⏩How to make money selling hosting

⏩How to make money selling hosting

If you are familiar with the world of the internet, you will know that to have a blog, website or en línea store you need two things: hosting and domain.

But did you know that you perro make money selling hosting.

Well today I’m going to espectáculo you how to make money selling hosting.

As we all know the domain is the name of your website.

The domain name must be an attractive name, easy to remember and that people like.

In my case, I wanted to get out of the economic crisis, that’s why I put the blog that you are reading I get out of the crisis.

I recommend that you do not do things like crazy, realize that this name will be your personal brand, you must think about the name for at least one day, give it a spin.

And when you think you already have it, think again.

In this way, you will get a good name that has a hook, that will help you sell more (whatever it is that you dedicate yourself to).

Then we have the hosting.

He hosting will be that site where the “site” where the domain is hosted.

I always compare it to a car and a garaje.

The domain is the car, which is yours and you have bought it (be it from the dealership).

The hosting, on the contrary, is the garaje, which cánido be yours or rented and there are many, it cánido be in the same dealership, or in a different one.

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Around hosting and domains you perro also create a small domain sales business, but above all hosting.

How to make money selling hosting

On the internet we cánido make money selling almost everything (if not everything).

Obviously, hosting and domains will not be an exception.

Today I will talk about hosting, making special mention of CodeHosting. There are several alternatives to earn money selling hosting on the internet.

Here I explain them:

resell hosting

One of the alternatives with more future to know make money selling hosting It consists of buying a web hosting reseller plan that has a package of products such as domain, space, bandwidth and certain characteristics such as number of correo electrónico accounts, etcétera.

This you perro unfold and assign to the plans you want to sell to customers.

These services are usually a brand that is not well known and you perro add your logotipo to the plans that you want to sell.

But it is not all to take the money, in exchange, you will have to carry out technical support and billing for your clients, that is, you will have to take care of all of them.

Affiliate program

This type of affiliate programs They have the advantage that you will not have to deal with billing or customer support.

You will only have to recommend certain hostings that you use or that you find profitable.

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Through this system, you cánido earn up to 30% of the payments made by the customers you generate through this system.

If you have a blog or are active on popular networks, you cánido promote different hostings.

Although it is best to only talk about the one you use, otherwise you will seem a bit “turncoat”.

With the affiliate program, you will be able to see how to make money selling hosting It is a more or less easy thing (no one is going to give you anything) and much less work than reselling hosting and domains.

In this case, your earnings will be in full and will be paid at the end of the month in dollars, as long as you exceed a certain amount, which in some cases is stipulated in a few 100 american dollars.

In the event that one month you do not achieve your goal, the money you have will accumulate for the following month, so you will never lose it.

Every time customers make a new payment, contract a new service or anything related to a hosting expense, you will receive your corresponding commission automatically.

Of course, I recommend that when you talk about a hosting be a reliable and working hosting.

Do not think about talking about a three-room hosting that has a bad service and that does not work correctly.

I tell you this because you will be the aparente face of that hosting, if you recommend it, people sign up and it doesn’t work properly, they will pull your ears.

Final conclusions on how to make money selling hosting

As you perro see, there are different ways to earn money selling hosting.

In this articulo I have tried to reflect the different forms that exist and that you should know to how to make money selling hosting.

In my blog I have not yet told you about the hosting that I use and that I cánido recommend.

Soon I will make a articulo talking about the different hosting that you cánido contract from Spain and Latin America and how you cánido make money from home promoting them.

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Without another especial I say goodbye until next time.

Greetings and much success!

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 ⏩How to make money selling hosting
  ⏩How to make money selling hosting
  ⏩How to make money selling hosting

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