▷ NordVPN Opinions 2022: Is It True?

▷ NordVPN Opinions 2022: Is It True?

I don’t know how many times I’ve come across paid survey pages They won’t let me register on them because my country is not available on their list.

Or with sites that say “Unavailable”, and all that bunch of messages that appear when you perro’t get to a website.

Many people think that it is because it is down or ceased to exist, when in reality these messages appear because the page it is not available for your country.

If you live in Venezuela like me, surely that is even more common.

For example, access pages like Spotify and Netflix it is impossible.

At the beginning I could bear that some pages did not open and I was simply going to look for other places to watch movies or find information to study.

But every day they were blocking more pages for my country and honestly, I was already reaching my limit.

So I decided to use a VPN which is used to change the country in your browser or computer and thus entrar pages that are not open to yours.

I tried more than 12 VPN programs that were supposed to be free, but within 7 days of having them installed they always told me that I cánido no longer use them for free, and that I have to pay more than $20 a month to use them.

And worst of all is that most of them put viruses on my computer when they were installed!

I stopped searching on my own and started reading weblogs where they recommended VPNs to be able to navigate safely and from any country.

That’s how I found NordVPN and among all those who recommended, He was the one with the highest score. 4.76 out of 5 stars.

So after reading the comments for an hour, I decided to visit the page to download it.

Since then, I have not had any more “Page not available” messages, “Website blocked for your country” and of course, I have been able to register on ALL the pages of paid surveys I wanted to make money with them.

Here I share My take on NordVPN so that you perro see how it works, and my experience using it during these weeks so that you perro see if the rumors that it is the best VPN program are true…

Is NordVPN good? This is what I found out

What is NordVPN?

What cánido using a VPN do for me?

How does a VPN program work?

How to download and install NordVPN

How to use NordVPN

NordVPN price

Perro I unblock Netflix with NordVPN?

Where are the NordVPN servers located?

My opinions after trying NordVPN

whatWhat is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a platform that offers a VPN service that you perro download on your computer and navigate without problems.

A VPN It is just what its acronyms orinan: Virtual Private Network Virtual Private Network).

Its function is that you cánido surf the Internet safely and unlock pages and websites that are blocked for your country.

For example, if you want to register on a page in the United States, but you cánido’t do it because that page does not allow people from your country, with NordVPN you cánido unlock access and register without problems since the program makes the page believe that your Internet address is in the United States.

Which ensures you navigate more safely and also, be able to change your IP address to entrar sites as if you were in another country.

An IP address is what identifies where your connection signal comes from. So to speak, it is what identifies which country you are in.

With NordVPN you perro change it to any other country like USA, Canada, Japan, China, Russia and many more.

Also, you cánido use it on multiple devices apart from your computer, such as your cell phone, tablet or iPad.

whatSo that Cánido using a VPN help me?

If you use a VPN on your computer or browser, you will be able to keep your private data and all your browsing history, as well as have access to pages not available in your country Without restrictions.

The main reason why VPNs were created is to keep your identity safe without half the world on the Internet being able to access it.

surely it has reached you information, correos electrónicos or messages to one of your networks of unknown people who want to sell you a product.

have you never thought how they find your information contact?

Many respond to themselves saying that they left a comment on a articulo where they saw their correo electrónico, they simply chose them among a bunch of random people and a lot more possibilities.

But most of the time it’s because have access to your contact information, IP address and they’re even watching your en línea activity to see if you’re en línea or when you last saw it.

It feels kind of creepy and weird, TRUE?

If you use a VPN you cánido block other users on the Internet cánido see all that information about you.

The VPN encrypts your data and no one will be able to see it unless they escoge to hack your information and even then it will be difficult.

On the other hand, there is the reason why I mainly use a VPN and I’m sure most people on the Internet do the same: entrar sites with restrictions.

A VPN server like NordVPNallows you to entrar sites that have geoblocking, that is, that due to your location you do not have access to them, which is a big problem if you are someone who wants to work en línea, open a store or start a website or blog.

A very common example of a blocked site are the paid survey pages.

Many people in the comments when they talk to me about filling out surveys and the pages to do it, they tell me they cánido’t entrar them because of the country they live in.

I had exactly the same problem with pages like Myiyo and Toluna.

With a VPN you cánido change your IP address and navigate from a country where the survey page you want to access is available.

Not only perro you open the page, but you perro fill out surveys, redeem points and everything what you would do without geoblocking.

Also you perro access pages like Spotify and hire the services.

Some countries in Latin America do not have Spotify available.

In fact, if you open the page in Venezuela, for example, an ad from the same platform appears indicating which is blocked for that country.

The VPN would help you to entrar and create an account, listen to the music and even hire a premium plan.

