1-800 Contacts vs. Lens.com vs.

1-800 Contacts vs.

Lens.com vs.

if you are looking cheap contact lenses In the United States, there are many sites that have affordable products for sale.

But,how to know which one is the best?

Who is cheaper? 1-800 Contacts, Lens.com or LensDirect.com

Three of the major discount contact vendors are 1-800 Contacts, Lens.com, and LensDirect.com.

Aside from having some of the most recognizable names for contact lens shopping en línea, who has the cheapest prices?

We took a look at the prices of some habitual contact lenses that were available on all three sites.

This is how they accumulated.

Article lens.com 1-800 LensDirect.com
Johnson & Johnson 1 Day-Acuvue Wet 30 days $28.95 $27.99 $26.28
Johnson & Johnson 1 Day-Acuvue Wet 90 days $65.00 $59.99 $56.60
Biofinity 6-paquete $37.99 $49.99 $39.27
Air Optix Aqua 6-paquete $35.99 $54.99 $33.81
Dailies AquaComfort Agregado 90-paquete $47.99 $51.99 $49.69
Freshlook 1 Day 10-paquete $19.95 $21.59 $25.99
SofLens Daily Disposables 90 Paquete $34.95 $42.39 $47.19
TOTAL $270.82 $308.93 $278.33

As you cánido see, Lens.com is the cheapest option overall, with LensDirect.com a close second and 1-800 Contacts trailing well behind.

When it comes to buying contacts, there are a few other things to consider.

Contact Lens Price Comparison: Shipping

Regarding shipping or delivery, 1-800 Contacts has a policy of free shipping in en línea orders, while Lens.com has free shipping on select elementos only.

LensDirect.com has free shipping over $ 49.

Under that price, and you’ll pay a flat rate of $6.95 through UPS.

Contact Lens Price Comparison: Discounts and Other Benefits

LensDirect.com promises tons of savings through its autofill program, which is basically a subscription service that automatically bills you when you reorder.

They offer a $5 discount on your first autocomplete.

If you haven’t opened the box, you cánido return your order for a full refund within a year, the company says on its site.

Lens.com has a money back guarantee that promises that “If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Lens.com purchase, we’ll happily refund all of your money.«.

In the fenezca print, however, he says that your box must be unopened.

Your return policy «without complications» says you have an unlimited amount of time to e-e correo electrónico them unopened products.

They will even pay for shipping.

Although 1-800 Contacts has the highest advertised prices overall, they are also the only one of this trio to offer a guaranteed price.

He says: “We will beat any price on every product we carry by 2%«.

Authorized price of any competitor.

Any brand, even yours.

Does it make you happy?

That makes us happy, and assuming the 1-800 Contacts guarantee applies to your situation, that should also make them the cheapest.

To make sure they keep their word, call them at 1-800-266-8228.

Now that you have some clarity on contact lens prices, here’s what you need to know about buying prescription glasses en línea.

If these three sites still do not convince you, read our guide on all the options you have in the United States to buy glasses at comfortable prices.

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Lens.com vs.
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 1-800 Contacts vs. </p><p> Lens.com vs.
</p><p>  1-800 Contacts vs. </p><p> Lens.com vs.
</p><p>  1-800 Contacts vs. </p><p> Lens.com vs.

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