10 benefits of guest blogging for everything

10 benefits of guest blogging for everything

To get more visits and followers on your blog, there are many methods, but there is always one more effective than another.

If you’re a freelancer, it’s probably even harder to get them.

So you may be wondering: “what should I do to get them?”.

Our guest today, Susana Albares, will share 10 benefits of Guest Blogging which for a freelancer, are amazing.

Guest blogging has become a essential practice for our Digital Marketing strategies, especially if you are a trabajo independiente.

Generating quality content and publishing it on a website is the beginning to appear in Google plus searches, gain visibility, transmit your USP, get traffic… So, why not articulo it on my website instead of someone else’s?

Not everyone is interested in delivering the content that they spend so much time and effort to create to another website.

Why not put that content on my own website? The reason is very fácil: because guest blogging offers you many more advantages besides helping that site gain traffic.

In this article I am going to tell you what guest blogging is and what are the benefits What does it bring you?

what is the guests Blogging?

Guest Blogging is a digital marketing technique through which you write as a guest author on a blog or a website other than yours.

This is a practice in which all 3 parties win: the guest author, the web host where their content is published and the readers of that website.

The different points of view that are obtained through the contribution of the Guest Bloggers enriches the visión on certain topics. So much so that there are digital publications as Today’s Marketers who are nourished by a very high percentage of invited authors.

Publishers want quality content to feed your audience and retain it, while authors need a platform to promote themselves.

Blog posts accomplish both goals by demonstrating the author’s expertise on a topic and giving the publisher free content. (In most cases).

Guest blog posts should generally not be promotional: they are best used as a means of educating the audience and provide information on a topic, which makes them a very valuable Inbound Marketing strategy.

Top 10 benefits from Guest Blogging

As I told you above, the benefits that will bring you the Guest Blogging It exceeds the time and effort you spend creating quality content and these are some of the benefits.

1. Increase your visibility

When you write as a guest on another blog, you are reaching an audience, at least different from yours and considerably larger.

I will put you An example: You write a guest articulo on an authority website that gets an average of 30,000 hits a day.

Suppose that the articulo you write is read by… some 3,000 users, and of those users, a minimum of those 3,000 visit your website.

You have come suddenly in one day to 300 people they didn’t even know you

If the article also ranks in Google plus, is included in the newsletter of your “host”, and the flow of visits is constant: the possibilities of increasing your visibility grow exponentially.

2. Strengthen your personal brand

When you choose a blog to write, it is habitual that youbuild a good reputation and larger audience than you have.

Be sure that those responsible for these websites will expect the best from you to offer quality content to their readers and Introduce yourself to your community.

By appearing on that website, your readers will give you credibility and it will work as an excellent cover letter for your personal brand: the content is the best way to enhance our personal brand.

3. Create closer relationships with other professionals

Not only the events or congresses of your ámbito favor that establish relationships with other colleagues.

By being invited to write on a blog as a guest, you have the possibility to meet excellent professionals who are behind that digital publication and establish a closer relationship with them.

By building that relationship, the chances that become readers of your blog and that they share your content on popular networks increase.

4. Improve your position as an expert

The generation of content about your specialty will get be seen as an expert.

When you articulo in-depth and well-researched on authoritative weblogs, your projection as an expert will be indisputable and you will become an authority in the eyes of your objetivo audience.

The more valuable information you share through guest posting, the more you will demonstrate your experience within your campo.

Even by contributing to these relevant weblogs, your objetivo audience will realize that you are someone recognized by prestigious brands, and as a result, they will be more receptive to any proposal of value that you perro present on your own site.

5. Business opportunities grow

By increasing your visibility, reinforcing your personal brand and being on the path to position yourself as an expert, the chances that a reader who I was not a usuario of your own website contact you to request a service multiply.

The comments in the Guest Blogging article, the backlinks to your popular networks, even the backlink to your website that appears at the bottom of your article as a guest is a direct way for potential clients interested in solving problems to contact you. a problem thanks to your competition.

6. Generate qualified leads

Within your strategy Guest Blogging It is essential that you choose the most appropriate websites to obtain qualified and valuable leads:

  • When you choose a website relevant to your activity, you’re making sure you’re heading to your own objetivo audience.
  • Make sure that your host gets a steady stream of traffic, which will ensure that reading your article is not a Shooting Star.
  • If your host is very active on popular networks and makes their content go viral, all the benefits that we have mentioned above they perro be repeated and again.
  • If you have the possibility of including a backlink to a page on your website, make sure that it is related to the publication and that you cánido obtain benefits from the visits you receive: as the inclusion of an action.

7. improve your writing

When you write for a blog as a guest, you will usually find a series of rules for publicationyou perro even find valuable consejos that will surely help you improve your writing.

Also keep in mind that thanks to this you perro improve your productivity and fluency when writing developing skills and abilities to meet the demands of different pages.