So in summary, using a VPN will help you:

  • Keep your information private on the Internet and that others do not see the pages you visit
  • Keep your personal data safe since a VPN will protect you from cyber attackers
  • Cánido access websites blocked in your country such as survey pages or sites to earn money from other countries such as the United States

How does it work A program VPN?

A VPN program works blocking attempts from other pages for accessing your IP address and your data, and thus protect you from cyber attacks and allow you to access all websites, including those that do not allow access from your country.

For the VPN program to work, It must first be installed on your computer. or browser.

From there, you just have to turn it on and let it do its magic.

A VPN creates a kind of security tube when you entrar your browser and start accessing websites.

The VPN creates the tube when you send the data to your provider and encrypt each one of them, so that your information does not arrive or if it does, it arrives encrypted.

It’s hard to explain it in a way other than something scientific or technical, but to put it simply, the program wraps all your information and no one cánido see it Unless they perro figure it out.

As to How does the program work when you get it, it’s very fácil.

You just have to download and install it on your computer to create a connection with him and your Internet network.

Once it is installed, you just have to go to the Power button that appears in most.

VPN programs they are very basic to make them work. Most of them just consist of clicking an on/off button.

but you must choose manually the country from which you wish to navigate.

VPNs help you change your IP address, therefore, if you choose to browse from the United States, the program will give you an address from that site and web pages will actually believe that you are browsing from that country.

Thanks to this is that you cánido access websites Without restrictions.

As download and install NordVPN

1. Entrar the NordVPN page

In order to download and install NordVPN, you must first visit the page to go to the option that will allow you to download the program.

As soon as you log in, you will see that there is an offer to get NordVPN for only $2.99 ​​per month. Clic on the red button as you see in the image below:

2. Choose your plan

On the next screen that will appear, You will need to choose a plan to use NordVPN. The one I chose is the one that costs $2.99 ​​for 3 years, but you cánido select the one you prefer, such as only 1 month, 1 year, or 2 years.

After doing this, you will only have to Fill in the information that is requested to create your account below. and pay for the program.

All this will not take you more than 2 minutesand as soon as you finish, they will send you the data to be able to start using the program and navigate safely on the Internet.

3. Download the program

Once you have created your account and made the payment, you will be able to see on the NordVPN page almost in the upper right corner an option that says “VPN Aplicaciones”.

You must clic to that option and it will send you to a window where you perro choose the type of NordVPN download.

Just clic on “Aplicaciones VPN” it will send you to the following window where you will see a red button that indicates “Download”.

But before proceeding to download the program, you need to choose for what type of device, browser or operating system you will use it.

The options you will see them in a bar just below the “VPN Aplicaciones” option where Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Google chrome and Mozilla firefox will appear.

The download screen that will appear by default it will be Windows, but if your device or equipment emplees another system, then choose the corresponding one.

When you clic on download, it will begin to be saved on your computer the NordVPN installer.

4. Open the installer

downloaded archivos are saved by default in the “Downloads” folder of the computer.

You cánido either look for the archivo in that folder, or simply clic on the download bar once it has finished.

Naps using chrome, it will look just like this:

In this case I have downloaded the option for Windows, but for any of the other systems or browsers like Google chrome and Mozilla firefox the procedure is the same: choose the option, download and open the installer.

Once you clic it to open the installer, it will ask you for administrator permission to make changes to the computer, which you need Accept to start the installation.

The processes will be loaded and a window will open where You perro customize the installation.

You must choose the folder where you want to save the NordVPN information.

I recommend you leave the one that places by default since it is the same place where all the installed programs are saved and just clic on “Install”.

5. Is already installed!

Installation will take a couple of minutes. between 2 to 5 minutes, which is nothing and when you least realize it will already be installed.

The installation process window will disappear and you will be sent directly to the program to log in.

Write there the data with which you created your account in steps 1 and 2 and ready! You perro now start browsing the Internet safely and access pages that are restricted in your country.

The NordVPN service is not free, so when you create your account They will ask you to contract a plan to be able to enjoy the service.

Howeveryou perro take the test of 7 days that I did to check if NordVPN works for what you are looking for.

You don’t have to select any plan, you just have to entrar a payment method in case after 7 days you escoge to hire a plan.

When it is fulfilled the test period, they will send you an correo electrónico one or two days before to confirm if you will pay for the service or not.

If you let it continue, they will grant you the cheapest annual plan and it will be deducted automatically.

But you cánido always cancel your subscription during the 7 days if you escoge not to hire a plan for the VPN.

I did the test before deciding if I wanted or not pay for it.

Which helped me to use it in its entirety and see how good it was in the service.

As use NordVPN

Use NordVPN It is very fácil and you do not need previous experience to use a VPN. First, you just have to go to the page and download it as I explained above.

