? There are great benefits of walking.

One day, marc andreessenthe person behind the funding of companies like Fb, Twitter and Zynga, was driving his car through Palo Prominente, California, when he suddenly saw an old man crossing the street.

After observing him and almost running him over, he recognized blue pants and a black turtle-type shirt…”Oh my gosh I almost ran over Steve Jobs» he thought at that moment.

The person who was taking advantage the benefits of walking It was Steve Jobs, in one of his famous walks and that served him to exercise, think, solve problems, be inspired by his inolvidable phrases and even to have meetings.

However, the founder of Apple was not alone; Throughout history, great thinkers have reaped the great benefits of walking.

Whether it’s for five minutes or an hour, among the benefits of walking are a source of inspiration to create, write, compose, paint, and many other things that you enjoy today.

The benefits of walking that will motivate you to make it part of your routine:

Here are five benefits of walking, which will convince you that it is. It is one of the best ways to invest your time, since it will not only help you think better, but it will improve your relationships and you will be able to live better.

1. It will make you more creative:

While most successful people think and believe that their best ideas came while they were on the move, the reality is that there is a scientific study that supports the iniciativa that one of the benefits of walking is creativity.

In 2014, Stanford University found that people are much more creative when they are walking compared to when they are still.

marilyn oppenzo and daniel schwarzwho conducted the research, studied 176 college students as they completed certain creative activities.

Walking cánido make you 81% more creative.
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While no specific reason has been found for why walking makes you more creative and may even make you smarter, it has been established that this activity increases blood circulation throughout your body, including your brain, which stimulates your brain. creativity.

This study espectáculos one of the benefits of walking in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Going for a 10-minute walk perro boost your brain’s creativity; So instead of sitting around, waiting for inspiration to hit your workplace, go out and enjoy, and you will see how the increased circulation of your blood generates creative results.

2. It keeps you healthy:

One of the best benefits of walking is that it keeps you healthy.

In his TED talk, Nilofer Merchanta businesswoman and innovator who also knew the streets of Silicon Valley like Steve Jobs did, extolled the benefits of walking and having meetings on the go.

What motivated Merchant to schedule these types of meetings was because he could not schedule his exercise routine in his chaotic days, so he decided to have his meetings while standing.

In this vídeo, Nilofer Merchant revealed a rather striking statistic: on average, we spend more than 10 hours a day sitting on our butts.

For many it cánido be more hours, since they spend the whole day sitting at a desk, and then come home to watch television.

The results? A heart that is not exercising. Physical inactivity cánido lead to heart problems, diabetes and a large number of cancers.

In short, sitting still instead of going out to take advantage of all the benefits of walking is not good business for your health.

Even, some detalla “sitting still” as the new way to smoke. Something that we do every day, that is slowly killing us, and that in 10, 20 or 50 years from now people will question why we were doing this.

Among the benefits of walking for your health, we could say that this habit is the magic pill that works miracles. It has been established that walking for 30 minutes each day dramatically reduces the chances of heart problems, colon and breast cancer, and dementia.

If you are one of those who has a very busy schedule, and you cannot take advantage of the benefits of walking for 30 minutes continuously; you perro choose to split your exercise sessions. For example:

  • You cánido walk for 10 minutes in the morning.
  • After lunch, you cánido leave the office and take a tour of your workplace.
  • When you get home, before going to bed to watch televisión, choose to walk around your neighborhood or neighborhood for 10 minutes.

3. It will help you be more productive:

Credit: Shutterstock

On-the-go meetings are all the rage in Silicon Valley. The reason behind this trend is that there is no reason to sit at a desk and discuss, as long as you perro walk, talk about new business opportunities, and right there get some exercise.

Nilofer Merchant He confesses that 70% of his weekly exercise consists of meetings while walking, and that these are much more productive than those carried out in a boardroom.

Why are they more productive?

Credit: Shutterstock

Among the benefits of walking and having meetings is that there is little distraction.

For example, people leave their cell phones in their pockets as they walk, and obviously don’t have one eye glued to their computer screens like they do in office meetings.

Additionally, you guarantee that you will not be disturbed while discussing important issues, although this may disturb more than one.

The iPhone separation anxiety it is real. People don’t like the iniciativa of ​​being separated from their desks and devices indefinitely.

Something that also happens is that people do not know how to behave in this type of encuentro, how do you take aprecies while walking?

Merchant argues that while people may be uncomfortable with these types of gatherings, they quickly see the benefits of walking and are happy to get out and check in while taking a walk.

How to have this type of encuentro? If you want to start having meetings while walking, the best iniciativa is to do it with a colleague who also wants to get out and leave the office for a while.