8. Increase your community of followers on popular networks

The good reputation of a blog in which you write as a Guest Blogger perro skyrocket your community of followers.

I advise you to optimize the bio that you send along with the article and that will appear at the bottom of the publication.

Never forget to attach your popular profiles in your guest articulo: if your article pleases the readers, Do not doubt that they will look for you on the networks and begin to follow you.

9. Increase your mentions on popular networks.

In the same way, when the article is shared in your host profiles you will get mentions.

The followers of the brand where have you been invited They will share that articulo with their followers at the same time.

Shared posts drive many people to follow new accounts or visit interesting websites.

Guest Blogging helps to get those shares thanks to the owner of the site.

You realize visibility on popular networks What do you get just with Guest Blogging?

10. backlink building

Most weblogs that accept guest posts allow your guests to leave at least a backlink to your website in order to compensate the effort in writing a quality article.

The Backlinks or backlinks that you receive from other websites to our sites, in addition to providing us with traffic, provide us with also relevance.

To determine the relevance of a certain website, Google plus, Inter alia, considers that the backlinks are like recommendations of interest to users.

The fact that an article includes a backlink implies that the content to which the backlink points is useful to the usuario, in the context of the information you are reading: that complements or expands the information, so it is definitely a recommendation.

How many more backlinks direct to a website, the better it should be.

What do you think Google plus of Guest Blogging?

Already in 2014, Matt Cutss said flatly:

If in 2014 you are using Guest Blogging as a way to get backlinks, you should probably stop doing it.

In turn, in 2017, the dueño de un sitio central Google plus Blog posted again:

Lately we have seen an increase in contenido publicitario backlinks included in articles referred to as Guest Blogging…

Oh! So? Google plus does not advise Guess Blogging?

Not at all, Google plus only warns against the misuse of articles from guest authors.

For this, it is important that let’s see the concrete tops that Google plus gives us in its topic articles.

Google plus does not discourage this type of articles when:

  • inform to the users.
  • They add value to the host audience.

However, what violates Google plus’s guidelines is when the primary intent is to build backlinks on a large scale from the author’s site.

Next, I include the factors that, when taken to the extreme They perro indicate when an item violates these guidelines:

Keyword Stuffing

Deliberate filling of the article content with a number of palabras clave excessive in an effort to get to the top of the search results.

Having the articles published on many different sites; alternatively, have a lot of elementos in a few large and different sites.

Use or contracting of article writers They don’t know the topics they write about.

duplicate content

Use content equal to or afín in these articles; alternatively, duplicate the full content of the articles you find on your own site (in which case the use of rel=”canonical” in addition to rel=”nofollow” is recommended).

When Google plus detects that a website is publishing articles that contain contenido publicitario backlinks, it perro change the perception about the quality of the site and could affect your top: may be penalized by Google plus.

Sites that accept and publish such articles should examine them carefully, asking questions like: do I know this person? Does this person’s message fit with my site’s audience? Does the article contain useful content? If there are questionable intent backlinks in the article, has the author used rel=”nofollow” on them?

Google plus penalizes those sites that create articles only for backlinks: this behavior is bad for the Web in general.

When backlink building comes first, the quality of the articles perro suffer and create a poor usuario experience.

Let’s not forget that Google plus aims to reflect on its pages of results the best contents for the searches carried out by the users.


Google plus does NOT discourage Guest Blogging but bad practices when it is done.

Therefore, take advantage of the important benefits of writing as a guest author and avoid making these mistakes that cánido lead you to be penalized by Google plus.

For example, spend time researching and finding weblogs that fit your goals, but before you write or propose as a Guest Blogger, what goals do you want to achieve with your guest article?:

  • drive traffic to a specific landing page (or your site in general) to get more leads and sales.
  • Create visibility branded.
  • Improve SEO by attracting inbound backlinks.
  • position yourself like an expert.
  • Increase your community of followers.

Propose topics that may be interesting for your host’s audience, but you cánido also ask if they have any content in mind they want you to contribute.

Don’t guest articulo just to get backlinks: does not favor the audience your host or yours.

Make sure you blog in your niche with content that adds value to readers of your host.

And above all: never use duplicate content in your collaborations.

Take advantage of the opportunity offered to you other weblogs optimizing backlinks and their anchor text naturally and don’t force them.

With all these benefits and consejos that Guest Blogging cánido bring you, Have you already used this technique?

Do you have any doubt? Remember that I am waiting for you here below in the comments.

Author Description: Susana Albares is a Project Manager.

She is the founder and director ejecutivo of the digital magazine Marketeros de El día de hoy.

She manages winning teams so that you cánido succeed with your en línea project, selecting the people and tools that are best suited to achieving your goals.

She has worked for more than 25 years in Digital Marketing.

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 10 benefits of guest blogging for everything
  10 benefits of guest blogging for everything
  10 benefits of guest blogging for everything

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