When you download it, you contract a plan to be able to access the service, create your account with the dirección de correo electrónico and password and You perro now entrar the system.

To get NordVPN up and running, all you have to do is clic a power button where you will immediately start browsing safely.

What you should do before that is to select the country from which you want to navigate.

When you log in and you are in all the program options, in the upper blue bar you will see a “Country list” option, there you will see all the available countries from which you perro browse safely.

You just have to clic on one of them, like Canada for example, close the window and clic the button power button at the top next to the option to select country.

As soon as you have turned on the program, you will be browsing safely What NordVPN offers:

  • Your data will be encrypted and secure.
  • no one perro see your IP address and you will have privacy on the net.
  • You will have an ad blockerall those advertising windows that open out of nowhere.
  • Elderly speed in your connection.
  • you cánido entrar Without restrictions to any web page including survey pages They don’t admit people from your country.

It’s that easy and you don’t need to do anything else.

When you want to stop using it you just have to clic again on the button to turn off the services of the program.

As you perro see, you don’t need a whole procedure to be able to use it and it is quite fácil.

NordVPN cánido also be installed on other devices such as your móvil, tablet, game consoles and iOS devices and they work the same way: select the server or country and turn on the program.

Price by NordVPN

NordVPN it is not a free service, so you have to pay a plan to be able to access all the benefits it offers.

In mobile applications and on the Internet you will find a lot of free VPNs, I know because I have tried more than 12 programs of this type (without exaggeration).

Some work fenezca, but ALL after the first 7 days, they start asking you to pay for a plan quite expensive.

Also, most of these programs only allow you to navigate to pages from the United States and Brazil.

The same thing happened to me with most of them and there were others that were quite bad and only pretended to change the IP address or protect the information.

Besides that They brought me more than one virus when downloading them.

Instead with NordVPN you perro browse pages from hundreds of countriesand also does not put any type of virus on your computer or your cell phone.

The service full NordVPN is paid, so when creating an account you must choose a plan to finish the process.

NordVPN plans are priced per month, but billing is done annually.

They all offer exactly the same: the complete service to navigate safely and without restrictions.

in what they differ is the savings that you perro have when hiring it for a certain period of time.

NordVPN has a total of 4 plans of which 3 they offer to save you a lot of money during billing for this:

  • 1 month plan: you have to pay $11.95 a month since it does not consist of an annual billing, but you do not have any type of savings.
  • 1 year plan: it costs $6.99 per month that you must pay for a full year, but you will be saving 41% of the total price compared to the monthly plan.
  • 2-year plan: in this case you must cancel 2 years in a row, but it costs $3.99 per month and you save 66% on the total.
  • 3-year plan: It is the most economical plan since you save 75%.

    You bill for 3 years and pay only $2.99 ​​per month.

You perro make the payment with credit card Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Also there are other options as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and Sofort.

The 4 plans allow you to connect 6 devices to the program, that is, you perro have your computer, cell phone, tablet, game console and the device you want, with the NordVPN service without the need to hire a plan for each one.

You always cánido take the free 7 day trial if you do not want to contract a plan immediately.

Cánido unblock netflix with NordVPN?

Yes, you cánido unblock Netflix with NordVPN and any other page you don’t have access to in your country.

For example, there are survey pages where you cannot register because your country is not included.

With NordVPN you will be able to access them and earn money by filling out paid surveys.

NordVPN users usually use their services to be able to browse safely, I include myself in this, but the truth is that VPNs are more habitual thanks to the opportunity to navigate without restrictions.

When I refer to browsing without restrictions, it is that you cánido access pages and websites that are blocked in your country.

For example, in my country, Venezuela, we have blocked sites like Spotify, Netflix, ABC and many of the pages from companies in the United States.

So a lot of people I know have had to get a VPN service to be able to access them.

In my case, the first VPNs I used and they were free, they didn’t work for me since the page detected them and automatically blocked my IP address.

With NordVPN you perro unblock Netflix without problems since it is totally safe and stable, in addition to the fact that you perro access the page from several countries, not just the United States.

In NordVPN’s country list, everyone has Netflix available in their region, so no matter which one you choose, you perro unlock it.

Of course, depending on the country you choose It will depend on the language of the page.

It is available in most Latin American countries, so if you want that is in spanish You cánido choose a country like Chile or Argentina.

You cánido also access from United States to navigate faster, or other sites like United Kingdom.

Where they are located servers from NordVPN?

NordVPN’s servers are located at more than 60 countries worldwide from which you cánido navigate without any problem.

NordVPN has its main server in the United States as the company comes from this country, but its servants extend to more countries in the American continent such as Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica and México.

Each of them has more than 5 servers and you cánido browse equally unrestricted and your data encrypted.

