⭐ Personality adjectives in English

⭐ Personality adjectives in English

Do you remember the words you used to express what you thought of a person? Whether you did it in a positive or negative way, you probably described with one or several terms, the qualities of your personality or those feelings that appear in you towards that person, place or thing.

These descriptive words used in such situations are the ones we will study on this occasion: the English personality adjectives.

Basically these are adjectives descriptors of the noun.

If we grouped them together, they would form a huge list of words that we cánido use to detalla the way of being or acting of someone or something.

It should be noted that they perro express positive aspects or perro be a way of addressing someone offensively; for this reason you have to be very careful when using them.

positive personality adjectives

When not chosen carefully, these words perro create conflict with others; Well, personality adjectives in English are in charge of transmitting to others how we feel about them.

In the case of positive adjectives, it is not about memorizing them and knowing their translation.

Actually, you have to understand very well what people understand when they listen to them.

Therefore, it is necessary to know its meaning in the dictionary.

Probably with these kinds of words no one will feel offended, since only emphasize good aspects of the noun.

With them, we espectáculo that we feel love, appreciation, gratitude, joy, satisfaction and other positive feelings.

In addition to this, they perro also be used for motivate someone or give you inspiration that allows you to increase your self-confidence.

Has anyone ever complimented you, saying how charming you are? Precisely “charming” or “lovely” is an adjective of personality in English.

Here are some examples of sentences with positive adjectives:

  • Joseph is a courageous fireman (Jhosep is a brave firefighter)
  • Peter is a friendly person (Peter is a person friendly)
  • I’m very happy today (today I am very happy)

negative personality adjectives

As we have said, personality adjectives in English are words that the vast majority they make us feel good; but if we are realistic, in this world not everything is good.

That is why there are also adjectives that perro be used to make connotations that do not make people so happy.

Most of all, these adjectives work in harmful ways and express the bad that a place, a thing or a person cánido make you feel.

In short, these words are not optimal, much less edifying.

Some examples are:

  • Jess is bit a egoistical (Jess is a bit egoistic)
  • She acts in a torturous way
  • Mary’s outfit is awful
  • That man is impulsive

List of positive adjectives

English Spanish English Spanish
Generous Generous Dapper Handsome
honest Honest Dazzling Dazzling
trustworthy Reliable peaceful Peaceful
amazing Amazing wonderful Marvelous
charming Charming valuable valuable/important
cute Nice Loving Loving
Creative Creative Tidy Tidy
nice Pleasant Tasty Tasty
talented Talented Timeless Eternal

List of negative adjectives

English Spanish English Spanish
Aggressive Aggressive bossy Bossy
rude Rough/Rude cowardly Coward
unhappy Unhappy Selfish Selfish
Jealous Jealous harsh Harsh/Severe
fussy Demanding Careless careless/reckless

Exercises with personality adjectives in English

Complete the following sentences with a positive adjective

  • Teacher Danielle is very _________
  • You’re very lucky, your husband is _______ (You are very lucky, your husband is charming)
  • You’re a _____ person, your opinion is ______ (You are a wonderful person, your opinion is valuable)
  • Jessy’s a _____ cook, her dishes are _____

Complete the following sentences with negative adjectives

  • Marlene is ____, she doesn’t deserve to be your friend. (Marlene is envious, she doesn’t deserve to be your friend)
  • The controlador was ______, so there was an accident.
  • I was a _____, I didn’t have the courage to speak my mind
  • You mustn’t be ____, treat others with care

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 ⭐ Personality adjectives in English
  ⭐ Personality adjectives in English
  ⭐ Personality adjectives in English

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