Schedule an appointment, this would be a great way to have a good start to the week, where you discuss work issues and to generate new ideas; then, start inviting new people along on your productive ride.

4. It’s a great way to communicate:

Credit: Shutterstock

Steve Jobs and mark zuckerberg they liked that their first encuentro was on the move, this is because conversations while walking are much more natural, and above all, you perro concentrate more than any other type of encuentro.

Now, these meetings are more optimal when there are only two people, since, although you perro gather a group of several people and reap the benefits of walking, it makes much more sense when it is with just one more person.

The nature of two people walking, thinking, and having a deep conversation is why these gatherings are so contagious.

If at any time you are finding it difficult to communicate with a colleague or partner, or you are not able to convey an iniciativa to them, ask them out and think about your iniciativa or difficulty.

Why do it? Very fácil, exercise increases your blood circulation, which helps not only to have more creative ideas and solutions to your problems, but also helps you express yourself more clearly with your peers.

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5. You will follow the path of great people:

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Steve Jobs’ need to get out and take walks was highlighted in his book written by Walter Isaacson, one of the recommended books for entrepreneurs.

However, he was not the first genius to discover the benefits of discussing ideas in motion. beethoven he was an avid walker, taking breaks to relax his legs while working, then spending his afternoons wandering the streets of Vienna.

Curiously, he always carried a pencil and paper with him where he could write down the ideas that came to his mind. The benefits of walking in the afternoon are reflected in his symphonies.

Another who discovered the benefits of walking was Hables Dickens; Regardless of being in London or at his rest home in Kent, taking long walks was never up for discussion (and when we talked about long, they really were long).

Dickens could easily walk 30 miles each day, or overnight. In short, Dickens would walk where his thoughts and ideas led him, and he would not stop until he found a solution, he believed in the power of his mind.

mark zuckerberg, founder of Fb, is another big seguidor of walking meetings. If you ever run for a senior position with his company, don’t expect the interviews to be in his office.

No, this character will take you on a tour of the entire corporate campus showing you the different divisions, and as you walk you will learn about his visión and experience with the company.

6. Other goals you have will seem much more achievable

When you start walking regularly, you will have established a routine and there is a good oportunidad that you will pick up new healthy behaviors and become a more organized person.

In conclusion, the benefits of walking are evident once you escoge to opt for a healthy lifestyle. Not only will your health improve, you will also clear your mind and live in a different way.

7. Your mood will improve:

Research espectáculos that one of the benefits of walking 30 minutes is that it cánido change your nervous system, decreasing your levels of anger and hostility.

In fact, doing it in company is also an excellent option to improve your mood.

8. Clothes will look better on you:

TO As your walks become routine, you may notice that your pants begin to fit more loosely around your abdomen, even if the number on the scale doesn’t move much.

This is because your body’s response to insulin improves and thus your abdominal fat is reduced. In addition, daily walks speed up your metabolism, prevent muscle loss, and help you burn plus calories.

9. You will disminuye the risk of a chronic disease

The statistics are impressive: the American Diabetes Association Walking has been shown to lower your blood sugar levels and your risk of diabetes.

researchers of the University of Boulder Rojo and the University of Tennessee found that regular walking lowers blood pressure by up to 11 points and cánido disminuye the risk of stroke by 20% to 40%.

10. Your body will look better every day:

Both men and women perro suffer from varicose veins and the more years go by the risk increases but this cánido be prevented by walking and exercising passively.

According to the doctor louis navarrodirectivo and founder of The New York Vein Treatment Center:

“The venous system has a circulatory section known as the second heart, which is made up of muscles, veins, and valves located in the calf and foot.

“This system works to push blood to the heart and lungs, and another benefit of walking is that it strengthens this secondary circulatory system while sparing leg muscles, thereby increasing healthy blood flow.”

Now, if you believe that coffee helps you to have a proper functioning of your digestive system, now you will begin to thank your daily walk.

Studies espectáculo that not only the digestive system will benefit, but also the respiratory and circulatory systems will work much better.

In conclusion, take advantage of the benefits of walking right now

Credit: Shutterstock

The conclusion is fácil: Walking is great. Not only will it make you more creative, but it will help you better convey ideas to your peers, and even better, it will allow you to have an exercise routine during the day.

So why don’t you do it? Well, maybe it could be raining, you’re cold, “you’re tired,” or whatever excuse you make for not getting up from that chair and going out.

However, if you start looking for just a few minutes to reap the benefits of walking, or move part of your schedule to the street (for example, a encuentro), you will find pleasure in the nature of exercising: you will think more, you will do more, you will learn more. …and of course, you will live longer. Start today.

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 10 Benefits of Walking Steve Found
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