The servers are also located in other continents such as Asia Pacific where it has more than 10 countries such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, among others.

Many of NordVPN’s users they use the servers quite often Asia Pacific due to the number of websites found in the region.

Especially for the entertainment industry since you perro find pages with licensed anime, vídeo games before its release and music and movie download pages.

The continent with the most countries is Europe since they have more than 20 countries that have various NordVPN servers.

United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Spain They are from the countries that use the most users to navigate.

It also extends to Africa, Middle East and India, which includes South Africa, India, Turkey, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Now, you must be wondering, “why do I want to know where are the servers?

Depending of the country where you are located, The browsing speed will vary depending on the server you choose.

Some servers may be slower than others due to location, but that does not orinan that it will diminish the speed with which you navigate.

Regardless of the server you choose, there will be an improvement in the connection, but compared to others closer or with more servers in the country, they may seem a bit slower.

Besides, so you will also know from which countries you cánido navigate and which pages you cánido access in case it is blocked for the server you use usually.

My opinions after trying NordVPN

I know that it is habitual to come across a website that is not available, but in my country Venezuela it is something quite common That happens to anyone at least twice a day.

No, I’m not exaggerating.

Many web pages are blocked due to sanctions that the government has applied or because those companies and platforms simply do not reach here.

For example, many survey pages to earn money Are not avaliables.

That’s why, the logical thing is that the majority we go for the option of finding a VPN that allows us to change our IP address and browse without restrictions.

I tried several VPNs that were free, but while downloading or added as extensions to my browser, they always downloaded a virus to my computer.

Others simply didn’t work because they never connected to the supposed server they had in the country they selected and The page kept appearing blocked.

I remember that a year ago I found a free VPN that a friend had recommended to me, it worked quite well, but after 2 months she asked me to pay for a monthly plan of almost $20. That was too much money!

So I totally refused to pay that monthly and i ended up uninstalling my computer program

I only had left back to the bunch of forums and weblogs where they recommended a VPN that worked.

By now I was almost convinced that none of them would give me a good service unless I paid for them, but it wasn’t about hiring the first one I saw either, I had to make sure it worked and that the prices were not so high.

While I read one of my favorite weblogs, I entered a section where the author shared the services and programs she emplees to keep it running and access sites where she got information that she shared.

that’s when I came across NordVPN.

Obviously it was a paid service, but knowing it was much cheaper according to the details that they gave in the blog, which the majority that I had seen, interested me.

So I went to Google plus and I put the name to access to your website.

I was surprised to learn that it was not a fácil VPN that I had a couple of months working, but it has been with the service for years.

The first that I read were the characteristics and where the servers were, which had more than twice as many countries as others I had tried.

By that time I was encouraged to try it, so it only remained to see the cost of the plans.

When I saw that the monthly cost was almost $12 it seemed a bit expensive, but when I realized that I could do the 7 day free trial i thought “why not?”.

You also had to select a plan and register a payment method, but if I didn’t like it during those 7 days, he could just cancel the contract.

With that last in mind, I proceeded to create my account at NordVPN.

Since then, I have not had a need to change VPNs and I still have a long way to go.

As soon as I downloaded the program and logged in with my account, I had access to all the servers and wasted no time in selecting one and go to Netflix and Spotify to unblock them.

First I tried the typical option for the United States and other countries like Chile and Argentina, when I realized that the speed in navigation it was much better, I was quite happy because the internet in my country is quite slow at times.

I did the fire test the next day, when i decided to sail from south korea to access various pages of Korean dramas and download official music.

It was a little slower due to the distance from the server, but the improvement was still noticeable of navigation.

During the 7 days of trial I left NordVPN on to test all its functions and if I was really browsing safely without showing my data.

I was more than pleased to see that everything was going perfectly and that at no time I had some page that I couldn’t access.

If that happened, just changed the server and ready!

So I let them charge the 3 year plan I had chosen since it was the cheapest compared to the others and after 4 months it still works perfectly.

I perro do paid surveys and earn money with them without problem, access Netflix whenever I want, listen to Spotify music from my computer and even my cell phone since I installed the Android version and i just logged into my account to be able to use NordVPN from it.

It’s a pretty cheap investment if I compare what I cánido do and to the sites that I cánido access without restrictions.

I have no virus on my computer for downloading programs from any forum and I just need to clic on the power button to activate the VPN.

No more problems navigating and that everyone finds out about my data, and much less blocked pages for my country

Have you tried NordVPN yet? Tell me your opinions below in the comments.

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 ▷ NordVPN Opinions 2022: Is It True?
  ▷ NordVPN Opinions 2022: Is It True?
  ▷ NordVPN Opinions 2022: Is It True?

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